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    I'm adding Glitch Mob's debut LP Drink The Sea to my list. Anyone who enjoys Electronic music even a little should look into this album.

    I also have fairly high hopes for the new Black Mountain record which comes out this week. Hope I'm not let down.
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    The Black Keys - Brothers

    Their funky white boy blues just gets better and better. I like that this feels a little grittier than their last album. It's like they went back to the rubber factory.

    Gorillaz- Plastic Beach

    I just love Gorillaz. They're always consistently fabulous, the videos are fun, and the lyrics are weird but still coherent.

    Coheed and Cambria - Year of the Black Rainbow

    I'm biased here. I've been waiting forever to find out how this story started, and not only did the album tell me, it came with a book, so I didn't even have to fill in the gaps between the songs. Still, it's a damned good listen, if you're into their thing.

    Against Me! - White Crosses

    All slicked up, just like their last album, but it still can't hide the energy this band has. Every song just sounds like they're bleeding their souls out, just for you.

    Gogol Bordello - Trans-continental Hustle

    I think this got a bit over produced, but I still love their crazy fusion. The heart of the band shines through, but it's as if they put a giant lampshade over a gypsy bonfire.

    MC Frontalot - Zero Day

    Nerdcore hip hop gets better and better. Plus, it has the Wil Wheaton theme song on it.

    Evelyn Evelyn - Evelyn Evelyn

    Great stuff, an incredible concept album.
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    Wow, I didn't think this thread would still be alive. I guess if it stretches until December, we can just make it the regular end-of-year Best Of thread.

    Lots of good stuff in here.
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    well, i cant see mine changing too much. the eps by
    VACCINE-human hatred
    ICE NINE-nobodys son
    UNITED NATIONS-never mind the bombings, heres your six figures

    will round out my list nicely
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    I've been listening to The Sword's new album Warp Riders almost constantly since I got it a week ago. Fantastic old school/doomish metal, really atmospheric and adventurous. And it's a concept album telling a story about seeking out witches, spacefaring
    renegades and pirate mutiny.

    And I quote, from the title track: 'Across the universe in hyperspatial flight, we ride the warp of space into the womb of night.'

    All I need to hear.
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    The new Yann Tiersen album is very interesting, has a sort of post-rock influence that really caught me off-guard

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    Tame Impala's Innerspeaker. It's like the Beatles doing shoegaze.
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    i couldnt find any mention of it on here, so my other addendum is PUNCH 'push/pull'

    yet another entry in the genre of powerviolence AND XmoshX influenced punk that took me in this year. its lightining quick, screeching, brutal and then slows it down HARD. the track FIXATION has the breakdown of the year! watch out im gonna flying kung fu someones face off
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    The new None More Black, Measure (SA) and Arrivals albums that all came out in the last couple of weeks are all vying for attention on my list, especially The Arrivals' Volatile Molotov which has blown away almost everyone I know who has listened to it and is into that sort of thing.
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    i gotta check that out. im not so keen on NMB really but im open to check out their new record
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    the Sit Down, Man mixtape just released a few weeks ago by DAS RACIST is cleverly wrapping (and rapping) its way around my eardick, jacking it off with insane flow and silly lines like "white people play this for your black friends, black people smack them." Pick it up.