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    • CommentTimeJun 5th 2010 edited
    Keep in mind when you read this, I'm originally from the Midwest.

    Another example of how Teabagger hypocrisy is both malicious and dangerous. Teabagger rhetoric claims that the good solid country folks are being taxed to death to support the dissolute and lazy lifestyle of urban hipsters and illegal immigrants.

    In fact, however, if you divide the states between states that are net winners from federal taxes - they receive $1 or more of Federal benefits for every one they contribute - and net losers, who only receive a dollar or less, you see a very different picture. The Fourth Branch breaks it down:

    Federal tax contributions:

    "Red" states vs. "Blue" states:

    When presented like this, the entire strategy of the Teabagger rhetoric becomes clear: Attempt to convince the middle-class white people of the Midwest and South that they are in fact the oppressed underclass who is also the backbone of the labor force and the salt of the earth. The white middle class earned every precious benefit they have, and the dastardly Blue state eggheads want to take all that away and give it to crack whores and Hollywood.

    But broken down like this by economic contribution, the reality is that all those Blue state immigrants and queers really *do* power the Federal economy, and in fact are carrying the rest of the country on their backs. And in fact for the most part we quite like the benefits we get for our money, believe in balancing the budget, and that we should make stuff and sell it to the rest of the world for more than it cost to make it.

    It becomes apparent that it is in fact the Red States who are pulled right up to the Federal trough, slurping up the country's money for their free public highways, their free parks and free education, and stuff like clean water and air. The white country burgher is, in fact, the biggest Welfare queen.

    Tell you what, Red States - feel free to secede any time you like. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. I'll gladly take the rest of my taxes and plow them into the local Blue State, elitist hipster green economy and continue progressing into the 21st century. *You* pay for fixing your own highways and policing your own borders.

    That's not my East Coast, Blue State queer Hollywood elitist boot on your neck, Bubba - it is the chip on your shoulder blinding you from the truth that your beloved hillbilly back country shitkicker salt of the earth redneck culture is not just *socially* irrelevant, but *economically* irrelevant as well. Good luck with that.
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    As a backcountry shitkicker, I resent your remarks.

    But than again, I'm surrounded by the type of folk you're talking about. A lot of them in my area are retired folk who are terrified of the fast paced world they're in, and the only way they can seem to make sense of it is by listening to fox news. Because it confirms their fears and what they thought was true all along:

    that minorities are really out to get them, that their is no safety net, and they will die penniless and alone.

    They are people fed fear, and blinded by it to the point of irrationality. The more I think about it, the sadder a situation it is, in the area where I live (which voted heavily McCain, is made up largely of retired folk, who seem to be afraid of pretty much everything, and happen to have enough money to swing about to make things rough for non-retired folk).