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    This is independent, nonprofit netlabel designed to make its own little contribution to noncommercial music popularization. We are interested in releasing good experimental and electronic tunes. U have come across very open-minded organization, so feel free to contact us. We are located in Ukraine and our primal goal is to promote good ideas in music. All artists who will join have complete freedom, but only completely liberated artists are welcome to join. All releases are free to download and will be posted on

    Scrap basket ep is a compilation of early works from 2004 to 2007. In a way it can be referred to as a retrospective album. It also has projects conceived with other artists. EP varies in sounds and techniques. Most of material is not quite finished, may be never meant to be. Ep contains evil "postK", danceable lo-fi "industrial trash" and celebration of nonsense "red x mas". Produced by soundfreaks and for soundfreaks. Other types of inadequate music consumers are welcome.
    Bubbles, meat and "vinaigrette", where the uneasy -Condition Flip- meets the alien hatching sounds of the -The Mystery Of The Third Planet - .. The short story of the extraterrestrial visit. Release is as uncompromising as irrelevant. Listen to get it..
    SVITER is a holiday for those who are little freaky or weird a whole lot. SVITER - a space project uncluding soap bubbles, kids fears and music-bots. All that contributes to the fluctuations that make U jump and move around while exposed to the tunes.
    First two track release from a young Norwegian artist. Minimalist tunes and easy sounds combined with a relaxing melody shift your mood to good. Inside you will find laughing “Andrea” and recreational “Winter Never Came”. Trace closely the rhythm of a newcomer!!
    Brand New album C.O.G.I.T.A.T.E. from Thorshji precipitates from the deepest floating specks of emotions and unhindered thoughts. Makes you dissolve in the submerged state of non-being. Let's you...and forbids. Extremely easy and relaxing. Help yourself to one.
    Probe?1 is a nice combination of a first quality truly electronic sounds and beats cooked under brain-expanding idm sauce. Tunes - ranging from nice to ragged and back to cute and pleasing will satisfy most of music-lovers. The release is starting with beat-juiced “How Jackie went to Hollywood” continues to meditative “First trial of Shaolin” and ends in an unexpectedly disturbing “Call of Ancestors”. So stop wasting Ur time on reading this and get one right now.

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    Ooh, interesting. Thanks.