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    Comics that my LCS are getting in this week:

    7 Psychopaths #1
    Amazing Spider-Man #632
    Amazing Spider-Man Annual #37
    Amory Wars Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth 3 #1
    Angel #33
    Army of Two #5
    Batman Return of Bruce Wayne #2 (of 6)
    Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam #16
    Boondock Saints In Nomine Patris #1 (of 2)
    Brave and the Bold #34
    Choker #3 (of 6)
    Cold Space #2
    Dark Wolverine #86
    Darkness Darkchylde Witchblade Kingdom of Pain
    Dazzler #1
    Deadpool Merc With a Mouth #11 (of 13)
    Detective Comics #865
    Disney's Hero Squad #5
    Do Androids Dream Dust to Dust #1 (of 12)
    Doctor Who Ongoing #11
    Doomwar #4 (of 6)
    Earp Saints For Sinners #0
    Fall of Hulks Savage She-Hulks #3 (of 3)
    Fantastic Four #579
    Fathom Blue Descent #0
    Fraggle Rock #2 (of 4)
    Futurama Comics #49
    Garrison #2 (of 6)
    GI Joe Hearts and Minds #1
    God of War #2 (of 6)
    Gotham City Sirens #12
    Green Hornet Year One #3
    Green Lantern #54 Brightest Day
    Green Lantern Corps #48 Brightest Day
    Grimm Fairy Tales Annual Las Vegas
    Guild #3 (of 3)
    Incorruptible #6
    Iron Man Extremis Directors Cut #1 (of 6)
    Justice League Generation Lost #2 Brightest Day
    Justice League Rise of Arsenal #3 (of 4)
    Kevin Smith's Green Hornet #4
    Light #2
    Madame Xanadu #23
    Marvel Zombies 5 #3 (of 5)
    Mighty Crusaders Special #1
    Mystery Society #1
    Northlanders #28
    Okko Cycle of Air #2 (of 4)
    Peter Parker #3 (of 5)
    Phantom Generations #11
    Power Girl #12
    Project SuperPowers Chapter Two #9
    Proof #27
    Robert Jordan Wheel of Time Eye of the World #2
    Robocop #4
    Sam & Twitch Writer #2 (of 4)
    Sarah Palin Rogue Warrior one-shot
    Scalped #38
    Secret Avengers #1
    Secret Warriors #16
    Spider-Man #2
    Star Trek Movie Adaptation #4
    Star Wars Invasion Rescues #1 (of 6)
    Star Wars Legacy #48
    Super Friends #27
    Superman War of the Supermen #4 (of 4)
    Tales of the Dragon Guard #3 (of 3)
    Tarot Witch of the Black Rose #62
    Teen Titans #83
    Terminator #3 (of 3)
    Thanos Imperative Ignition #1
    Thor #610 Siege Epilogue
    Thunderbolts #144
    Tracker #4 (of 5)
    TransFormers Ongoing #7
    Ultimate Comics Enemy #4 (of 4)
    Unknown Soldier #20
    Weapon X Noir #1
    Web #9
    Whatever Happened to Baron von Shock #1
    Wildcats #23
    Wizards of Mickey #5
    Wolfskin Hundredth Dream #2 (of 6)
    Wolverine Origins #48
    Wolverine Weapon X #13
    Wonder Woman #44
    X-Force #27
    X-Men Origins Emma Frost #1
    X-Men Second Coming Revelations Blind Science #1 XSC

    Trade Paperbacks
    Air TP Vol 3 Pureland
    Anita Blake Prem HC Book 3 LC Executioner
    Batman Long Shadows HC
    Captain Long Ears GN
    Complete Little Orphan Annie HC Vol 5
    Dave McKean Postcard From Brussels HC
    DCs Greatest Imaginary Stories TP Vol 2
    Doc Savage The Man of Bronze TP
    Dungeon Quest SC Book 1
    End League TP Vol 2 Weathered Statues
    Fortune & Glory A True Hollywood Comic Book GN HC
    GI Joe Disavowed TP Vol 1
    Invincible TP Vol 12 Still Standing
    Iron Man Captain America TP
    Little Women and Werewolves SC
    Luis Royo Dead Moon HC Vol 2 Epilogue
    MMW Golden Age Captain America HC Vol 4
    Neko Ramen Vol 1 (of 3) Hey Order Up
    Robocop Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles TP
    Search for Smilin Ed GN
    Spider-Man Complete Clone Saga Epic TP Book 2
    Spider-Man Real Clone Saga HC
    Spider-Woman HC Agent of Sword GN w/Motion DVD
    Superman New Krypton TP Vol 1
    Thor Latverian Prometheus TP
    Titans TP Vol 3 Fractured
    Torpedo HC Vol 2
    TransFormers IDW Collection HC Vol 1
    Warcraft Mage GN
    Warcraft Shadow Wing GN Vol 1 Dragons of Outland
    Wednesday Comics HC
    X-Men Forever TP Vol 3 Come to Mother Russia
    X-Men Psylocke TP
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    Comics I'm getting this week:

