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    • CommentTimeMay 26th 2010
    Hello Whitechapel (again)
    I know I've been neglecting you recently. I apologise. The thing is, I've found a new mistress - one that keeps me up all night and then kicks me out early in the morning into the harsh, cold light of Melbourne.

    Yeah, it's the graduate thesis.

    I already posted once on this topic and got some great feedback, but I'll do a recap - I'm developing a new form of non-morphic trans-radial prosthetic. In a nutshell, an artificial arm that extends from below the elbow (trans-radial implying an amputation of the radius and ulna in the forearm). This prosthetic will not attempt to mimic the look of the original arm - instead, it will be a sleekly designed piece of cyberpunk manufacture, hopefully packed with lots of high-tech goodies.

    But, there are lots of baby steps along the way, and what would be totally rad right now is your help with the (dun dun dun) FORM STUDY.


    These are all possible forms for my final arm. The hard white ovals on the top and the bottom of the arm are sections that will detach, allowing swap-in/swap-out components like flash memory, capsicum spray, RFID, arduino boards etc etc. The lighter white lines denote sweeps and part lines in the form - they LOOK purely funky and aesthetic, but actually disguise the carbon-fibre ribbing that gives the prosthetic its structural strength.

    All I need is for you good folk to take a squint at all those almost-identical forms in the image above and list the top three or four that look most awesome. That's it. No need to explain your preferences (although that's always welcome).

    Thanks so much for your time. Luv ya, Whitechapel.
    • CommentTimeMay 26th 2010
    5A 2G 2F 3C
    • CommentTimeMay 26th 2010
    You had me at Arduino boards. I'm a simple guy, so I'll just list my top two.

    G1 - Smallish top compartment you can get to without pulling up your entire sleeve (should you wish to cover your funky, funky cyberarm), larger and better protected bottom compartment for bigger goodies.

    A4 - Same as above, but why not make the top compartment big, too, yeah? That's the ticket.

    It should be appreciated As is evident from the above, I dig the curves reaching towards the wrist.
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    E1, D1 & F2. Common positioning of the two panels in the places that feel most natural to fiddle with using my other hand.
  2.  (8300.5)
    B3 - I like the line flow of this best of all.
    G3 - lines match forearm muscle shape
    D2 - large compartments, and not close to the wrist, as I think it's an easier angle for full use of the hand to grasp something further back on the arm, and can do so closer to the body.... AND compartments close to wrists might interfere with jewelry.
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    E4, F4

    Or any of them that look like this...

    • CommentTimeMay 26th 2010
    You are all the loveliest of people. Thankyou.
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    I like the large compartment on top and close to the hand, with a bit of an "armor" look to the piece, as well as a design that moves the eye around. these are my favorites:

    B3 (favorite by far), G2, B1
    • CommentTimeMay 26th 2010
    B3, like many here. I also liked A5 and G2.
    • CommentTimeMay 26th 2010
    E3, F1, B4

    I like them the most because they channel Megaman X. But not overtly. Tastefully.