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    Saturday Night Open Mic: Klaatu barada nikto, you little bastards. Klaatu barada nikto.

    Saturday Night Open Mic is for saying hello, talking about your week, scheming for the future, and enumerating the many and vile ways in which you love me.

    This is NOT just for the regular posters. This is for EVERYBODY. Even if you just say hello.

    Tell me what's going on. Confess your sins. Get something off your chest. Tell me a plan. Tell me what's in your head. I want to know. On Saturday nights I am your ear and your confessor and your audience.

    I am also drinking and locked in a small room with you.

    Tell me something filthy, strange and wonderful. Tell me of new things, or old secrets. Thrill me, chill me, fulfil me, creatures of the night.

    Remember, pictures are good, for I am senile and don't always remember all umptythousand of you.

    Speak to me now.
    • CommentAuthorHenchbot
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2010
    excellent, this is back. EXCITED about you drinking in a small, locked room, the two of us? more like frightened.
    Sickly enough though: grateful.
    Back to confess later tonight, in the meantime thanks for making this happen tonight.
    • CommentAuthorkperkins
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2010
    Fuck me it's hot in Maine today!
    Been working on comics this week. Lettering one, penciling and starting inking another, and (sort of) laying out another. The last one is a bitch, a 4 page short, with a six panel grid that's slightly wordy. So I took today off from that, and went yard sale-ing this morning with the wife (it's a sport here in Maine), and listening to TV, and reading Dark Knight Returns this afternoon. That 16 panel structure had to be a pain to work out, but gives the book a great claustrophobic feel. Supper in a while, and more of the same later.
    No pictures, right now.
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    Just got back from Greece. It was fucking hot. At its peak, it was 40 degrees. Despite the heat completely destroying my ability to sleep properly, a great time was had. My girlfriend and I had a private pool, which was great (and it goes without saying that this whole thing is the best birthday present anyone has ever bought me). I'm now currently somewhat grateful for the cool weather and am about to murder my brain with Jack Daniels, although a barman in Greece gave me a free shot of home-made Schnapps that pickled my liver good and proper and am now currently craving that instead.

    I've missed you, Whitechapel.
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    That's me from a few weeks back.

    Good evening! What's going on -- what's going on is that my family is on vacation and I have the house to myself for five days. This is a glorious thing, though I miss them already. I've watched a lot of anime, run errands, and spent time with my friends, all without a schedule. And, of course, I'm at work, too.

    I've been back in touch with some friends from high school, this year. Due to the death of one of them earlier. I went back to the memorial, and ... And the people I have issues with, they're no longer there. Replaced by these adults, with kids and jobs and responsibilities. The law-breaking, intense, vaguely self-destructive comrades of my misspent youth have vanished. Whatever I want to say to them can only be said in the fiction I write. Those conversations I was too young and self-absorbed to have twenty years ago, those are only going to happen on the pages of the comics I create.

    The writing is going pretty well. I'm shopping one short story around, and working on another. Eying the proposed novel notes. I have five short comics self-published, with four more coming out this year. Money, money is the issue. Paying artists is important to me, and it's just a crapton of money. But paying them and publishing the stuff myself, well, the comics get made that way. Maybe no-one will ever read them. But ... But I've hit that point where I, I can't *not* write. See above, about the past being gone -- I need to have these conversations, I need to say these things, and there's no-one to say them to anymore. So fiction it is.

    My comics are available for sale at my website, Warren, I'd waive the shipping costs to England if you ordered them. :)

    In other news, homeschooling my kids is still going well. They are going to be supervillains when they grow up, I just know it. Work, air traffic control, is still going well. It's summer, so the massive thunderstorms in the US make my job harder. But it's a good kind of challenge? It's good to actually work hard, to figure out where all the planes are going to go, to respond to the crisis of the moment. It's a rush, a high, to do it all well.

    I'm still off caffeine, mostly. A decaf or a chai a week, basically. It's been a year that I've been mostly free of the junk, and I miss it, oh my god, I miss it painfully. I miss caffeine every single day. I have the soul of a junkie.

