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    Erling Wold - Mordake
    A new opera based on the story of Edward Mordake, a 19th Century Englishman with a second face (of a young woman) on the back of his head, which could laugh and cry, "and whispered horrible things to him at night".
    • CommentTimeJun 9th 2010
    Islands - The Arm

    Are they more cynical than you? More sincere? Are they mocking you with their sincerity? They were in a band called The Unicorns. Does that scare you? It should. It should scare you into caring. It should scare you into listening. That's why The Arm came for YOU.
    • CommentTimeJun 9th 2010
    • CommentTimeJun 9th 2010
    Excuse the self-reflexive trumpet-blowing, but I think we just signed my New Favourite Band. Meet Comma - instrumental post/math rock in the vein of Tortoise. Absolutely sublime, cannot stop playing it.

    Comma - Comma (6 track EP)
    [free DL]
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    CANCER KIDS-the possible dream
    i swear to god, i have no idea how i slept on this band for the past few years. the LP makes me want to ride my bike off a skyscraper and punch a helicopter mid-air until it explodes

    just nostalgiac melodic 'whoa-ohoh-bro' middle school core. sing alongs and shit

    HOT CROSS-cryonics
    one of my favorite lps of all time, melodic, crunchy and angular and off kilter. so goddamn good. like stuff like FUGAZI or AT THE DRIVE IN, but dont know these guys? get hip to it.

    DANGERS-messy isnt it?
    yeah, still my favorite new record of 2010. crushing and mean, thought provoking and inspiring.

    DEAR LANDLORD-dream homes
    pop punk about having nowhere to go but up. sometimes it makes me want to cry- half the time out of depression and frustration, half the time out of hope.

    CHARLES BRONSON-youthattack! 10"
    prepare to get your face kicked in. super snotty, high speed, sugar rush straight edge revenge. "the only time i think about marriage is when i wonder why i dont think about it"
    awwwww now that im old i cant agree with nearly any of these old sentiments anymore....but the music still kills. luckily for you, you wont know what the lyrics are without a lyric sheet.
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    I'm on my third day of having Elton John's "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" stuck in my head. Nothing is dislodging it. not even early 90's cartoon theme songs.
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    joe, you´ve persuaded me to get hold of Cancer kids. You should be a salesman! (of high quality hardcore products....)
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    Rediscovered my affection for Melt-Banana following their performances as part of Lou Reed & Laurie Anderson's VIVID festival here in Sydney, most of their backcatalogue has been on high rotation.

    Like Warren, I'm exploring this odd little Witch House cult. I was vaguely aware of SALEM but out of the more recent crop I'm quite liking ???\\\ (EDIT: Forum seems to have eaten the acutal name but replace those ???'s with triangles and you get the idea) and GR†LLGR†LL (thankyou CTL-C, CTL-V). There's an interesting line through this stuff from the early Factory and Industrial Records output, GPO's TOPY, Hip-Hop, IDM and Ghost Box. Don't know what to make of the sheer number of acts popping up in this "style" though. The ASCII fixation is quite hilarious, but the pretentious side of me gets a kick out of the impenetrable encoding of these band names.

    That doesn't mean I've forsaken the METAL of course. Nachtmystium - Black Meddle Pt 2, Castevet - Mounds of Ash, Black Breath - Heavy Breath and Alcest's new one all getting a look in this week.
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    GUYANA PUNCH LINE-direkt aktion 12"
    this record is the meeting room where punk, emo-violence and grind all hang out and totally talk shit on stuff like ATTACK ATTACK while smashing holes in walls. plus the singer once peed in Darius Ruckers soap bottle and tried to sell me some crazy japanese exploitation vhs tapes.

    AFI-decemberunderground 12" the full transformation from hardcore, to goth punk, to dreary cold pop complete here. its really too bad this is their last record. oh, no that other AFI that put out 'Crash Love' is a different band. WAIT WHAT?!?!

    ELASTICA-stutter 10"
    PENNYWISE-s/t 12"
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    Every time I see CANCER KIDS, I think CANCER BATS, who are unbearably fucking shit. I think I've only just twigged that we're talking about a different band and I will go and investigate KIDS not BATS.

