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    • CommentTimeMay 26th 2010

    It is perfectly possible for a band to put out 500 copies of an LP for 6€ each (which might be 6$ over there) without losing money (a bigger run would mean a lower price, but it is usually not a great idea for a first pressing because you don't really know how many you'll sell). Anything over that is profit, unless they want to make a hyper-special cover and use 180g vinyl.

    It is still an expensive endeavor, mind you, but it is not SO hard, and as long as you are acceptably good and part of a scene with a vinyl tradition (electronic music, hardcore, doom metal, post rock...) or really good and part of a different scene, they can be sold; many bands from my hometown that have never played out of Spain have sold 90% of their 300 / 500 record pressings within one year. Of course, if you're going to send promo copies, it gets ultra expensive, but you can send your promos on a CDr except to the few people that you KNOW will enjoy the record and have how to play it in their shows / radio / whatever.

    The appeal of the format is more subjective, of course, but I'll give you my point of view: if I just want to listen to the music, I'll just get the mp3 (when hard disks start getting much bigger I'll probably change to FLAC, I have too much music for that nowadays). If I want to have something I can hold, I'll go for vinyl any day, because not only the format is more *beautiful* (I mean, come on, CDs are ugly as hell), but the artwork is bigger and nicer; if I didn't care about that it wouldn't make sense to buy the record, it would be better just to send the band a donation.


    Seeing that you say "experimental" and "named as an insect" and "less than one minute", I'm going to try my luck and say you're talking about The Locust.
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    shit thats a good call onthe LOCUST. i was thinking INSECT WARFARE, but heir first 7" only goes for like $40 tops.

    and in all fairness, spain has a lot of really good diy shit lately! you should see how the kids here flip a shit for DESTINO FINAL et al
    • CommentTimeMay 26th 2010
    You should see how here no one gives a fuck about Invasión / Destino Final except like 10 guys. Also with most of the interesting bands in the country. Have you listened to Silla Eléctrica? I only have the first of their 3 EPs, but it is amazing.

    Actually, at least in my area (with three towns that have a total of 600k people) most people who go to hxc shows are older than me. And I'm already 22... where are the hardcore kids?!?!
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    ugh, thats kind of emblematic of a lot of whats goin on with punk right now. like comics, it feels like a lot of backwards looking, self reference from 90% of the people.

    i imagine this thread will shutter soon since its not even about what it was and i think its like you and me and three other people talking about diy bands now
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    i think its like you and me and three other people talking about diy bands now

    I'm cool with that.

    If I want to have something I can hold, I'll go for vinyl any day, because not only the format is more *beautiful* (I mean, come on, CDs are ugly as hell), but the artwork is bigger and nice

    All true -- but I also think there's a continuing failure of invention at the design level in re CDs. They don't have to look like shit, they don't have to render art and text microscopically, and too few people really put in the required effort. It was easy to make a vinyl album look good.
    • CommentTimeMay 26th 2010
    if talking about bands sending out that many 'promo' copies of a press i think we may be talking about entirely different arenas of music.

    I am still talking fairly diy, but maybe bands that are going to work hard, promote their album and maybe try to live of it a little, bands that tour for example. On a 4 week US tour they would probably send out about 100 CDs to promote their shows to weeklies/radio stations just in the cities they are going on tour, plus they would be sending promos to radio stations in cities they aren't going to hit up on that tour and magazines/websites that do reviews, so that could very well be 200-300 just in north america, maybe another 50-100 world wide, so not quite 500 I suppose but if you are going to send out that many promos, plus you want a chunk to try and sell you may as well get the discs pressed.... (in this scenario the band members still have to go back to their day jobs when the tour ends and maybe didn't lose money on the tour but maybe broke even). now, some random noise band or something or some local band that is never going to try and do anything outside their local scene then yeah, that can be a little weird to press up CDs....
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    I've always felt that something "Rare" is only worth it if there is absolutely no other way to get the recordings that are on said "Rare" item. Test pressings, promos ect have never done it for me unless it has something that I can't hear elsewhere on it.