    I hope you are well, Whitechapel. I'll check back in later -- right now I have to go talk to airplanes.
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2010
    It is a beautiful sunny day here in Los Angeles.
    I'm writing and working on the computer before I go out.
    Thinking about bike riding and tacos. Maybe a burrito.
    Our back yard neighbors is Forest Lawn.
    I can hear a funeral going on.
      CommentAuthorrev'd '76
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2010
    More'n a touch in love. Recovering from a day at the oncologist's, waiting for the docs to stop prodding my lady, watching turtles sunbathe. Scripting & sketching for a square, vertically-oriented G/N on (of all fucking things) a vampire. Survey sez make the monsters occult again, already. Looking toward getting a larger apartment, a little more financial stability; may invest in the bar & take on the managing of my apartment complex. Afraid I might be growing up. Glad I have Destiny to keep me honest.

    To Mawstah Ellis, I confess: some Saturday nights it's hard not to imagine you done up as Little Nell, rouged, creaking & rasping "touch-a touch-a touch me" while your scaly tophat fumes like an atomic stack. Paging Chip Zdarsky...
    • CommentAuthordossa1uk
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2010
    Man alive - I usually miss these for one reason or another.

    Well, the week has been the same as most weeks, only bookended by the usual hope/failure nonsense when following the English football team. (Hoots of derison aimed for the naivete, I'm sure...)

    Am finding work hard to shape at the moment - without wanting to bore, my job is currently opening as many record shops as I possibly can in the shortest amount of time. This is not easy, and the satisfaction of a job well done soon fades when I realise that the clock is ticking on the next one. However, this is more of an itch I can't scratch - I have been selling records for the best part of twenty years, and I am heartened that there is still a definite appetite for it out there.

    On the plus side - I have just hoovered up the complete Scott Pilgrim, and King City is next on the reading pile (bought after I saw a couple of preview pages on this esteemed site). Am also starting to seriously think about my upcoming wedding next year, and ways to make it interesting and fun for everyone. So far, I have a list with "20 bottles of whisky for behind the bar" written on it.

    It's a start.
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    stab and stab and stab and stab. Hello Whitechapel.

    It's bloody cold. Am wearing a scarf for god's sake. I am a monstrously irritable man. Afflicted with the negative Midas touch at the moment, feels like. Stuff seems to go wrong, or break, or otherwise screw up. Go around in ever diminishing circles. There's a screwdriver on my desk that I'm sure I put away an hour ago. Parents are coming tomorrow, having to stop partner from picking fights with them. Have to stop picking fights with partner or allowing her to pick fights with me. Colleague at work's ill and been off for two weeks. I can't cover properly for him, so that's going to hell in a handcart as well.

    Feels like the only good thing right now is the garden. Garden's going reasonably well. Got to start somewhere... have managed to grow my own lunch for the last two weeks, hoping the production is going to really ramp up shortly. Fuckyeahgarden.

    Oh, and god decided to make a mess of my fucking eye, seemingly at random. The bastard.

    death eye
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    Hello, illustrious leader. Hello, fellow Whitechapel members.

    It has been a week of Hell. My new job is great but I'm a sole employee within 1000 miles, so when the body temp reached 100.8 on Thursday there was still a job to do. Knew it was going to happen, just didn't expect it so early on! Just now getting the appetite back, sense of smell still isn't there yet, but I'm feeling a hell of a lot better now. Oh, I also got my first paycheck! Nice to be able to pay bills, buy superfluous things, etc.


    I love yardsales and thrift stores! Didja find anything good?


    In regards to the Caffeine? I feel you pain, brother, oh do I feel it. No one should be denied the sweet, sweet elixir that is Caffeine.

    And here's me of course, for your viewing pleasure or perhaps just a warning to others...

    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2010 edited
    Grateful for the return of this feature. I get so lonely, here, working on Saturday nights, and I feel better somehow knowing that you're all out there, doing other things, filling other spaces, living in other cities, and making your Londons into real places and not just my dreams.

    Too much? I thought so.


    My week has been a slippery thing, filled with script pages for a non-disclosure work-for-hire project that the public will probably never see. But I need the money, so I type out the scenes and hope to one day work again. You know how it is.

    We are also overwhelmed here as we flail in our attempts to sell our house, as we're moving to Chicago next month. Back to Chicago. I dig that place to no small measure, but I am living in a neighborhood that might as well be foreign to me and am having a hard visualizing what my life will be like there, this time. Hopefully it will be filled with good work.

    Between me and settling down in Chicago, though, are three long trips throughout the Midwest and the American South. It's going to be hot. It's going to be geeky. It's going to be full of shop talk and struggles to get cheap drunk by offering US$2 to suck whatever liquor's in the bar sponge, I imagine. Too hot for dignity, this time of year. Too cheap for it, this profession.

