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    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2010 edited
    Half-Assed Commitment - webstrip about whatever comics came out that week, with occasional miscellaneosity. Updates Tuesdays and Thursdays. Recently relocated to, easily the greatest domain name for anything ever.

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    HEY APATHY! alternative comics

    HEY APATHY! Is an ongoing artistic investigation into the metropolis, monsters, people and the mechanics of being. In order to best understand the phenomena in question I spent over 5 years drawing pictures and talking to strangers as a full time street artist. The entire comic story follows my true life experiences while working as a public performer with parabolic misinterpretations of life in the big city!

    HEY APATHY! monster comics

    MONSTER COMICS is the latest chapter of the extended narration following my adventures as a freelance illustrator for a guy named Weird Blackbeard. Blackbeard hired me to do a series of portraits involving some unusual characters he’d met. The assignment nearly cost me limbs, life and possession but in the end it was worth it because of all the cool drawings…

    alternative comics

    The entire project reads like a subliminal narrative quest to identify the true nature of urban atrocities. The comics incorporate street art, illustrated stories, video performances and some animations. WELCOME TO THE CITY OF GEARS!!!
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    I started a new black comedy today.

    Reaping Profit

    Reaping Profit
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    Hey, over at Zuda we're reaching EARTHBUILDERS' season finale... it's a great time to check out the story if you aren't already, there's a lot of surprises and suspense in these last screens, be sure to drop by and say hello!

    • CommentAuthorcm_pineda
    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2010
    This webcomic, Heydronya Chronicles, is written and drawn by Candice Mclean and Cassandra Pineda. It features wizards, evil, love, and talking hawks.

    Talking hawks!
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    Cube Space

    Cube Space

    Written by: Henry Barjas

    Art by: Dave Gacey

    Thanks Mr. Ellis forgiving me the opportunity to post my webcomic.

    It's about working at a call center. Poor man's Dilbert. Enjoy.
    • CommentAuthoryjsoon
    • CommentTimeJun 23rd 2010 edited

    I have a comic called stupidchicken. It's about a chicken who yells at things and enjoys eating chicken, and some of the strange people who hang out with him. There are clones and robots, to please the clone and robot crowd. It's been described on its Facebook page both as "hilarious" and "this is the least funny thing I've ever read". (For some reason, a large proportion of the comic's Facebook fans are teenagers from the UK.)

    I haven't updated it for a couple of months, but I'm working on a major update and a colour version sometime in August (the five-year anniversary of the comic).

    Here are a couple of, er, potentially representative comics (click for link):


    Thanks for the time!
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    I write a weekly updated webcomic with artist Andrew Sides called BORDER CROSSINGS. There are currently over 50 pages of story online. We begin our third issue next week!

    BORDER CROSSINGS is a dark marine fantasy where a salvage submarine’s strange crew must redefine freedom for their drowned world. Here are two page examples:

    Border Crossings Page Example 2.1
    Border Crossings Page Example 2.2

    If you prefer comparisons it’s Firefly, Labyrinth and Perdido Street Station in a nautical steampunk mash-up. The story is also an allegory for the modern era of globalization.

    Venetia Toco falls through a portal to another world in a surfing accident. The place she ends up in is mostly oceanic, with only one remaining island. Strong economic disparity exists between the intelligent marine races and the remaining “air-breathers.” These different ethnicities have one thing in common: they all fetishize artifacts from Earth. Why? Because anything from Earth (bullets, chunks of wood, even human beings) can invoke special powers from ancient symbols called graphemes. Before the undead border patrol can capture her, a cuttlefish-shaped salvage submarine named The Rhizome retrieves Venetia. She joins the ship’s crew of odd displaced beings, led by the provocative radical Captain M.P. Skulker.

    Please visit BORDER CROSSINGS at
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    Tumour Cream

    Here's the newest comic up at Hadron Colliderscope! Enjoy!
    • CommentTimeJun 23rd 2010
    Just finished up the third chapter in Ana Chronistic. Check it out at

    Slave of Duty
    • CommentAuthorKirb
    • CommentTimeJun 23rd 2010
    I write and draw a modern fantasy webcomic Just Another Escape in my spare time. Don't usually like to advertise my comic, but a friend insists that I do. Here's a few panels from the comic, optimized so they don't take long to load.


