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    @mister hex I've never had the impression that Sirkka controls anyone's mind. Instead she opens her heart to people who need love and healing and they respond. They are all there voluntarily.

    I also don't get the impression that all the lady 'angels have a crush on Jack. I think that Sirkka and Jack are a rare situation- two Freakangels who have a romantic relationship with each other. The others all seem to prefer lovers who aren't Freakangels, and I can understand why. Most of us really don't want our partners to be able to know our thoughts ;)

    Nor, btw, is Connor fat. No one is fat in Whitechapel because they are living at subsistence levels. Everyone is FED, but no one is fat.
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    It's nice to have a week's issue where there's some breathing space to soak in everything that's happened. In regards to Sirkka's harem, I always assumed Sirkka was a mental conduit for the people to connect themselves within the group. Can't get closer to complete openness and honesty, I'd suppose...

    What a fucking week. Thought the cold was breaking on Wednesday, then I was running around with a 100.8 degree fever yesterday, sleeping when I could, wondering if all this was actually happening the rest of the time. Sort of normal now, but I feel like I've been tossed out the back of a car. 'Whatever doesn't kill you', maybe?
      CommentAuthormister hex
    • CommentTimeJun 18th 2010
    @reptilegirl - I was just speculating. There's no eveidence that the ladies love Jack (other than Sirkka the Sex-Bomb). Caz and Miki in particular don't seem to have much a relationship with him, nor does KK who, other than Sirkka, is the only Freakangel to even have relations with people. Luke doesn't count, obviously. Fornication ain't Karl's sin, Kirk seems celibate or just too ornery to love, Connor's all emo (and he USED to be fat), Caz and Miki are very professionally oriented, as is the lovely Kait. (She's actually more obsessed than Bruce Wayne and seems to have a fetish for Jack Klugman.)

    And while Sirkka doesn't ACTIVELY control their minds, she's built herself a bit of a cult of personality, no?

    Then again, she's not had much screen time. Neither has Connor. Funny no one's responded to him leaving. I imagine we'll get to that. (See? More speculation.)
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    i'm surprised by the maturity of it all
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    On the subject of mind control, and the roots of the big rule in Freakangels...

    If Sirkka has abilities and, presumably, a higher I.Q. (or some other fr more reliable way of measuring intelligence) far and above that of "normal" people, then - even with the best of intentions in mind - isn't her relations with said bog standard human beings tantamount to abuse? Entering into a relationship of someone with severe learning disabilities is abuse, and in all likelihood the gap between norms and 'angels is probably just as wide.

    You could make an argument from free will, but exercising that will requires mental capabilities, and inevitably, the more gifted one is with intelligence, then the more one can exercise their will and is more able to understand its limits and repercussions. Thoughts, ideas?

    Just throwing the ideas out there. I don't even necessarily agree with the points above, just extensions of logic gone haywire...
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    • CommentTimeJun 18th 2010
    Wow, I like Alice I really do but that was the most unreassuring reassurance I've ever heard. I also wonder about her place in the group given her willingness to go ahead and use her shotgun without any sort of input from the Angels. Granted Luke deserved what he got but is it really a good idea to let Alice mete out bloody shotgun justice at random? Kait may have something to say on the matter.Then again you'd think the Angels would know what they let themselves in for considering she first showed up waving her shotgun around ready to blow them all away.
    • CommentTimeJun 18th 2010
    Heh. Kait wants to turn Jack's boat into her 'houseboat' ... so.

    What to do with Luke and Mark then?
    • CommentAuthorbobsyuncle
    • CommentTimeJun 18th 2010 edited
    In defence of Sirkka: There is no music in Whitechapel, very little alchohol(and badly made), no art, culture or indian takeout. Not only is the world ending and life is terrifying, it's BORING WITH NOTHING TO DO! So, yeah, put me in Sirkka's harem and I'll help build the Vegas piss fountain ,no coersion needed,what else is there to do....
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    Kait's conversation with Jack made me smile with its commonsense pragmatism. But then Kait's always been one of the more surprising FAs. Rather than just a slight nutter with a cop fetish, she displays unexpected individual quirks that make me smile such as her "Quincy M.E." fetish or her chicken-shooting moment. If I didn't know any better, I'd say that Arkady and Kait are two of Ellis' favorite FAs.

    One direction that I hope the story will go in is considering the implications of the FAs not dying. How does one keep a FA from stepping way out of line if capital punishment is no longer an option? I know anti-death penalty advocates have been arguing for years that the death penalty is barbaric, and I agree with that. But such advocates have never overcome my skepticism that they've found a workable alternative outside of permanent imprisonment. Yet in the FA scenario, such an option seems unlikely.