    But, you know what? I have ten fingers and ten toes, and it's a coin-toss right now whether or not I'm developing an exotic blood disorder, so all is relatively good. I just hope I have a delicate enough touch that I cut myself free of this city without clipping those strings that tie me to my friends here. In this future, do we care how many miles separate us? Can we pluck the limitless strings that run between us, across mountains and rivers, without snapping them? Can we stay friends, though we only look each other in the eye through glass and pixels? There are people here who saved my life. So let's find out.

    Back to work.

    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2010 edited
    I'm sitting here with goo on my head waiting for my timer to go off so I can wash it out. Hopefully I'll be back to my regular state of head fire. I had an experiment go bad a couple weeks back that landed me with some color I can't really describe. Mouse, with a hint of bag lady, I think.

    This is what I should look like when I'm done.


    I went car shopping yesterday. I knew, when I arrived at the first lot, that I was in for an adventure when I was greeted by a midget. And then the midget tried to sell me a minivan. I had to leave before I choked on irony and my own laughter. I know I'm going to hell, if such a thing exists.

    Other than that, I'm trying to find out what's wrong with me. Physically, that is. I hate doctors and avoid them like the plague, but there's a good chance I have MS, diabetes or both. They run in my family and I've been exhibiting some of the typical symptoms. I've got an appointment next week to start figuring all this out, because sticking my head in the sand and hoping it'll just go away on its own isn't doing the trick anymore.
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2010
    Hello all. First post here.

    SigridEllis' post reminds me of my exciting plans for next weekend. My wife is out of town, and I am having a Blade Runner marathon. I've only ever seen the theatrical version. So I bought the complete collection a few weeks back.

    The plan:

    Re-ead Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep on Friday. Watch the theatrical version, director's cut and final cut on Saturday before work at 5 p.m. Try to control movie-induced delusions at work and not kill replicant co-workers. Watch international version and workprint on Sunday. Return to work again.

    This would be a much better plan if I didn't work nights and weekends. Then I could do the whole damn thing on Saturday while drinking.


    Oh god that photo is huge. Sorry. I have no access to any other pictures right now.
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    It's been a while.

    Last night I was very creative and alive and did a bunch of drawings today I'm alone and trying to make the crash not that bad. And still attempting to be creative. There's a house I'm considering buying. It's a fixer-upper and as a result actually doable in terms of upfront cost and payments. Not sure about the fixing part. It's been a bit up and down - yes no yes no yes no. I want to have my own space and around here renting is more than the payments. But am I ready for something like this? But then I could have my own studio space that's in town and close to models! But then it's longer to drive to work. Etc etc etc. I haven't really told any of my friends and wish I could get proper advice from someone not my parents.

    Also going to sell my hair soon. I think I might just end up with a buzz cut. I'm trying to think of something exciting to say but I'm afraid I'm all domestic right now.

    A photo with long hair:
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2010
    Yes, that's an x-acto knife

    It's still midafternoon here. That said, I'm trying to work my ass off on the new hide of leather I just got in- I'm far too behind on getting new mask stock made, not to mention other bits.

    My weeks lately have been full of tons of obnoxious stress- bad enough that I've just been zoning off when I get in front of the computer, rather than actually working towards writing or creating anything new. This is not good, and, well, I need to get past that shit rather quickly at this rate. My sin? My most hated ones- laziness and apathy. My plan- get started on doing shit. Not much of a plan, but at least it's something.

    My filthy strange and wonderful thing, I cannot share, for it's not just my secret. My thrill? The new piece I'm working on, a skeletal steampunkified Hand of Glory is damned near done. same with a special edition case for some of those card decks I've been working with.

    I just need it to get quiet here, so I can listen to what's in my head. And then I need it to get loud, so I can put it all together.

    What's in my head? A million and one stresses, worries about the family, dealings with all the new and complex relationships springing up around here, and more and more, the need to get creating again. It's summertime, even if the weather isn't playing along in full yet- this is when I put most of my new stuff together, and I'm itching too badly at things at this point.
    • CommentAuthorZeebo
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2010
    I just drove across half of the shittiest states to go from San Francisco to Houston, which is kind of like when that big beardy prick told that innocent couple they couldn't play in his garden any more.

