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    Im probably going to regret this a lot ah hell, ok , give me a few mins to find the damn url.
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    ok, this is going to get easier, right? I can't seem to get mine to show up right...

    the orbz - homeostasis.mp3

    Download it at
  1.  (845.43)

    This is my band Spaghelli and the Dogbytes. We recorded this in a dark smelly rehearsal room in a basement in East Acton. You can hear more on
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    Your URL must end in ".mp3" for the player to work.

    If it doesn't, the software just thinks it's a link.
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    My solo project is called Freeze Etch. I make ambient, industrial, technoid, drone, and generally speaking, experimental electronic music. My first-ever full length album, Vessels, was just released a few days ago on the Force Of Nature Productions label. The album itself was been a work-in-progress for nearly five years until now.

    The following is an excerpt from a track on the album which contains an extended sample of eastern-European ganga singers from rural Croatia/Herzegovina:

    Freeze Etch - 'Boundward' (excerpt)

    The album has quite a range of styles throughout, so here's another clip to show that... featuring a monster bass line and a sludgy mutant sewer-hop rhythm:

    Freeze Etch - 'Deadly' (excerpt)

    The album is available now from for $15 ppd, and will soon be available via distros like Ad Noiseam, Tympanik Audio, Ant-Zen, Storming The Base, etc.

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    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2008
    I work with Gay Heavy Metal band Pink Steel, and with their permission respectfully submit their Tolkeinesque epic, Frodonator.


    Which asks the question, "What if Middle Earth was ruled by 50-foot gay magic robots?"

    What indeed?

    You can find the band at

    Here is another song of theirs, the college radio hit Sausage Party.

    Sausage Party

    Pink Steel promo shot!

    Pink Steel pouting

    Good Times FSU!
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    There's some really great music going on here!

    Thank you, all!
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    I'm only tangentially involved with this band, but with permission and no further ado:

    los angeles is a long way from here:

    welcome home, private jones:

    by The Chronovores, an indie-laptop-post-electro-rock-whatever duo from Burlington.

    Also, this thread made my night.