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    I would like to take a moment to better understand the comic market on the iPad. I don't have an iPad, you see, so I will need a little bit of help from those of you that do have one or know more about the comics on it. Maybe along the way we'll have a nice little discussion. Thank you.

    So, I have an iPhone but we can all pretty much agree that the comics that were put on there were pretty shitty due to the screen size. Now the iPad is out and, from an outsider looking in, it appears to be almost the perfect size for reading a comic. This got me thinking, and I thought of something so simple that I'm either missing some details or I hope a lot of people are doing it.

    What I'm thinking is, can you create an iPad app of the name of your comic, where the app itself (and the first issue of the comic bundled with it) is free, and then have an "Issues" tab where a new issue will be listed every month for 99 cents or something like that?

    Can that be done or are there limitations that I'm not aware of? Also, if that can be done, then are there a lot of comics being released that way?