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    Four of my favourites...

    BBC Radio 2 - Russell Brand
    BBC Radio 2 - Jonathan Ross
    Stephen Fry Podgrams
    Andy Collins and Richard Herring

    Rather UK-centric and I think all are on iTunes. Not sure about where you go for them if you aren't an iTunes person.

    The first two are basically Radio shows with the songs cut out, presumably for copyright reasons. Considering the general BBC Radio playlists this is a good thing. They are mostly interviews and chats with guests and other radio show things.

    Stephen Fry's is basically a spoken blog.

    Collins and Herring is an amateur one by a former BBC radio presenter (Collins) and a stand-up comedian (Herring), created on one of their laptops. It's basically a funny review of the news in the newspapers following on from a segment of Collins' former BBC Radio 6 show where Richard Herring would be a guest on one day for a paper review.
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    Hey redben - I have quite a few i follow.

    no music? so talk and stories? and humor...

    well for comics relates stuff i have a vested interest in Indie Spinner Rack [feed], and i quite like Quiet! Panelologists At Work which i just started following. I have a fetish for science, culture and philosaphy stuff and along those lines I'd highly recommend All in the Mind, Ideas: How to think about science, Search Engine, Diffusion, In Conversation, Jay Ingram's Theater of the Mind, Ockham's Razor, On The Media, ehr...that's probably enough of that but there's more if it's wanted.

    For humor i like The Onion, and...uh, all the others i like are video...your just looking for audio right? Also not exaxtly funny ha ha but, Mysterious Universe is entertaining.

    Books a stories - ABOUT books theres Between the lines, Writers and company, I Should Be Writing, Bookworm, and Meet the Author.

    and the story I'm following right now are Children of the Old Stars at
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    Just found out that Morning Stories is ending in August, and it really bummed me out. It has been, and continues to be, the best podcast I've ever listened to. LAME!
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    Pete's Basement

    also subscribable on iTunes+Miro+vimeo+Google Video
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    • CommentTimeMay 2nd 2008
    I'm always looking for more podcasts myself, so pleased to see this thread.
    The four that make me sad when I don't have new episodes waiting are:
    Stephen Fry (as mentioned above)
    BBC Radio 4's In our Time, where Melvyn Bragg gets three top experts round a table and makes them explain something about history or science or literature.
    TWIT's Macbreak Weekly, which is an Apple news podcast, only interesting. I believe there's a Windows version too.
    Helen and Olly's AnswerMeThis, which is a dreadfully contrived reason for a podcast used as an excuse for jokes and swearing.
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    Film Junk has the best movie related podcast going around right now. They have a few video podcasts that they do on occassion that aren't too bad either.
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    @ jrblackwell Those are all great podcasts.
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    This American Life
    KCRW's The Treatment
    Around Comics
    Talking Metal
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    • CommentTimeSep 19th 2008
    I hadn't realised this thread had been bumped so everything from below's Warren's bump is new to me. A big thank you to everyone for giving me plenty of suggestions :)
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    I hate to ask. But what does 'bump' mean?

    Newb Extraordinare -.-
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    Bump: v. To add a post without content to a thread in a message board, in order that the thread rises to the top of the list.
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    Ah! Thank You. What a marvelously enlightening day it's been :)
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    I have talked about this before Talksplosion is my weekly podcast about music and comics.

    Thought Whitechapel would be interested because this week we discuss Black Summer in the comics portion, as well as psych-metalurgists Wildildlife and dupstepers Various Productions
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    Geek Show Pocast

    Pretty much how it sounds - all things "geek" - and these guys are way funny :) I like it and it's Utah local.
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    • CommentTimeOct 18th 2008
    If you're interested in audio drama and a fan of the Buffy TV show, you might want to check out Buffy Between the Lines ( The premise is that they're making episodes that exist between each season of the actual Buffy TV Show.
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    Been listening to Kieron Gillen's very own Decompressed podcast series:

    He has interviewed some amazing people thus far. The latest epic talking session with MATT FRACTION, MARK WAID and JAMIE MCKELVIE on the 'marvel method' is just a great slab of people discussing the subject they know best. In this case, comics. Helping me appreciate the form of the thing more than ever, me being the sort of person that consumes comics primarily for the story character ideas stuff.

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    I'm after some recommendations of some art podcasts. Can be anything. Bios, discussions of schools of art. History of styles. Any period. Fine art or low brow. Don't care as long as they're good. Do your best W-Chapel.
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    The Moth Radio Hour Is here and it is MIGHTY. Normal people and sometimes famous people sharing personal stories in front of a live audience.

    Here is a youtube taste:

    And one of my personal favorites is: Confessions of a Pro-Social Psychopath