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    Just a drawing of Merrick, in response to a friend's drawing; x-posted to my normal blog; there's also a post a few posts back to the drawing my friend did of Merrick.

    Joseph Carey Merrick, aka the Elephant man was afflicted with Proteus Syndrome, along with several other diseases, having won the Russian roulette for Bad Genetics.

    The thing that strikes me about him, from the accounts I've read, was that despite being rather horrific in appearance, and having been treated horribly by others, he maintained his dignity as a human, calm composure and peaceable attitude, instead of falling towards rage or despondency, when the odds were, for the most part, against him.

    The drawing was done pretty quickly in pen and ink, over graphite, scanned and then colored using Painter Classic's watercolor 'brush'.

    The time taken to complete this? under half an hour.