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    A friend posted this for the animation, which is quite brilliant, but I was taken up more with the subject matter...

    Yet again, Science explains things for me that I would have never been myself able to. It hits the nail on the head on why I play music, why I'm more productive when employers give me the tools and let use them without being managed, etc.

    But how to use this information? Could this knowledge be the basis of a paradigm in teaching methods too?
    • CommentAuthorgzapata
    • CommentTimeMay 29th 2010
    I remember watching something like this on tedtalks. Google follows some of these examples. I think what equates to a day of work a week must be taken to do your own thing.

    The US government is using something along the lines of wikipedia or wikilinks to start making manuals with the help of soldiers and such. Also heard an idea of a similar program being used for the patent office to help figure all of that stuff out.

    There is also a company in Australia that pretty much ignores all office protocol. Your given the work you need to do for the week and you can do it whenever you want, where ever you want. You have the office but you can work from home to, whichever you choose as long as at the end of the week all your work is completed.

    It'll be interesting watching more programs using this information in the future and how they'll look.