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    • CommentTimeMay 31st 2010 edited
    The best way to start these things is to get everyone saying hello. So please introduce yourselves in this thread, adding a photo if you've got one (trust me -- the web works much better when people see that there are real people on the other end of a post).

    Obviously, if you've said hello in previous Introduction threads, there's no need to do it again.

    We don't insist on real names here. I find it helps, but, frankly, if you want to be a completely fictional invention of yourself, go right ahead. Hell, I've even known people who have started out fictional and then become their own invention.

    Hello. I'm Warren.

    -- W
    • CommentAuthorVanSaint
    • CommentTimeMay 31st 2010
    Hi. My name's Ro. Been a lurker here off and on.

    I write quite a bit these days. I also design my own promo materials. I occasionally take freelance design clients but only when I feel like it. I've done that full-time in the past and it's a pain in the ass.

    So back to writing: I've been working on short stories, my first novel, and messing around with a comic script that I'm probably gonna design/illustrate myself.
    Just having fun doing creative stuff. Gonna be podcasting soon too.

    I'll go back and include a pic here soon (or you can just check out the bio page at my site)

    Speaking of my site. Feel free to check it out =
    • CommentTimeJun 1st 2010
    hey, hey. i'm jenny. just spend the night reading freakangels from page 1 to the latest. yay me! lol.

    i hate talking about myself cause i never know what to say, but here's a few things: i love art, creation, logic, hiking, nature, cities and weird people. and people who can think. and lots of other stuff. i hate capital letters.

    photo? hmmm.... digging, digging, digging... i hate faceshots. guess which of the three is me. :}
    • CommentTimeJun 1st 2010
    Hey there,

    I'm Hannah and I've been reading Freakangels since day 1 - been a long time fan and occasional lurker on this forum. Thinking it's about time to get involved.

    I live in Philadelphia and work as a tech in a molecular biology lab studying aging - that's right, I'm working to "cure aging." Pretty sci-fi and it's a funny joke, but I think the research is pretty ridiculous conceptually. I'd be happy to talk to you about it. My true passion is marine biology - but spending a few years living in a city before exiling myself to small coast towns for eternity seemed like a worthy plan.

    I like science a lot, I blog about it sometimes here. I listen to a lot of music (in a big punk/ska phase right now, revival from high school), try to read as often as possible (currently Stanley Elkin), and write as well. Basically your average girl.

    Nice to meet you!
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    *This is like an AA meeting yes?*

    Hi, I'm Michael, I run a blog called 3MillionYears which is a reference to RedDwarf. I try to draw and I would like to write comics and have some ideas!
    My blog is mainly based around digital and mobile comics - breaking the news about IDW releasing digitally a month after print!
    This is me:
    Me &
    I'm the one on the left....
    You can speak to me here or on my Twitter.
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    Hi. I'm Dean. I'm twenty-four and would like to be younger.

    I'm from Newcastle, but don't have the accent. Though I do have an accent, apparently. (People, more often than can possibly be genuine, tend to think I'm Northern Irish or Scottish. Except if I've had a drink/am shouting while playing sports. Then there's no mistaking where I'm from, I'm told.) The accent confusion was useful at university (Aberdeen), as I could happily sit and watch England vs Scotland rugby matches without anyone throwing stuff at me.

    I studied history at university, and now work in IT (natch). It's not what I want to do, but it keeps me from starving while I work on the things I do want to, um, do.

    I like all the usual things: reading, cinema, music, video games, and so on. I'd list my favourites, but that would be dull.

    I can't draw or paint or sing, but really wish I could.

    I sometimes look like this (though right now I have less hair, a lot more beard, and a missing camera):

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    Hello, all. I'm Matthew - or Matt, equally fine being addressed as either and switching them up when I introduce myself about every third time. I'm an actor and writer in New York, having just clawed my way to the lower tiers of both of those professions and aiming upwards. I also sing, though not as well as I act, and dance, though not as well as I sing.

    My interests are, I'm sure, pretty standard around these parts. I like all brands of speculative fiction, especially early American fantastical writers like Robert E Howard and HP Lovecraft. Video games, comics, swords, and other commonly-visited points in their general realm are near and dear to me. I'm also an avid fan of the english premier league and in particular London's fabled Arsenal. The impending World Cup is a source of great excitement for me.

    I hope at some point in the future to play the role of Iago in Othello and to have any film role in which I get to give the command, "Fire."

    That's a decent introductory summary, I guess. Here's a picture of me playing Steve in Showboat and being all dramaticky.

    • CommentAuthorLuisFuentes
    • CommentTimeJun 1st 2010 edited
    Hi, I´m Luis Fuentes and i´m from Guadalajara, México.

