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    I'd definately add Colleen to the list - she's a label mate to Susuma Yakota (have a look at the Leaf Record website - it's not all ambient but a lovely label and they do really good cheap sampler cds). I second Denari on listening to Autechre's Amber - it's their warmest album.

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    I pissed on Ben Frost last year, perhaps unfairly-- 'Theory of Machines' left me cold, but a friend convinced me to listen to 'By The Throat', which brings menace & mystery in scabby buckets.

    @adrian r: I was introduced to Fripp's soundscapes by some homeless dude who was trying to sell a stack of League of Crafty Guitarists CDs-- at the bottom of which, I found '1999'. I paid him in poverty punch. (Fortified wine, not beatings.) The album unnerved & enchanted me by turns, so when Fripp brought his schtick to Atlanta I bought a ticket. A night of tormented wonders!
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    I have nothing to contribute except to thank everyone for their suggestions. I've been sampling ambient artists for the past month or so (starting with Stars Lost Your Name, oddly enough) and haven't had the faintest idea where to go from there. This is fantastic! Thanks!
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    If you like Ben Frost, then you will love Gjöll. They do some really harsh ice-whipped icelandic dark ambient. I admit it's best to listen to these guys during a really dark winter. But damn it's so spectral and haunted. These are from their 2009 album "sum of transformations"

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    Nice to see that @Jonah mentioned COIL's "Time Machines" already. Hard album to get a copy of (legally) but well worth it. COIL's "Live One" aka "Time Machines From The Heart Of Darkness" is probably easier to find and has very similar content. Although I don't know if you would call what COIL does on those albums "ambient" or "drone."

    A personal favorite of mine is Harold Budd. A lot of people say his work is to overtly pretty, but I think it's wonderful. I would recommend his albums "The White Arcades" and "Lovely Thunder"

    This is from the latter.

    Also CoH tickles my fancy and my brain. Check out "Above Air." Can't find a video for him so here is a Wiki link

    Nurse With Wound's "Salt Marie Celeste" is also good. The whole track is an hour long.
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    interestingly Salt Marie Celeste is Steve Stapleton's homage to Sinking of the Titanic. it is very good.
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    i like a lot of the electronica stuff people have already mentioned, your autechres and alva notos. and i third that nurse with wound recommendation for Salt Marie Celeste, such a moody album. and here are a few tips for dark ambient/drone music that i like:
    Troum - Wrota Sfer (Part One)

    Inade - Conquer Time

    Sleep Research Facility - Nostromo C-Deck

    Herbst9 - The Gods Are Small Birds (which inspired my story that went up on Telling of Tales)

    Lustmord - Immersion

    all of those fall into the bass heavy end of ambient, so no doubt not to everyone's taste.
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    • CommentTimeJun 13th 2010
    Nobody mentioned Loscil yet?

    the label Kranky as a whole is a good place to start. Not everything is ambient but the majority is.

    Jónsi & Alex (Jónsi of Sigur Ros) have a record out that's lovely ambient stuff.

    Stars of the Lid - Avec Laudenum is a personal favorite that never gets old. But all their records are good.

    ...I'll think of more.
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    I'm not sure if it falls under ambient, my Knowledge of genre definitions is a bit ropey, but Akira Yamaoka's Silent Hill soundtracks form a great dark backdrop for doing things, and are available as OST's. Tends toward clanking/brooding gothic, but I genuinely just like listening to them.
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    @VertigoJones HELL YEAH! I think the SH1 soundtrack is the most "ambient" of them but rest are still beautiful and worth a listen. On the same emotional wavelength as ambient music if not the same genre. SH2 soundtrack especially.
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    I just wanted to mention, before this thread flickers and dies, that it's been pretty excellent. I'm happy that a lot of the important stuff I already know has got a mention, and I've been checking out the stuff I don't already know and enjoying it. I've already sent a couple of people this way for an introduction to ambient music.

    Gush gush.
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    BASTARD NOISE...holy crap, them live was intensssssse on sunday
    look at this table
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    Some great stuff here. I think that the following artists haven't been mentioned so here goes...I've included ambient-drone-noise-minimal stuff that I thought were within the parameters of the thread as it developed.

    Indignant Senility.

    Zbigniew Karkowski.

    Ikue Mori. Her album ONE HUNDRED ASPECTS OF THE MOON is particularly awesome.




    Kid 606 has released some really good ambient albums like THE SOCCERGIRL EP, PS I LOVE YOU and SONGS ABOUT FUCKING STEVE ALBINI.

    Tony Wakeford and Andrew Liles' awesome The Wardrobe project. Amazing. A lot of dark neofolk stuff like Wakeford's own or The Triple Tree are well worth checking out if you like stuff like Natural snow Buildings or Maninkari.

    Tehom's THERIOMORPHIC SPIRITS is also very cool.

    Aidan Baker.

    Aki Tsuyuko. Her album ONGAKUSHITSU is just dreamy.

    Andrew Chalk.


    Aoki Takamasa's quiter stuff, like SILICOM 2 is great.

    Apoptose! Listen to BLUTOPFER!

    Aidan baker's ARC project.

    Arne Nordheim. One of the more overlooked contemporary composers.

    Bernard Xolotl. Unbelievable.

    BJ NIlsen.

    Burning star Core. CHALLENGER is epic.

    Oren Ambarchi. Frequent Sunn 0))) collaborator.

    The Caretaker

    Dada. 70s Japanese drone/ambient. Aethereal.



    Ghosts on Water. Andrew Chalk project.

    Jasper TX.

    Joel Fajerman

    Jonas Reinhardt. Minimal modern composition.

    Kevin Drumm.

    Real Life's JOURNEY OF THE CARCHARADON.Nice slice of 90s techno/ambient.

    Seefeel. Quique is a classic.

    Richard Pinhas. The founder of Heldon. Awesome guitar ambient.

    Shedding. What God Doesn't Bless, You Won't Love; What You Don't Love, the Child Won't Know is a brilliant album. Eric Dolphy-style looped horns and clarinets over long drones.
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    Wing and Aqua two great musics.

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    Colin Town.

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    not strictly ambient but I would check Burial - Untrue.
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    Machinarium soundtrack?
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    @nigredo-- god yes, how could I forget Tim Hecker & Aiden Baker's 'Phantasma Parastasie'? Beautifully dire drone, like drowning Frippertronics in a tar pit...
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    Lustmord - Heresy