    Tales of the Dragon Guard #3 (of 3) -- Really good Soleil title that has different characters in each issue with a different theme. You guys should give it a shot.
    Wolfskin: Hundredth Dream #2 (of 6) -- The first one was much better than I was expecting it to be.
    X-Force #27: Second Coming ch 9 -- Very happy with this story, but I know I won't continue reading X-Men once it's done.
    X-Men: Second Coming: Revelations: Blind Science #1 -- Way too many colons in this title. I'm picking up the other Second Coming tie-ins, but not really expecting much out of this one-shot.

    Comics I'm getting when they come out in trade:

    Northlanders #28 -- Such a good series. Everyone should be reading it.
    • CommentAuthorales kot
    • CommentTimeMay 22nd 2010 edited
    Second Northlanders. Last issue was beautifully surprising and Leandro Fernandez is amazing on art.

    I'm going to buy:


    ..there's more great stuff, of course, but I'm getting most of it in TPB's. Scalped, Northlanders, Unknown Soldier, maybe Choker.

    I'll buy some trades this week, of course. Don't know which ones yet, but I'd love to get my hands on some stuff from Jim Woodring, Chris Burnham and Dan Hipp. And the Eisner/Miller conversations book.
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    Really should get the latest Northlanders trade...

    I'm into Peter David's X-Factor, but am not reading Second Coming. Is there any point picking up the tie-in issues?
    • CommentTimeMay 23rd 2010
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    Mercer -- Assuming that you're talking about the X-factor tie-ins: They have very little to do with Second Coming other than the fact that they're fighting one of the bad guys that's helping the rest of the bad guys. As far as I can tell they are very important to what's going on in the X-Factor story (ie: Monet and Strong Guy going after Monet's father). Without really knowing what's been happening with Madrox and crew lately I can't honestly say how important it is, but I spent most of my time reading it trying to guess at the current story-lines that are happening in that series.
    If you're talking about anything else involved in Second Coming: Unless you want to read all of Second Coming I'd just stick with the X-Factor titles and Madrox and crew don't appear anywhere in Second Coming as of yet (Chapter 8 of 14).

    Wait... I just wrote all that and then realized I wasn't sure which tie-in issues you were talking about... I'll add something at the beginning now.
    • CommentAuthorMercer Finn
    • CommentTimeMay 23rd 2010 edited
    Sorry, I should have been clearer. I don't wanna get involved in Second Coming right now, just want to stick with the X-Factor story. I'm with you on Messiah CompleX being great, and I might get Second Coming in trade. But it's too much money and effort for me to follow in singles...

    Thanx for your help.
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    Not a problem, Mercer. So yes: Buy X-Factor. I'm sure you'll know what's going on without reading Second Coming.
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    7 PSYCHOPATHS #1 - Really looking forward to this
    CHOKER #3 (OF 6) - Templesmith goodness
    COLD SPACE #2 - I'm a sucker for sci-fi future stuff and this has a wild west feel to it too.
    DARK WOLVERINE #86 - Romulus arc winding down
    DEADPOOL MERC WITH A MOUTH #11 (OF 13) - Sad to see this ending soon, gonna miss Bong Dazo's art
    DETECTIVE COMICS #865 - Was only getting this for the Arkham sotry but undecided if I want to continue after this
    DO ANDRIODS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP: DUST TO DUST - Prequel to the PKD story, really interested in the fleshing out of the world
    DOOMWAR #4 (OF 6) - Loving this sooo much
    EARP SAINTS FOR SINNERS #0 - I buy everything Radical puts out
    FALL OF HULKS SAVAGE SHE-HULKS #3 (OF 3) - Real fun event this was
    GARRISON #2 - Liked the first issue, still not really sure where it's going though
    GI JOE HEARTS AND MINDS #1 - Dropped every Joe title last month but giving this a shot mainly for Chaykin
    GREEN HORNET YEAR ONE #3 - Really digging this title
    GRIMM FAIRY TALES ANNUAL '10 - This series has evolved into an interesting world
    IRON MAN EXTREMIS DIRECTORS CUT #1 (OF 6) - Never caught this the first time around
    JUSTICE LEAGUE THE RISE OF ARSENAL #3 (OF 4) - Interested in seeing where this goes mocing forward
    KEVIN SMITH GREEN HORNET #4 - Love the art in this, great story too
    MYSTERY SOCIETY #1 - Love Niles' IDW series
    PETER PARKER #3 (OF 5)
    ROBOCOP #4 (MR) - Fits the into the movie-verse well
    SAM & TWITCH WRITER #2 (OF 4) -
    SCALPED #38 (MR) - Best series going hands down
    SECRET AVENGERS #1 - Really pumped for this
    SECRET WARRIORS #16 - Hickman = God
    TERMINATOR #3 (OF 3) - Art is killer, nice pace to it, great feel for the future
    THUNDERBOLTS #144 - Interested in the new direction
    TRACKER #4 - Forgot about this series, Tsai does great work
    WOLFSKIN HUNDREDTH DREAM #2 (OF 6) -Love me some barbarian action
    X-FORCE #27 XSC - Second coming is amazing so far
    • CommentAuthorPow
    • CommentTimeMay 23rd 2010
    CHOKER #3 (OF 6)
    SCALPED #38
    UNKNOWN SOLDIER #20 < shame this is ending soon :(
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    Pow -- When is Unknown Soldier ending?
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeMay 23rd 2010
    Batman Return of Bruce Wayne #2 (of 6)
    Choker #3 (of 6) - Wooo!!!
    • CommentAuthorPow
    • CommentTimeMay 24th 2010
    #25 will be the last, apparently
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    Wow.. Air and Unknown Soldier both being canned at #25... crappy week to be a Vertigo title.
    • CommentTimeMay 24th 2010
    Batman Return of Bruce Wayne #2 (of 6)
    Choker #3 (of 6)
    Do Androids Dream Dust to Dust #1 (of 12)
    Northlanders #28
    Wolfskin Hundredth Dream #2 (of 6)
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    THANOS:IGNITION (dear god help me, Thanos is one of those characters where i HAVE to see what ehy are up to with. if this is bad though, no way in hell am i reading the stuff that follows just because it features him)