    Personally, the week's had its ups and downs. I'm never awake early enough to catch even a single World Cup game. The latest headache from my health insurance company makes me jealous of all those Whitechapelers who live in countries which have nationalized health care. OTOH, our local LGBT film festival started up yesterday and I'm looking forward to catching some nice movies.
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    Where is Connor? The story seems to go astray of certain characters at times.

    What originally drew me into the series was the great scenes of character diversity. And I like to see more of that diversity.

    Do not get me wrong, I loved this episode. However, there were certain questions that hadn't been answered specifically yet because we jumped to answering an more immediate set of questions.
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    alice says:

    and all's well...honest. ps- ignore the gunfire, it's a sibling thing.

    possibly one of the least comforting things one can announce to a populace...
    • CommentAuthorSpiderjeru
    • CommentTimeJun 18th 2010
    The transcript for Page 5 leads me to believe that panel 2 is missing.
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    Loved the lower case "i hate you kaitlyn". Plus the tears. Nice touch.
    I guess I'm one of the few people that like Sirkka and Jack as a couple. Yeah, she has her harem, but there's a difference between having people around for sex and being in a relationship. I, for one, was sad to see them break up last week.
    I don't know if I see any potential for a romantic connection between Kait and Jack. I think that staticgirl is right when she refers to their relationship as "brother-and-sister".
    Wish we could have seen Conner this week, though. He hasn't shown up for a while.
    • CommentTimeJun 18th 2010
    Kait wants Jack's boat to live more like her hero.

    Sirkka is too mothering for my tastes - but I'm not Jack. But yeah - Luke doesn't understand Sirkka doesn't compel her harem as we readers do.
    • CommentTimeJun 18th 2010
    I am interested by Kait's willingness to forgive murder because it turned out the victim was immortal. This is unintuitive to me.

    @Masterful Eyes: Touching every active subplot of a twelve-principal story every month would, I think, make for some very choppy storytelling, and entirely preclude things like the three-week-long rant we all enjoyed so recently. I have a feeling we'll be hearing about Connor soon, though.
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    Abuse? Nah. Normal people might not have the package, but they're still capable of making informed consensual sexual decisions. Banning any FA/non-FA sexual contact would mean they could only be with each other, and I can already hear half of them reacting to the idea....
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeJun 18th 2010 edited
    Hi Ariana, hope you're doing great! I do envy your tolerance of red bull. I can't seem to reach that Ellis level of tolerance just yet.
    Still waking up. Yesterday I went to some restaurant/bar after work to meet up w/ my sis an her friends. Took forever for them to bring me a goddamn beer. Then I just said "I have to pee" and then walked out, haha. It was starting to get loud and obnoxious from all the people watching the game. So i walked off the beer and explored the PetSmart. I saw a HUGE fuggin' cat in one of the display thingies. Wow. Then I went into BestBuy and bought a wrestling video game, hahahahhaha. Sorry, it's the only kind of game I can enjoy b/c I can punish other humans in it as much as I want. I've been working my way through all of these Smackdown games from 2006 up to 2009 which I bought last night. '09 is by far the most stale.

    I am a thrill-a-minute scream fest in real life!!

    PS: Mexico game + Lakers game in one day? L.A. became a goddamn powder keg, I knew something bad was brewing. I just don't understand how people can revert their genes back to cave people's and tear the streets up over what really is a game(s) for kids during recess. Rugby is for hard men. It cost Space Daddy his knee. But he still goes out there to infect the world with his disease harder than ever ^__^
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    @Spiderjeru: Regarding page 5, my take is that, while Warren may have prescribed detailing Alice's abseiling ascent in three panels, Paul chose to meld panels one and two vertically, leaving the distinction between them to be defined solely by the reader's scrolling motion (A choice I personally find brilliant, IMHO). The resulting effect comes very close to animation, actually. (In a Dragonball Z sense, maybe... but still, WHOAAH, innit?)

    Of course, I'm probably completely offbase on this, and there's a panel lying under the drawing table, autographed with Paul's shoe print. ;oD
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    Regarding page 5, my take is that, while Warren may have prescribed detailing Alice's abseiling ascent in three panels, Paul chose to meld panels one and two vertically

      CommentAuthorAdam Lucas
    • CommentTimeJun 18th 2010
    I agree about this chapter feeling like the end of a volume. Nice ending. Though I still wish Mark's grip on Alice was back.

    I'll be working on my own little sci-fi comic all weekend and missing parties. As usual. Luckily, I loves the comics. And looks like I might be preparing for a west coast move. Nickelodeon has expressed some interest and I might try out storyboarding. Thing is... it's not comics. So I'm torn. As usual.

    Rip Torn.