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    100th episode, yay! Fingers crossed for 100 more.
    In other news, I just used one of my classes to shamelessly plug FreakAngels... and my professor told everyone to check it out. This should be interesting...
    • CommentTimeJun 11th 2010
    Yessss!! I was wondering when someone would 'interject' in Lukes rant.
    • CommentTimeJun 11th 2010
    Kait sure knows how to get a guy's attention. Still not buying Luke being anything but a wanker. Someone with his perspective is bound to miss important things.
    • CommentTimeJun 11th 2010
    Luke:We can't die! KK:Let me test that theory a bit further. Chair: Wapow!
    Haha nice. I love page one, I want that as a giant size wall graphic somewhere in my apt. Helluva ballbusting cliffhanger though, it had me staring in disbelief for a second at the lil' 6 on the bottom of the page, willing it to not be the last page.

    I'm doing okay, having the day off (CA furlough friday) is helpful in sleeping off your hangover.
    Got a show tomorrow in Woodland CA, selling all my action figures at a yard sale tomorrow to raise money for tour, so I'm hoping this weekend is fun and profitable.
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    100the episode, woo hoo! I hoist the electronic version of a Red Bull in Warren's honor. What's your celebratory poison of choice, Paul and Ariana? I'll hoist one of those too.

    God damn, Luke's bit of ranty actually reached a valuable Big Question point. If the Freakangels didn't have to fuck over the world for self-protection, what are they obligated to do now? That didn't mean the comic needed to be renamed "Ranty Luke and Those Other Freakangels Tossers." So yes, I enjoyed KK breaking a chair over that dick with a mouth's head. Besides, she owed him a big one for trashing her KK-copter.

    But the biggest bit of comic violence had to be Kait's shot to Jack's bollocks. Here he was with a noble and self-sacrificial monologue, and Kait provided a more eloquent response than talking Jack out of leaving. Besides, kicks to the bollocks will always be funny when set up right, and Warren and Paul did just that.

    The past week amazingly zipped by quickly. Minor election night debauchery, volunteer job orientation, and wrestling with praising a nice historical lesbian romance took up my time.
    • CommentTimeJun 11th 2010
    Luke's big revelation - about their destruction - hadn't hit me until now. Am I just slow?

    But I still don't trust his beautiful rant completely. Luke sees and interprets things the way he wants them to be. (And he's a wanker.) So I wouldn't be so sure just yet...
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    I know Whitechapel is rubbing off on me because my first thought seeing that last panel was: Did she kick him in the ass or kick him in the taint?
    • CommentTimeJun 11th 2010
    Ouch! a good end for the 100... CONGRATS EVERYBODY! & thanks : )
    • CommentAuthordarrylayo
    • CommentTimeJun 11th 2010
    She underballed him in the testicles.
    • CommentTimeJun 11th 2010
    Wonderful 100th episode!

    Thanks to all those involved for making such an awesome comic.
    • CommentTimeJun 11th 2010
    I changed my mind from last week. Can page one from THIS week be the cover for the next volume? It's the 100th episode. It's only natural. Also, I would pay for that print... when I have money again.

    I was sure Kait was going to shoot Jack, having possibly heard what Luke was saying. Also, do you think Sirkka knows Luke is still alive? She's very in-tune with the goings on of the FAs. Any little twinge of power use and she picks up.
    • CommentTimeJun 11th 2010
    So much hitting! I believe I am being taught that violence solves problems.

    Happy 100! That's ten times how many fingers I have. Crazy.
    • CommentTimeJun 11th 2010
    Ok, after this episode, Kait can't possibly say she's just doing her job.... too much pleasure from the balls-whomp.... sicko...
    • CommentAuthormishi2108
    • CommentTimeJun 11th 2010
    Oh man, right in the baby maker!!

    I love this comic so much. The style is 100% win.
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeJun 11th 2010
    Chair shot!
    • CommentTimeJun 11th 2010
    Oh, KK, I love your subtle as a brick approach. Kait's too.

    I'm doing ok. Have a whole day with not much to do. And now I have absolutely no idea what to do with myself.
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    @cheesecrow--This is the FA with the private torture chamber. Of course she enjoyed the balls-whomp, as Jack certainly didn't see it coming.

    BTW, is it only violent or physical death that provides a kickstart for the FA package? The French have a term, "the little death," that refers to orgasm. If Sirkka's orgies provides little kickstarts here and there to the package, then she would become incredibly powerful over time. Yes, the base part of me loves the idea of somebody fucking their way to higher consciousness even though it's not a new idea.
    • CommentAuthorGraizur
    • CommentTimeJun 11th 2010
    He's a man, he can take it. Now if had been Arkady who got hit in the head with a chair or otherwise silenced while she spoke omens from the future the gasps would be heard for miles. And just to top it off a broken hearted guy who wants nothing but peace and commitment get's kicked in the beanbag with a jackboot. SEE that's why I enjoy reading your works of fiction Mr Ellis. The verisimilitude. The realism. The truthiness. The believability.
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    First heartfelt laugh out loud I've had all week.

    Oh, this made my day.
      CommentAuthorAdam Lucas
    • CommentTimeJun 11th 2010
    FUCK KK.

    Fuck that bitch. Seriously.

    Luke is the man.

    And I don't know if I ever laughed harder than at the last panel of this chapter. I wait to scroll down so I don't accidently skip ahead and spoil it for myself. I was like..."What's she gonna do? Shoot him? Handcuff him? Kiss him?!?"

    That might have been the best nut shot i've seen in comics.

    Well done Uncle Warren.