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    • CommentTimeAug 4th 2010 edited
    @jonah - great choices
    I highly reccomend Murcof, one of Leaf Label's finest glitch / minimal producers - his early stuff is much more beat-driven, and fractures orchestral sounds. See below

    By the time he's reached Cosmos, it's become epic walls of sound that totally sweep you up - the only problem with Murcof as ambience (going by Eno's 'wallpaper' theory) is that it's almost too emotive to tune out - I remember one of the first times I listened to Cosmos, I was barely aware of Cosmos pt.1 until the track finished and I realised I'd stopped writing about 5minutes ago and was sitting shaking. Fucking awesome.

    Not sure if the embed codes have worked above, so here's the links
    Murcof - Maiz
    Murcof - Cosmos pt.1
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    The album that actually got me into ambient is Lightwave's "Tycho Brahe". It's very cold and creepy in a good way.
    • CommentTimeAug 5th 2010
    A good friend of mine just gave me an EP for my label, it was largely produced about 10 years ago, and has a really nice feel to it which mirrors my favourite shade of ambient, which is the kind of 'Artificial Intelligence'-era Warp sound, or early Boards of Canada. The EP was remastered by christ. of Benbecula Records (also worth checking out, ambient fans).

    Kink Slap Simian / Hybrid Man Machina - DOWNLOAD

    Kink Slap Simian - Hybrid Man Machina [free DL]
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    I like the Japanese mid-90's stuff.
    C.C.C.C. is my fave.
    You may not call it ambient, it is to me.

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    Any of Keith Fullerton Whitman's Playthroughs style guitar pieces. (He has an album of them on Kranky that is amazing.)
    KFW has been sticking with me lately. That and an old super warped tape of Mahler's First Symphony I found at a thrift store have been my filling space music.
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    The first two albums I did were far more ambient and nice sounding than anything i've done since. I lost both of them for a good 5 years or so until they both resurfaced this month!

    both free/pay-what-you-like

    first album which is all bass with effects and mostly me teaching myself to record and mix
    listen with patients

    second album where i start to play with synths and pianos
    • CommentTimeAug 6th 2010
    I humbly submit my death/drone/ambient project SEPLOPHOBIA ... inspired by many of the fantastic sounds already included in this thread.

    Some of my recordings stray more into harsh noise but my focus is usually set on creating creeped out ambient soundscapes.
    • CommentAuthorPedroM
    • CommentTimeAug 6th 2010
    I´d suggest this guy:

    Great tunes to get in sci fi mood
    • CommentTimeAug 7th 2010
    God DAMN, Randroid. Felt good to get the shit kicked out of me.

    If you're ever touring Finland, the Baltic states or Russia, I've got some contacts for you.
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    Some good suggestions there. Oh god, I'm going to end up buying more CDs...

    Of Eno's stuff, I agree with Warren that Apollo - Atmospheres and Soundtracks is an essential. I also love January 07003: Bell studies for the clock of the Long Now and a recent album he did with Fripp called The Equatorial Stars. If you have a few minutes, there's a funny story in the New York Times from a few years back describing what happened when someone selected an Eno track on a jukebox in a bar...

    A mate of mine - James Fahy - records ambient pieces under the name ambienteer and puts them up on his website for you to listen to. I recommend giving his stuff a listen, he's very good.

    I guess the daddy of them all is Terry Riley's A Rainbow in Curved Air:

    Odd to think this music ended its days as background music for the original radio series of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Hitchhiker's used really interesting music to establish mood (ambient music's really good for this) and it introduced me to lots of artists I've loved ever since. Lots of Ligeti, for example. Here's a couple you might recognise from the series:


    They used lots of stuff from Fripp and Eno's Evening Star too, as well as stuff by Stockhausen. Is Stockhausen ambient?


    Or Stomu Yamashta, perhaps?

    Stomu Yamashta

    Even if you don't class these as true ambient music, they had an influence on the genre's development. If you're heading down that road you might find it interesting to visit them on the way.

    Chris H
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    • CommentTimeAug 7th 2010
    "After the Heat", album by Cluster.
    • CommentAuthorearl
    • CommentTimeAug 7th 2010
    Some of my favorites -

    Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2
    Brian Eno- Music for Airports ( If you like and get to know the Eno record check out Bang on a Can's version of Music for Airports...which has a live band recreating the album which is mostly put together with tape loops. It is really great too) -- On Land & Apollo & anything he did with Harold Budd is also great.
    Paul Schutze - New Maps of Hell v. 1 & 2 The Rapture of Metals, Deus Ex Machina
    Tangerine Dream - Phaedra & Atem
    The Orb- UFOrb
    Biosphere- Substrata
    Steve Roach- Innerzone, Light Fantastic
    Autechre- Amber (probably moves too much to be really ambient, but it is quite lush)
    Cluster- II, After the Heat
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    Randroid - that's some cool shit you have going on there.

    I recently found this blog, which collects a lot of deleted albums and out of issue stuff, including Biosphere's first album, Microgravity.
    There's also Susuma Yokota and Robert Henke stuff, though the main focus is the detroit and Basic Channel techno - some of that's great headspaces, if not actually "ambient" in the strictest sense....
      CommentAuthorIron Imp
    • CommentTimeAug 10th 2010
    Well, everyone has beat me to most of my suggestions... Actually, that makes me really happy (relative to my experience on most internet forums) :D

    I didn't comb every page to make sure this wasn't brought up, but even if it was, Atrium Carceri on swedish label Cold Meat Industry are BRILLIANT atmospheric, dark-soundtrack ambiance. Recommend 2003 album "Cellblock"

    This is a bit different in tone, but it's got an amazing Dali-esque video.
      CommentAuthorIron Imp
    • CommentTimeAug 10th 2010
    @Kid Ritalin

    Wow. Kudos for sharing Murcof... You got me hooked

    8'_'8 <--- ears at attention.

    You might like Bad Sector...

    Check out 'Alex 1964' off "Dolemen Factory" for starters.
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    I humbly submit my death/drone/ambient project SEPLOPHOBIA

    I'm loving Death Tunnel, thanks man -- everyone else go put some coin in there too.

    Here is one that could swap in for one of your Death Tunnel tracks on an ambient song-exchange program. It too is on the harsher regions of ambient, but as long as were taking a trip to 1972:

    Solaris Tokyo Highway Scene
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    Thanks for the positive feedback all - I have been working on some new stuff very slowly so feel free to check back again later, or give the other things on my bandcamp page a listen. It is all of a similar nature.

    Here is something else I recently did with a friend of mine know as Redrot/Nuentoter
    • CommentTimeAug 17th 2010
    @iron imp
    Loadsa new stuff just up on the Leaf Records soundcloud, including new murcof stuff. Very different, but fascinating. I particularly like this
    @hypogean Downloading that just now - sounds interesting.

    Kink Slap Simian is pretty nice - very different to what I expected....
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    Povarovo. Not quite ambient, but I think it fits the gist of this. Dark Jazz from Russia, downloadable songs on the site.
    • CommentTimeNov 7th 2010
    It's that time of night where I crave things that are out of print. Hence, Melatonin: Meditations On Sound In Sleep looks very exciting.

    It's on Spotify for those that have it.