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    I'm having a time out until I can learn some manners.
    Lots of Lonnie Johnson coz i'm trying to play like him
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    Really loving that album by The Heavy, so thanks very much to Oldhat!

    And this amazing curio by The Fuckin' Flyin' A-Heads.
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    Smoke & Mirrors
    KEUL - FM 88.9 Girdwood, AK
    FM 105.3 Hope, AK
    Sundays, 7-10pm
    Presented by The Centipede Foundation - Applied & Implied Art Since 1976

    May 30, 2010

    Holger Czukay - Cool In The Pool
    Pyrolator - Im Zoo
    Peter Dixon - Jackelope

    Ali Farka Toure/Toumani Diabate - Hawa Dolo
    Richard Leo Johnson/Gregg Bendian - When I Met Chet
    D'Gary - Biby Aomby
    Les Triaboliques - Black Earth Boys
    Outback - An Dro Nevez

    Peter Blegvad - Gold
    Brian Eno/Daniel Lanois - Silver Morning
    Ian King - Evil Eye
    Nicky Skopelitis - Altai
    The Decemberists - The Mariner's Revenge Song
    Varttina - Iro

    Accordion Tribe - Swither
    Claudia Quintet - Zurn
    David Byrne - Wheezing/Eggs In A Briar Patch/Poison
    Fourtet - This Unfolds
    Music From The Morning of The World - Golden Rain

    Talvin Singh - Soni
    Paul Hasslinger - World Without Rules
    DJ Spooky - Measure By Measure
    Caribou - Odessa
    Flying Lotus - Dance Of The Pseudo Nymphs
    Twinkranes - Put Up A Light
    Harmonia - Dino

    Richard Bliwas - Straw Goblin
    David Sylvian - Snow White In Appalachia
    Talk Talk - Ascension Day
    Peter Hammill - Diminished
    Fripp & Eno - Evening Star

    Uakti - Metamorphosis 1 (Phillip Glass)
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    CANCER KIDS-the possible dream 12"
    BANNER PILOT-collapser 12"
    WALLS-s/t 12"
    • CommentTimeJun 4th 2010 edited
    xD i've only heard of Brian Eno from this page's song list... i probably live under a rock or sth.

    plaid - ralome

    edit: oh, wait, i know Caribou, too.
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    its cool...i listen to music that like 1000 people in the country have heard of or as warren will tell you JOE DOESNT COUNT HE ONLY BUYS RECORDS THAT ARE LIMITED TO 12 AND YOU HAVE TO WIN A SCAVENGER HUNT TO EVEN BE TOLD OF THEIR EXISTENCE IN A LANGUAGE NO ONE LIVING SPEAKS ANYMORE
    • CommentAuthorwaltorr
    • CommentTimeJun 4th 2010
    Whatever is on NPR, which is currently Philipp Heinrich Erlebach's Overture #4. Can't wear headphones at work, and I don't have any sort of dock for my mp3 player, so classical music is preferable to anything else on the radio.
    • CommentTimeJun 4th 2010
    caribou - odessa (nice, hadn't heard it before, thanks, Brent Wilcox)
    caribou - sunsesame (haven't seen the ski movie, but it is definitely a good song for heavy snowing+powder combo :} )
    • CommentTimeJun 4th 2010
    Just stumbled across "The Heavy." I can't stop listening.

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    • CommentTimeJun 4th 2010
    Glad y'all caught up with The Heavy, they are heavy.

    • CommentTimeJun 4th 2010
    Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire - Songs of Ill-Hope and Desperation

    I think they may have done permanent damage to my thinkmeat. So satisfying.
    • CommentAuthormister_kook
    • CommentTimeJun 4th 2010 edited
    How to Destroy Angels - New Trent reznor (lord of miserable mainstream goth) and err his wife :D (Free Digital EP)
    Extra Life - Flesh Made, unique and unsettling...
    • CommentAuthorelricj
    • CommentTimeJun 5th 2010
    heh, that Danzig sounds like the Cult. Not a bad cut mind you! I personally gave up after III & IV which managed to have about 3 songs I liked between 'em. I & II were goodness.

    got some stuff in tho:
    NADJA & TROUM "Dominium Visurgis"
    NADJA "Autopergamene"
    Scorn "Refuse/Start Fires"
    • CommentAuthorrobb
    • CommentTimeJun 5th 2010
    last night was all wonky synth stuff. slow, dirty, groovy:
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    Because the 80s were awesome.
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    If Part Chimp wrote it (and it's fucking heavy) then I am currently listening to it.

    • CommentTimeJun 6th 2010
    incubus - aqueous transmission
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    Demdike Stare - Forest of Evil

    Las Robertas - Cry out Loud

    wicked witch - chaos (1978-86)

    Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma

    Manatees - Icarus, The Sunclimber
    • CommentTimeJun 6th 2010
    Fugazi - Repeater.