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    • CommentAuthorstvn.wlsn
    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2010
    I bought Hunting My Dress off the back of her performances on Radcliffe & Maconie and Marc Riley on BBC radio. Pretty awesome.
    • CommentTimeJul 18th 2010
    Mainliner - Psychedelic polyhedron

    Mahavishnu Orchestra - The Lost Trident Sessions
    • CommentTimeJul 19th 2010
    Nadja - Autopergamene
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeJul 19th 2010
    i rather like the latest Nadja. Starts off very quiet, then louder, then VERY loud....
    • CommentTimeJul 19th 2010
    Yeah, it progresses very well.
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeJul 19th 2010
    What was on my MP3 Player today....

    RxRy - aeiou_Y
    Dné - Eating a Wrapper Instead of Candy
    Mickey Mickey Rourke - Festive Bummer
    Mount Kimbie - Crooks and Lovers
    Nóra - Er einhver að hlusta
    Tame Impala - InnerSpeaker
    Zombi - Spirit Animal
    Severed Crotch - The Nature of Entropy
    MAster Muscians of Bukkake - totem Two
    • CommentTimeJul 19th 2010
    Master Musicians of Bukkake are great. Love them. The Visible signs of an Invisible Order is awesome. Spirit animal is a personal favourite too.
    • CommentTimeJul 21st 2010
    In This Moment - A Star Crossed Wasteland
    Digital Summer - Counting The Hours
    Assjack - Assjack
    Cavelera Conspiracy - Inflikted
    Kid Koala - Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
    Enduser - Form Without Function
    311 - Uplifter
    Deftones - Diamond Eyes
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    Godspeed you! Black Emperor - Yanqui UXO

    Why the hell did I ever stop listening to this album? Never mind. The break has left me with a new-found appreciation for it.
  2.  (8442.130)
    I shall be seeing Godspeed play in December, absolutely can't wait for it!
  3.  (8442.131)
    I may try and arrange a place to crash in London if there are still tickets. I've been utterly daft to put it off for this long seeing as it may be (probably won't be, but you never know with Godspeed...) their last ever tour.
    • CommentTimeJul 23rd 2010
     (8442.132) Heaven Shall Burn.