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    So. I'm trying to teach myself Korean; I've got some books and phrase books, and am now slowly working my way through the ABC's. Graph paper helps me write; otherwise I end up scrawling all over the place. Some part of me is tempted to learn to write it with my left hand, but I'm going to wait and decide upon handedness until after I've got the symbols matched with their sounds.

    So far my favorite letters are the ch'-sound letter, because it looks like a little man, and the h-sound because it looks like a man in a hat (sorry, I haven't gotten this computer up to par on languages, like my laptop- the laptop in question being setup for English, Romanian and Hungarian).

    I like learning new languages, or at least trying to; my mind likes having something to 'chew' on. Latin is my first and foremost linguistic love, and I am not too proud to say I'm less than mediocre at it, because I've been neglecting it in favor of working on Korean, and I don't want to get my languages crossed too much.
    • CommentTimeFeb 3rd 2008
    my husband claims that learning to read Korean-- phonetically, anyway-- can be done in one day, by anybody. he's still working on the writing and comprehension aspects though.
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    Roque- maybe for people good at memorizing things... but it's taking me a while.