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    Hi there

    I make one-page one-offs and post them up over at my blog, Distant Geese


    • CommentAuthorjoebleak
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2010
    The Bleak House by Joe Bleak Ep.1

      CommentAuthorEthan Ede
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2010
    Hi. My Buddy and I make Webcomics.

    This is Light Years Away. Long form, story-based, science fiction


    Check us out.
    • CommentAuthorjohndango
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2010


    There and In Between updates whenever I possibly can but averages about twice a week usually.
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    Hello and thanks for this chance, Warren!

    This here is my new comic:

    doomies- waiting out doomsday


    Doomies is a comic about the four horsemen of Apocalypse, except they're just waiting around doing nothing until the Big Day comes. It's like Waiting for Godot! Or not.

    Still doing CRFH too but since this one is new I wanted to plug it :)
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    Hi all, and thanks for the opportunity to plug my comic.

    I write and illustrate Riven Sol, which combines science fiction and Lovecraftian horror. The heroine is an insanity-inducing horror from beyond, able to change her form at will. The hero is suffering the aftereffects of being held captive by crazy cultists.

    Riven Sol
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    What if a guy dies, comes back as a zombie and tries to have a normal life like he had before his death. that's my webcomic!



    PS: I'm sorry, but it's in potuguese.
    • CommentAuthoradammurphy
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2010 edited
    Hello Everyone!

    I do a daily diary comic running the gamut from spiritual revelation to bodily functions and back again. Updated every day.

    heartsongs comic brain drain comic
    • CommentAuthorjohndango
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2010 edited

    I've been working on "A Rusty Life" for 7 and a half years and have over 1000 comics posted online. It's a slice of life webcomic.

    I recommend new readers start here and going forward:
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    Thanks again Warren for this occasional outlet!

    I'm Randall Drew, and I recently graduated from the Center for Cartoon Studies. My Thesis project was an adventure comic called Citadel, and is now going to continue on as a web comic over at my website, RKdia Comics.

    Chapter one is done and for sale at my site's store in B&W with full color cover, and the pages are going up in full color on my site. The next chapter will be done in time for SPX this September.

    Please stop by and check it out! I update pages on Tues and Thurs with other daily content/blogs!

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    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2010 edited
    the fall
    Hi Warren,

    Many thanks for letting us post to your site. We're about 2 months out of the gate and our book is a cross between Blade Runner and An Inconvenient Truth. It's called Blueshift

    Done by Blake Hutchins John VanFleet and Myself.

    We have a bunch of fake ads on our site with a corresponding travel website from the future. Since our story setting is about catastrophic runaway climate change the travel site sells your tips to ravaged places but puts a humorous spin on it. One is to Comic-Con in 2060--the decade of our story.
    • CommentAuthorempty_w
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2010

    I produce a webcomic called and sometimes why?

    It's a 10 yr old with a complex.

    Author and Artisit:
    Marcus Williams
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2010
    Hello. I write Major Mediocrity which still has that new webcomic smell, so it hasn't really developed yet. But, as I see it, when Warren Ellis gives you an opportunity to sell yourself, you crank the grinder and send the monkey out with a coin cup.

    Major Mediocrity Page 2

    Thank you for looking, and a big thanks to Mr. Ellis for the opportunity.

    Glen AKA The Digresser
    • CommentAuthormadstan
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2010
    Hi, Stephen Nocentelli here, creator of Real-Super. As most of you might not know, Real-Super turned one year old a few weeks ago and there has never been a better time to start reading.

    Real-Super is a comedy featuring super heroes as they go about their every day lives. Thunderbolt works for the Titan Up Corporation, which hires and manages super people and deploys them around the city as needed, for an hourly wage. Along with his roommate, The Hooded Man, and best friends, Fireman and The Pantaloon, Thunderbolt works to save the day from the dark lord Rob, but would rather stay home and goof off.

    house of straws

    Updated on Mondays and Fridays, Real-Super is a comic comprised of both single gag strips and short story arcs.
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2010 edited
    The Cattle Raid of Cooley, my ongoing weekly adaptation of the Irish Iron Age epic Táin Bó Cuailnge, continues. Chapter 4 (of a probable nine or ten) started last Wednesday.

    The Cattle Raid of Cooley page 83
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    CARNIVORE CARNIVAL is a series of short comics created by me. The only connecting theme is that they're all in color (and I try to keep the level of blood and sexual innuendo low enough for a Teen+ rating, so no swearing either!).

    There's no genre limit, it could be sci-fi or fantasy or horror or even a real life story. Some are funny, some are not.

    Carnivore Carnival updates twice a week, every Monday and Thursday!

    the widower preview
    conception and definition

    Right now there are these stories available:

    Planet Adam
    Conception and Definition
    Until Death Do Us Part
    The Town at the End of the World
    Making History
    The Herb

    Currently running: The Widower.

    Two more stories are already finished and waiting for their turn.

    Also, in the upcoming months, the first 50 pages will be collected in print as Coilstar Illustrated #1 and made available through Indyplanet (but that's still ways off since I need to have them proofread again and fix up some mistakes here and there).
    • CommentAuthormutinytrev
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2010
    My comic is a Sci Fi Fantasy Adventure about an elite group of solders. It just started last week, but it can be found here:

    NOTE: This is my first serious attempt at a comic! Expect lots of improvements as the story continues!
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    My Name's Paul Cleland Smith and I've been working on a little comic called Real Cane Sugar since January 2009.. I bill it as a stoner muppet slice of life comedy that takes place in the south. I try to at least get a page out once a week but it's really hard. It's a whole story so it's best to start from the first page.

    I do all the art and the writing and maintain my lil site, it's rough but people have been very encouraging thus far, so I'm going to keep trying to get better.
    • CommentAuthorMNeno
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2010 edited
    The Mesh Panel 47
    The Mesh Panel 48

    I write and draw a pulp/noir, serialized graphic novel called The Mesh.

    - Michael Neno
    • CommentAuthorGregCarter
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2010
    Thanks, Warren!

    First up is LOVE IS IN THE BLOOD, written by me, Greg Carter, and arted by Elliot Dombo. Issue #1 is for sale at IndyPlanet.
    LOVE IS IN THE BLOOD current page.

    PERFECT AGENT is a tale of violence, and, well, more violence. Written by Greg Carter with art by Stephanie O'Donnell. Starting on our third mission now. Mission #1 is on sale at IndyPlanet.

    Please to enjoy.