    and i dont know how i feel about this new Detective arc.
    • CommentAuthordoomweed
    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2010
    Amazing Spider-Man #632- sometimes I buy this begrudgingly, but I'm surprised at how much I've actually been enjoying the past few issues.
    Batman Return of Bruce Wayne #2
    Brave and the Bold #34- Straczyneski's message in each issue is pretty heavy-handed, but I've been enjoying his run nonetheless. Saiz's art has been awesome.
    Fantastic Four #579- some people I know have been pretty down on this book, but I'm finally interested in the Fantastic Four, and I think Hickman's run has been great.
    Green Lantern #54
    Green Lantern Corps #48- not sure about this one. I'm a little tired of GL, and feel like I'm reading Corps out of obligation.
    Justice League Generation Lost #2- liked the first issue way more than I thought I would. I'm going to try and stick with this one.
    Secret Avengers #1- this might be the only Avengers book I pick up monthly, depending on what's going on in New Avengers. I'm super sick of Bendis' Avengers stuff, so this new series should be pretty refreshing.
    Thor #610- I have no idea what to expect from this issue, but Thor has been consistently great over the past few months.
    X-Force #27- I'm kind of waiting for Second Coming to lose steam, but it hasn't so far, which is awesome.
    • CommentAuthorepalicki
    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2010
    7 Psychopaths #1 -- BOOM! Studios' mini-series tend to fluctuate between pretty good (Codebreakers, so far) and great (Unthinkable, Dingo). 7 Psychopaths has interior art by Sean Phillips.

    Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne #2
    Secret Avengers #1
    Wednesday Comics HC (maybe)
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    Choker and Northlanders f'sure.
    Slightly stunned that Air is being chopped.
    • CommentAuthorNeil Kleid
    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2010
    If I might suggest...

    Tomorrow, FRAGGLE ROCK #2 arrives in comic book stores from the good people at Archaia Studios and the Jim Henson Company, featuring a six page story by URSA MINORS artist Fernando Pinto and yours truly!

    Our story, 'The Convincing of Convincing John', offers a fun little musical origin to one of my favorite characters (and only one of two that Jim Henson himself played on the show). To celebrate the book's release, I'll be signing copies from 5:30-9pm at Jim Hanley's Universe on 33rd Street in NYC as part of their 25th Anniversary party, alongside creators like Fred (AMAZING SPIDERMAN) Van Lente, Molly (THE PUPPET MAKERS) Crabapple, Jim (HAWKEYE AND MOCKINGBIRD)McCann, Bob (BEG THE QUESTION) Fingerman and more! Jim Hanley's is located at 4 West 33rd Street, New York, NY 10001, right behind the Empire State Building. It promises to be a fun party, so if you're around, drop on by!

    Here's a preview of FRAGGLE ROCK #2, and here's an interview 'Nando and I did about our story!

    Also, if interested, here's a neat little YouTube clip of our man Convincing John doing his thing for the very first time back in 1983—preaching it up, Jim Henson style.

    Hope to see you there!