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    I am in my hotel, having some wireless issues but nothing that can't be avoided or reasoned with. Just saying hey to my friends here really.
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    I like long panoramic shots that look like a postcard it seems. I have allot like this:


    Lots of random shot of things many people have taken shots of before, but I really like the composition on this one:

    There was a small exhibition on da Vinci near the central square. It was also one of the few places I could take shots inside a gallery.
    Two inches from pages from his notebook. The pure science geek in my just gawked like an idiot.

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    The first shot belongs in the "Outside World Thread".

    The second smaller one - Perseus cutting off Medusa's head? (and is he standing on her body?)

    Da Vinci would totally geek me all the way out. That's really, really cool. :)
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    More photos:

    Shot from a mountain overpass between Forli and Florence.


    Square in Sienna:


    Roman Bridge.

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    I managed to sprain my foot around day 4, very minor and walked on it anyway.

    My friend and guide, of course, used it as an excuse to try and kill me.