    When it comes to bands doing a very limited run of something handmade then hell yeah I'll shill out the extra money to get a copy. Then you know where your money is going (better at least than if you buy a generic CD or LP at a store) and you get a little something special in return. I think we are coming into an age where there is a great possibility for artists to connect directly with their fans and supporters and limited runs of special items can be a good way to make a fan feel connected. COIL used to call them "artifacts," which I think is pretty apt.

    Of course I would only pay extra if I was actually buying straight from the band. All those price gouging bastards on Ebay and Amazon can go fuck themselves. Few things bother me as much as someone buying something just to resell it.
    • CommentTimeMay 27th 2010

    I do see your point about sending promos for that, but I keep thinking that's more easily done with a bandcamp page and CDrs nowadays, without having to send for free a CD you spent quite a lot of money on (because in the end 1.5$ per CD + covers + boxes + etc for 500 CDs is still 750$ you're giving away after putting all that effort on them, opposed to nothing for a bandcamp and maybe 0.20$ per copy if you send a CDr in a paper sleeve). I mean, ok, if you made a CD that just looks stunningly great I can understand sending some copies of it to people who do care about design. But most radios / press won't care, I guess... although I might be wrong, if so tell me!
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    yeah, i personally dont see the point of doing promos for a tour, but others may want to try their hand at it in hopes of some indie press coverage or a small blurb.

    to the aesthetics of vinyl itself, what are peoples favorite variations/colors/extras?

    i personally prefer translucent colored vinyl, with red and green probably my favorites. i really dislike the way opaque 'swirl' vinyl looks-something just looks off about it. the fact thats its not solid color makes it look sloppy or poorly done, i feel. i also HATEHATEHATE one sided lps where the other side is just blank. its such a waste, and that means the music probably wouldve fit on to a 7" or at the very least a 10". i do think its cool when a one sided record has an etching or screen print on the b side though. hell, ive got a record where its the same on both sides, but one pressed at 33 and one at 45.

    what are some of your favorite/unique records? the self-title DEATHREAT 7" on clear with blue drippings in it that is just gorgeous. ( cant find any images online). also the DESTROY NEW GRENADA comp is on clear red with these little black arrows. so neat.

    as far as the layouts, im actually having a hard time right this minute thinking of some of my favorites. how about you guys?
    • CommentTimeMay 28th 2010
    bandcamp page and CDrs nowadays, without having to send for free a CD you spent quite a lot of money on
    I guess my point is that the extra 500 for promos is actually just as cheap as a CDR if you are already pressing 500 CDs, I just checked the website of a pressing place and 1,000 CDs cost $890 and 500 CDs cost $745 so your 500 promos cost $0.29 each (and are more reliable than a CDR for things like radio stations), the thing that will kill you is postage.

    to the aesthetics of vinyl itself, what are peoples favorite variations/colors/extras?

    I think colored vinyl in just a transparent sleeve is a pretty cool way to go, I really like the way that looks, especially for something like a 7", and picture discs are generally cool too, pretty much any non standard variation on the black record is pretty cool on some level, I really like white vinyl for some reason... the only non-standard vinyl I don't like is the "technicolor vomit" colored vinyl where it is a bunch of random colors mixed together, but marbleized stuff is cool if they have a good color combo.

    one band that regularly does interesting vinyl is the locust:
    locust/arab on radar split 7
    • CommentTimeMay 28th 2010
    I generally like colored vinyl if it actually serves the art design. A random piece of colored vinyl isn't terribly interesting, but the colored vinyl in the White Stripes' Elephant was pretty awesome. Of course, I'll break my own rule and say that the 10" single we have of U2's "Lemon" in yellow, with no real art design to speak of, is pretty awesome. Though it has some odd pigmentation issues in it, which might be what makes it so visually interesting. (This is actually a two-fer, as it ties into the rarity thread, too... apparently the yellow club remix copy we have is vastly more rare than the normal vinyl single release... we got it for just under $6, and apparently market value is almost ten times that. "Huh," we said, scratching our heads.)
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    i thought about some recent ones, and this GRAF ORLOCK gatefold is probably the best looking sleeve of the last year. the giant gunsight on the front is die cut and filled with translucent plastic. the poster is a HUGE fold out, so you can rearrange and make the cover into whoevers face you want to see in the crosshairs.
    and on the same label, heres the DANGERS lp/cd