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    Tell me what's going on. Confess your sins. Get something off your chest. Tell me a plan. Tell me what's in your head. I want to know. On Saturday nights I am your ear and your confessor and your audience.

    I'm officially on break from teaching high school for the summer. I usually feel quite guilty about this, then I remember that I teach ninth graders for a living and then I quit feeling guilty about it. I'm still taking a class over the summer and am trying to get my classwork done while keeping my daughter entertained. She has a day camp next week so I'll be able to get some research done while she's gone during the days. Although, she's very well behaved, so I usually don't have too much trouble getting some work done during the day.

    We took a family trip to a water park this past week and I managed not to get sun burned, which is quite the feat given that I tend to be so pale that I glow. Perhaps I'll see if I can actually get a tan this summer. I can always study outside.

    I am also drinking and locked in a small room with you.
    That could make for some interesting conversation, I'm sure.

    Tell me something filthy, strange and wonderful. Tell me of new things, or old secrets. Thrill me, chill me, fulfil me, creatures of the night.
    I don't have anything filthy, strange, or wonderful at the moment . . . old secrets-I'm terrified of the dark . . . still am . . . especially in basements . . . something must have traumatized me as a child.

    Remember, pictures are good, for I am senile and don't always remember all umptythousand of you.
    Day 170-Walkin' around JMU
    My husband and I out for a walk at James Madison University last evening . . .

    Sorry, my life is pretty boring at the moment, but I'm going to take that as a good thing.