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    • CommentTimeFeb 3rd 2008 edited
    As an example of a genre publisher that has a very clear focus on what to give it's target audience, Mills and Boon is probably the most successful. How much of a handle do they have on the modern marketplace? Well, John Walsh's article in yesterday's Independent gives a bit of a clue...
    Despite the image problem, the pastel tide of romance has become oceanic. Today, Mills & Boon sell more than ever, in more countries than ever. From next week, they'll print books in India for the first time (beginning with the irresistible Virgin Slave, Barbarian King) looking to take a chunk of 300 million English-reading consumers. They've established a romantic presence in the lucrative Japanese Manga market. And they've just announced that they'll be launching, through W H Smith, a dozen titles in translation (such as Ksiaze Pustyni, Tejemniczy Ukochany or Mysterious Lover, Desert Prince) to cater for Polish émigrés.

    Mills and Boon Manga? Has anyone seen any of it? What do they think?

    Here's the full article, which should be of interest to the Printheads here, despite the lack of cool.