    I´m an unemployed (freelancer) Communicator with a lot with free time. I enjoy do Editorial and Web Design, coloring and writing.

    I don´t have a photo to show right now but you can see I´m real person in my tweets (@Luisfuentes). I´m fan of garbage tv, comics, books, music and more.

    I just discover Whitechapel thanks to a link in Comic Book Resources about the challenge of New Worlds #223 (I did a cover, but i did it 2 days late :( )


    Oh! i forgot:
    I have a comics news portal in spanish called: Operación Mandril.
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    greatings and salutations. i am anastasia.
    im getting into the alternative modeling scene. im currently finishing year 12. and i plan to go on to do costume design and circus.
    im from sydney australia
    i like to create things. anything really.
    if i had to put myself in a catagory. id say im a cyberpunk. and when im not dressed up. im a punk. yaaay (if you dare say hat punk is dead....oh its on)
    i say whats on my mind. and does get me in trouble.
    im gay. :)
    i have many cats. like 17. maybe more. i lost count.
    i make most my clothing. i have a obsession with aviator goggles and cyber goggles. oh and pvc.
    im afriad of the big bad world and i'll admit it. im to trusting for my own good. this is me. i hope it works.

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    Nice to see you all. Welcome to my internet shithole. I'm not around much at the moment, but I do check in regularly and I do read all these.
    • CommentAuthorwaltorr
    • CommentTimeJun 2nd 2010
    My name is Walt, and I occasionally write for Multiversity Comics. I study English in college so, you know, I have no idea what I'm going to do upon graduating, but I have a few things that I am working towards. Interests include but are not limited to: literature, comics, music, philosophy, cooking and politics. That's about it.
    • CommentAuthordelgaduck
    • CommentTimeJun 2nd 2010
    my name is Edgar Delgado and im a comic book colorist, i work for Marvel comics mostly and i also write, color and ocasionally draw the web comic Chava & Don Andres

    nice to meet you all!

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    @hanjean: aha, a fellow biology geek! I'm a freshwater ecologist, and am currently doing the living in a small town a long way from home thing. That said, my small town is actually the capital city of the island state I find myself in. Not sure if 200 000 people really qualifies as a city though...

    ...still, there are worse places.

    30 minutes out of the city
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    Hello all, my name is Lucas.

    I'm from Vancouver, Canada, and I'm a freelance writer. Which, like others who've already introduced themselves here, really just means I'm unemployed. But until my money runs out, I'm just spending as much time as I can writing and trying to get published (again). I write mostly speculative fiction, YA, and queer fiction, often all at once. I also keep a (fairly) regular blog on writing and things at

    I'm pretty new in these waters, and will likely do a lot of lurking. But at least I'm up front about it.

    • CommentTimeJun 6th 2010
    @smileyfish Looks pretty beautiful! I just spent this evening in the Pine Barrens in south Jersey and was reminded of why the small town thing isn't so bad -- I miss the outdoors and the birds and the sounds and smells. Y'know? You know. Go ecology!
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    • CommentAuthorgridban
    • CommentTimeJun 9th 2010
    Hi, I'm Steve, I only discovered FreakAngels by accident a few weeks ago, caught up with the back episodes just in time for the start of Book Five. I do database work in a school and in my spare time do a bit of DJing and make my own tunes. I would post a picture but I don't know how.
    • CommentAuthorgridban
    • CommentTimeJun 9th 2010
    OK, I've worked out how to do it but I can't find a picture of myself I like now.
    • CommentAuthorMrTuke
    • CommentTimeJun 10th 2010 edited
    Hello. My name is Thomas Tuke and its a pleasure to meet a few new faces.

    I'm London based and i used to go to a university that was just down the road from Whitechapel, where i studied Computer animation for a couple of years before graduating. I generally work as a cartoonist and caricature artist, I'm starting a few things this summer in regards to that. And i sometimes work in a toy shop.

    Truth be told, I'm something of a newcomer to Warren Ellis's work, although I've read samples and shorts he did so i know this is an acclaimed kickarse guy who knows his stuff. If you wish to hit me with a few key titles to go for, doesn't have to be comics it can be books, and I'll look those up .(i know he doesn't like super heroes so i won't chase him up on that).

    Last known photo of me during a train ride to my first time at Bristol. Note the double chin of doom :E

    Best wishes guys.
    • CommentAuthormacroscian
    • CommentTimeJun 10th 2010
    Fairly ignorant swede, infrequent lurker of Mr Ellis' ventures via wurzeltod an age and a half ago. Rather a few too many friends who will talk of nothing but comics when we meet - too many not to slowly become interested. Learned english by reading pulp fantasy/sci-fi as a kid, those language skills have since deteriorated. I own a camera and I have a flickr spot but no ambitions.