    Also, how fucking ace is Stutter? Amazing.

    Right now I'm listening to Mount Kimbie remixes. James Blake's Maybes remix is awesome. His new EP is also awesome. And in fact I'm on a massive Hotflush/Numbers/Hessle/Hemlock FUCKING HUGE BASS BINGE at the moment. Also Deftones. Lots of bass and lots of Deftones. Yuss.
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    oh man, CANCER BATS are crappy. i saw them open a show once. the mediocrity of 'modern' sounding, slick 'hardcore' was immense.
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeJun 10th 2010
    @Mitch Alexander

    After listening to a lot of witch house/dub/trance over the past few weeks, i found i didn't really take to Mater Suspiria Vision (when you don't have the videos to link to the music), modern witch or twZoNe. But i found that †‡†, ///???\\\ and tearist were all worth a good listen to.

    • CommentTimeJun 10th 2010 edited
    oh and for you downloading folks, if you are interested in the shit i talk about, I COULD DIE TOMORROW andBEHEMOTH SKIN both have a lot of this stuff.
    • CommentAuthormacroscian
    • CommentTimeJun 10th 2010
    Beth Gibbons. Again. But looking for inspiration here, the 1:30AM blues (like the machinist).
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    @icelandbob - Yeah, Mater Suspiria Vision are a little hit and miss from their video tracks but I've really gotten into some of the mixes they've put out. SALEM is consistently great and still in love with GR†LLGR†LL.

    Was that Elastica I saw there Joe? God I haven't listened to them in ages. It's one of the only britpop-era records I still enjoy.
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    The happy/chilled out parts of my CD collection have been plucked from their havens for a trip to Greece:

    Zero 7 - When It Falls, Mogwai - Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait, John Coltrane - Blue Train, Brian Eno - Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks, Air - Moon Safari, Kinski - Airs Above Your Station, Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion, Cinematic Orchestra - Every Day, Boards of Canada - The Campfire Headphase, Fleet Foxes - s/t & Mykonos EP, Can - Future Days, Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here, Neu! - Neu! 75, Jefferson Airplane - Surrealistic Pillow, Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland, Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue, Lemon Jelly - Lost Horizons, Asobi Seksu - Citrus.
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    this weeks new jamz

    CEREMONY-ronehrt park lp- uh, a massive change from their usual style. mid tempo with some (seemingly) intentional retro sound and style. after two listens, im not sure how much of this album i actually like though...some serious jams are surrounded by some boring stuff. i will give it a few more listens.

    LOCUST-peel sessions lp- yep, 9 years after they were recorded with john peel, these sessions surfaced. and holy shit are they good! i havent liked anything they have put out in years, but this goes back to the old shit and it captures what it was like to see them back in 1999-2002 ish. they were in phoenix a LOT back then and those shows used to be great. totally recommend this spazz-grind-wonderfulness.
    • CommentAuthorTC-Cork
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2010
    Mayer Hawthorne - A Strange Arrangement, Love Is All Right 4" Single
    John Coltrane - Blue Train 12" Lp
    Superchunk - Misfits and Mistakes 7" Single
    The Evaporators / Andrew W.K. - A Wild Pear 7" Ep
    White Zombie - La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1
    Guilty Simpson - O.J. Simpson
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2010
    Watain - Lawless Darkness (Evil)
    Anathema - Were Here Because Were Here (Not Evil)
    Fleshgod Apocalypse - Mafia (Br00tal)
    Odroerir - Goetterlieder II (Not Br00tal)
    Nachtmystium -2010- Addicts Black Meddle Pt II (Not sure what to think of this one yet...)
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    Regular listening slightly derailed by me spotting Simon Reynolds's Energy Flash in the library. Read most of it yesterday. Highly recommended to everyone really, but particularly those with an interest in electronic music. Had to go back and listen to Warp's 10+2 CD, Orbital's Work compilation, and Aphex Twin's first Selected Ambient Works.