    Things overheard during the trip included:
    "Well, if you want to drink, there's only one place that serves beer."
    "Oh, just go to the stoplight on main street and take a left."
    "I don't know why the Messicans are upset. If they aren't illegal it doesn't affect them." (From a particularly aromatic NASCAR fan.)
    "Well, there's an old Holiday Inn just up the road. It's been around a long time, but they renovated it in '82."
    "I'm going to LA. Don't know what I'm going to do, but it's got to be better than Oklahoma."
    "Yep, I bet you could hide anything you wanted in them woods no one'd find it."

    Today I figured out that living next to an elevated rail for 3 years constantly bombards your car with rust powder. Apparently, they have to call it "fallout" instead of "rail dust" because no one's ever proven it comes from train tracks. These are not the sort of challenges you give to scientists who have just spent 4 hours polishing metal shards out of clear-coat.
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    Hello all.

    My first, and surely not to be my last Saturday Night Ramble.

    Firstly. Yet my musicology work bores me. Musicology is something that A) I know and understand as entirely useless to society and B) bores me with its restrictions on work/word limits etc. Keep thinking of ideas for new compositions instead, even though I thought I'd knock it on the head 2 years ago. However, the discovery of ease of electronic music, and an interest in new structures I hear everywhere makes me wanna go play in the world of sound once more. Plus, as awesome as Stravinsky is to study; A) the Rite of Spring will NEVER be properly explained and B) there is only so many times one can listen to these pieces without thinking "ah but this would be BETTER if..."

    On the other hand, the "experimental relationship" I embarked on seems to be going well. Met my partner 8 and a half years ago at 14, she met her other partner after 4 years ago, told me about 3 years ago, and after much kerfuffle we have it out in the open. We talk about it, have made commitments about it, and after long thinking times, I would never have had it any other way.

    Further; started reading stuff that's not comics or work for the first time in must be six months... weird but true.

    And also found out that the good folks at Whitechapel are friendly, welcoming people that I plan to have many fruitful discussions with in the future. Viva Whitechapel!

    Tried to post a pic, but have no idea since its not online...
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    I am getting ready to get dressed and head to our kickoff party for our cast and crew for the tv show I am working on. Hopefully there will be free booze there. If not, some people form L.A. might get dragged to the Moonwalk and tossed in the river.

    I love living in NOLA, but I won't lie and say the oil spill doesn't scare the shitout of me for what it could mean for the future.

    I am excited to see the season finale of Treme tomorrow and completely jealous of everyone who got to work on Treme. My show is not nearly that cool or important.

    Pic maybe later. I haven't had one taken in awhile.

    We really need to do a NOLA Warren Ellis meetup.
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    @Val I miiiisssssss the caffeine, Ido. But ... I am a happier person, with more money in my pocket, without a monstrous habit. So. :sigh:
    • CommentAuthorArgos
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2010 edited
    My summer adventure has started!!

    I am currently in Reno, cat-sitting for a guy who has well over 200 bottles of liquor, 258 or so bottles of wine, and lots of beer. Come Monday I start working on construction for the beast of a tower that will be our centerpiece for our camp at Burning Man. It's a 54' tower that will look like a skyline, with an observation deck at 24' up, and a bar & lounge on the ground floor.

    Before coming to Reno my buddy and I spent a few days in his home town in northern California, which was BEAUTIFUL and full of mountains and pine trees and rivers and houses and not one apartment. The house was loaded with his two young cats, his mother's 1.5 month old kittens, a 1 year old dog, and on the day his sister came to visit a 2 month old puppy. It was cute overload.

    I also passed the last quarter of the school year with fairly average grades, which was great news for me because I wasn't putting much effort into it, as a result of my drive having been killed from a bout of depression earlier in the year, and what focus I had left going to Burning Man. This mean I discovered that my crap is still average for the rest of the population. Hoorah!

    And I've been hooping again! I'd hadn't been doing it regularly for a while, but I got some good flight time in yesterday and today, and will get a bit more in after this, as well as some flight time with poi.

    I believe that's all for now.

    Edit: I forgot to mention, that I now also have a playa name (my name while I'll be at Burning Man). It is, in all its glory, Bombadil. My friend was rereading Lord of the Rings, and when he got the the description of Tom Bombadil and the long blue feather stuck in the band of his hat, looked over at the table and saw my hat lying there, also with a long blue feather stuck in the band. Pure coincidence. So I am now the burner Bombadil.