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    this is pure promo so ignore it now if you'd rather not read a quick advert for my goings-on.]

    Hullo all.

    Will you be in London on Thursday and looking for something free [yes, entirely free] and interesting to do at 6p.m.?

    Well well well, I've just the thing for you.

    Over the past 6 months, I've been working with a classical composer [a music genre I knew very little about before] and a singer from Guildhall School of Music and Drama to make something from my poetry and their music into something new and weird.

    Our piece is called 'Orbital Resonance' and has a long [occasionally NASA based] bibliography but, what this means for you the listener is, it focuses on a sense of space and...oh, here's the blurb:

    We've been isolating issues of stillness and spatial difference while exploring themes of space, The Other in an abyss, orbital resonance, and the ageing processes of time.

    We wanted to explore the bigger concepts in parallel with [and through] a human experience that enforces understanding of said larger concept. So while I have isolated stillness and David spatial difference, Luke has been isolating a human understanding of the main voice in the text. Though it wasn't written into the initial intention of the poem, there has grown a slight suggestion of our singer's character being on the edge of a mental abyss, ready to fall or leap.

    orbital resonance (the celestial mechanics of orbiting bodies that exert gravitational pull on each other) is reflected in every time we want to meet; spatial difference too; the human character affects when we'd like to meet as well as when we can meet and so time passes and we see, reflected, our themes in our praxis.

    [Everybody loves the word praxis...right? ;) ]

    Come along if you're free as there's 45 minutes of experimental, collaborative composition and I'd love to see some Whitechapelers in the bodieses, yes?

    Book your free tickets here
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    Alternatively - if you're interested but can't make it into London - there's a free, live-stream over at beginning at 6p.m. GMT.

    Come check out our stuffs. It's classic...
    [yup, I went there.]