    Give it a read if you'd like.
    • CommentAuthorKuzimu
    • CommentTimeJun 24th 2010
    Kuzimu is a thought experiment of sorts.
    It's in standard comic format (26 pages per issue including covers, 28 in print etc.)

    Available digitally via my site and digital comic reader/community site, commercial print deal in the works.
    I''ve posted here about Kuzimu before, but i've just completed issue #4, 'Syoma part 2'. Here are a couple of images, one of the cover and one of Jose Zempa, a sleuth who smokes way too much:

    Kuzimu Syoma part 2 cover

    Kuzimu Syoma part 2 page 4

    Kuzimu Syoma 2 alt cover

    Hopefully more news soon, til then happy trails.

    Brett x.
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    I'm currently involved with the creation of two webcomics some of you might enjoy checking out...

    The first is FARSEEKER, written by me, illustrated by Leonard O'Grady and hosted by those fine folks at ACT-I-VATE.

    Here's a few samples of what you can expect:

    FARSEEKER -- Page 1

    FARSEEKER - Page 4

    FARSEEKER updates every Friday.

    We also continue to run our horror anthology NIGHTMARE WORLD online (and now in print through a series of TPBs) through Image Comics/Shadowline.

    He's a small sample of some of the stuff we do there:


    The Guns of Love Disastrous

    NIGHTMARE WORLD runs daily every Monday through Thursday.

    If you're into epic-scope fantasy or cerebral horror you'd do well to check one (or both) of these respective comics out...

    Dirk Manning
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    Bug-Out: An Electric Miscellany. A city built on an underground skeleton, a police force with beetles for heads, and only 14 pages done so far with barely a surface scratched. It says much that all I can do for the thing now is hope that I get possessed by the ghost of an artist with more talent.

    Or, hope you like it. We'll see. One day it'll be brilliant. One day.

    I am very tired.

    • CommentTimeJun 25th 2010
    Monster Zero Web Comic Violence, vulgarity and camp. Our story follows Valkin Moore, a failed experiment in monster hybridization with a knack for violence and colorful language. These are his adventures amongst the chaos and treachery of a future broken world. Oh, and his sidekick is the ghost of a dead prostitute named Maggie May.

    Updates every Tuesday and Thursday.

    Monster Zero - Chapter 6 - Page 6
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    Aquarium Drinking is the serialised online graphic novel that tells the story of a group of friends and how they came to question everything that they thought they knew about life and love during the Summer of 2009.

    Like life it is humorous at times and depressing at others, sometimes it's humorous then quickly becomes depressing and vice versa, still other times it is a little of both at once, the one thing it always is all the time is on time. (I've never missed a post yet).

    I am primarily a writer whose first attempt at drawing is page one of Aquarium Drinking so the art starts off a little rough and is improving with every page. (Although sometimes I drink while I ink and my abilities regress to the level of a myopic third grader.)

    When all is said and done the story will approx 150- 175 pages long, so far I have up to page 35 posted.

    Here's a page:
    Page 29

    And here is an unlettered panel from a yet to be released page, that's right, it's an exclusive!

    Piper and Luke @ club DYQ

    Let me know if you like it, I don't do it for money, I do it for the unqualified praise of complete strangers. If you don't like it, don't say anything, I'm ready to fall to pieces at the drop of a hat as it is.

    And one more link in case you missed them: Aquarium Drinking

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    @ Dirk Manning- I really like the design work on your comic there.
    • CommentAuthorAbsurdHero
    • CommentTimeJun 26th 2010
    Next week is the release of Twilight: Eclipse, so why not whet your crappetite with some comics featuring Pretend Vampire Extraordinaire L'estat Tepes?

    More at Treading Ground. (NSFW)
    • CommentAuthorNobody
    • CommentTimeJun 27th 2010 edited
    Some strip in bad english when I have some idea:

    Image hosted by

    It's just a preview (it's long strips).

    More here or by clicking on picture

    Thanks for all discoveries guys, there have good stuffs (:
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    Hi, some fantastic sites above. Loving checking them out.

    Time to throw mine into the pot: Cuckoos Wear Black.

    another page

    And the blurb:
    Richard and Julie’s Story is the first part of the Cuckoos Wear Black collection. A young and ordinary couple living in Stokingham, England. Richard’s mother recently passed away and he and Julie now have the distressing task of sorting out her belongings. As they begin the task, Richard is about to find out that his life is not as straightforward and mundane as he might have thought.