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    I'm releasing a compilation album of ambient, glitch, noise, and decaying sounds through Outsider Industries Outsider Industries Space and you can also find samples at I Just Saw You Die in the vein of Coil, Ulver, Belong, Nurse With Wound,
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    I'm not sure if you would call any of these Ambient as such but I thought i'd throw them out there just in case you feel like picking them up and don't already know about them.

    Explosions in the Sky
    Phillip Glass
    Silver Mt. Zion Orchestra and the Tra La La Band

    Sorry I'm not supplying links etc I'm not really in that much of a pro active mood at the moment.
    • CommentAuthortachyon42
    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2010

    From Symphonies of the Planets, recordings done by the voyager space probe.
    Not sure if you would consider this ambient or drone.

    Kind of interesting though seeing that in our lifetime we will never hear these sounds again probably.
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2010
    Jacob Kirkegaard performing Celestial Road on BBC Radio 3 (skip forward to 00:51:00).

    Similar to tachyon42's post, it's natural radio stuff but this time from solar winds and northern lights.
      CommentAuthorCat Vincent
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2010 edited
    • CommentAuthorEvJ
    • CommentTimeNov 16th 2010
    Has Tod Dockstader been mentioned yet? I don't recall his name coming up. He made three excellent albums of radio music for Sub Rosa called Aerial #1, #2 and #3. I can't find anything on youtube etc. other than his old electroacoustic stuff from the sixties, these are from the early 2000s. Here's a Spotify url for those who can use it.

    It's exceptionally beautiful music, and should be high on anyone's ambient lists.
    • CommentAuthordkitsch
    • CommentTimeJan 8th 2011
    Don't know if this counts, but nick caves' Ghost of the Civil Dead
    • CommentTimeJan 8th 2011
    I've been enjoying Morgan Packard lately. Also, Eno's new one is his best release in a long time.
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    The new Athenor En Form for Bla album is impressive.

    Here's some Aethenor

    Aethenor from Faking Gold & Murder
    • CommentTimeMar 25th 2012
    When listening to a long-playing ambient track nowadays, I semi-consciously expect to hear a weary sounding man breaking into the music and intoning, "SPEKTRMODULE ...."