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    • CommentTimeFeb 4th 2008

    The woman I was living with and I during Yellow Dust Season. Which is a time in spring*and fall apparently* when the winds from the Manchurian deserts sweep across the Korean peninsula and eventually to North America, leaving a nasty trail of sulfur, carbon and other delicious pollutants in its wake. We woke up one morning to scratchy red eyes, sore throats and this dense fog that obscured anything beyond a block away. Every year hundreds of people die of lung complications from it. Hence the masks and the "the world is about to end" feeling to the picture. None of my students at the time even thought it was a big deal. Given that some of these kids were 17-18 years old, it just showed me what kind of shit you can become accustomed to over time.

    Oh, and one of the teachers at my school got fired when someone asked for a definition of pollution. She had simply pointed out the window and said "That."