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    • CommentAuthorbumnote
    • CommentTimeNov 11th 2010 edited
    the start of 'la haine' - scenes of unrest/rioting/protest to the sounds of bob marley playing burnin' and lootin'. can't find a vid, the whole film's great cinema in my view.
    probably one of my all time favourites is the dusk til dawn opening - 'Well, your best better get a hell of a lot fucking better, or you are gonna feel a hell of a lot fucking worse.' and the doomed store clerk, proclaiming his innocence to the end by screaming at Clooney that his crazy brother is lying 'i never said help ussssssssss!!!!'. hahaha. i could watch that over and over.

    oldhats really on the money there with the watchmen, wish the whole film could have been as good as that. dawn of the dead with johny cash is absolutely superb too, though not dissimilar to la haine. i wonder if la haine was the inspiration for romero. not sure if anyones said it, but star wars is about an iconic an opening credit as it gets.
    • CommentTimeNov 17th 2010

    One of my all time faves, so sinister yet so innocent, which is the way Dexter lives his life, hiding the dark beneath the mundane.

    Another interesting title sequence, from a stellar show
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    While the movie was pretty much a huge disappointment, I thought Silent Hill had a really good end credits sequence. The atmosphere is very true to the games and I just love Yamaoka's music:

    Also, there was Angel. Loved the show, loved the opening theme:

    Finally, Lost Highway:

    Sorry for the edits. Still getting used to the interface.
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    Enter the Void by Gasper Noe.

    No end credits.
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    somebody put up some TV credits as well so im going to run with it...

    Tales of the Unexpected, an influential
    British Prime Time TV series from the mind of Roald Dahl .Think Grant Morrison writing
    suspense and weirdness, its on that vibe. Like the Twilight Zone with standalone
    episodes set in British Suburbia...

    "Tales Of The Unexpected"

    Minder!Why no Hip Hop/Dance/Electronic/RnB producer has never
    sampled this theme song,i just don't know. British TV series
    about a dodgy "entrepreneur" and his minder...


    Heri Mkocha
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    Minder was kick-arse. Dennis Waterman scored a major hit in the charts with the theme song.
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    • CommentTimeJul 26th 2011
    I quite enjoyed the opening to Moon

    And the titles from Superman have stuck with me too from when I was a much smaller and younger version of myself today:

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    anything Prologue/Kyle Cooper has ever done
    • CommentTimeAug 16th 2011

    Just the titles, none of the actual movies.
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    @Apefist Thanks for that link!

    Titles are truly an art form in themselves completely separate from cinematography
    and the actual film itself. That website clearly show that by going in depth.

    Ok , here's a forgotten classic of TV, one of the cult Asian exports
    with a memorable opening theme....

    "The Water Margin" Opening Titles and Theme

    That shortlived trend of importing Far Eastern shows led onto
    this ....

    "Monkey Magic" Opening titles and Theme

    I preferred the sad closing theme...(bit like the hulk sad piano closing theme)

    "Monkey Magic" Closing titles and Theme

    Heri Mkocha