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    Northlanders by Brian Wood has been very good, so far. There's been nothing to rave about yet, but it's a very well paced story, with great art. I look forward to reading it every month.

    Also read The Boys, which I like. I enjoy Garth Ennis' sense of humor in the book. Get the feeling he's going somewhere with the storyline, but it's a faint feeling. Enjoyable, but I would like to see some push in the plot.

    There's some stuff left in my pull box, which will have to wait till next week, I guess.
      CommentAuthorBexx B.S.
    • CommentTimeFeb 7th 2008
    yeshyesh.. I like our Wed. Meetings...
    • CommentTimeFeb 7th 2008
    Uncanny X-Men 495 was a terrible dissappointment after Messiah Complex. It did nothing but show us "where are they now?" but in a completely uninteresting manner. I could give a shit about Scott and Emma's romp through the Savage Land.
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    will post more later, but for now everyone should read this short story by Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon. as far as i know it is only available here.
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    I know this isn't from this weeks comics, but I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to my favourite titles, and just wanted to do quickie on Punisher 54. I understand there's oh too few issues left with Ennis at the helm, and based on the evidence of this conclusion to the latest Barracuda storyline it's a tragedy.

    Frank Castle has been way too much of a cypher for me, and it's only been through this recent, mature take on his history that I've paid attention. The reflections on his family, the reasons why he has allowed himself to be swallowed by this vigilante persona; the fact this persona is pretty much the only thing he can allow to drive him even with the revelation he has a daughter, are a pleasant surprise amidst the beautiful action and the artwork.

    But it's really Ennis' way with words that have stunned me. He's not just some debased fucker, he nails the emotional pacing, the dialect, and sheer joy of wordplay in every issue, and it's in the final pages to this issue that you're left with that shiver of unadulturated pleasure at reading that great final line to cap everything that's gone before.
    Melancholic, desolate, tragic. Just a bloody great comic.
    • CommentAuthorDracko
    • CommentTimeFeb 8th 2008
    I'm having a time out until I can learn some manners.
    Ennis gets all too easily typecast as a sick Irish fuck. As far as I'm concerned, he can write what the fuck he wants anyway. This final arc should be an amazing note, and if rumours prove true, Jason Aaron might be next in line to give the series a go. I'd like that, a lot.

    You should read <i>.303</i> if you haven't already. Another great work of his, possibly one of his all-time best.
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    Excellent review. Ennis has really nailed the Punisher (MAX) character with this Barracuda arc. It certainly is tragic that this next arc will be his last.

    Jason Aaron would be a perfect match for this series! I hadn't even thought of that. Too bad he's doing Ghost Rider (though I won't write him off, just yet, until I read it), but he should certainly have time after the four-issue Wolverine arc he's doing.
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    'Yes' to review thread and I would add my amateurish tuppence worth.
    Of this week's batch I'm very much looking forward to Northlanders (love the art and the storyline is developing v. nicely), Buffy and the good Dr.
    Regarding Vinyl Undergrnd - I thought it was v. good; again great art and interesting characters. well worth picking up.
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    Jason Aaron rumoured to be taking over from Ennis on Punisher??? Fuck yes!! After ignoring Scalped for the past year I've royally enjoyed each back issue kicking my rear end in a catch-up.

    The mix of the modern and the mythological with the stone cold crime aspect is flawless. I hope it's still around when 100 Bullets wraps up as it's going to be an easy replacement.

    Oh, and my reference to 'sick fuck' was a defence rather than accusation. Considering the realisation there would be no more Preacher nearly left me a broken man, I already knew exactly how great a writer Ennis is.
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    Ennis made The Punisher interesting to me. Seriously, I know how every punisher comic ever ends: The Punsiher kills everybody. Ennis has taken a seemingly simplistic, one dimensional premise and made it a masterwork. I'll be sad that he's off the preoject, but I wonder what else he's got going on at Marvel? ... or DC? I heard a rumor about an Ennis Batman... Anyone confirm or deny?
    As for Jason Aaron, I'll have to pick up Scalped, I suppose. Surely there's no replacement for Ennis, but I hope this guy is all you say he is. I suddenly care about the entire Punisher concept.
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    scalped is gooood- just got the first trade a bit ago. definitely worth it! second is out this week, cant wait to get paid.
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    This week, I picked up:

    Dok Sleepless #5: things are finally moving again! I've been enjoying the run, a lot, since I like my comics full of entertainment and information, but the last few issues were very slow, they seemed more like subplots than the overarcing plot, and not seeing the good Doktor for most of an issue was starting to bug me (I know, I know, it's a novel more than it's a regular comic series...). Still a fascinating title, makes me want to go out and fight the enemies of the future.

    Metal Men #6: Are people buying this? Probably not, as there are no men in tights anywhere to be seen. (I have no idea, I just don't see people talking about it.) More high weirdness from the minds of Duncan Roleau and Grant Morrison. The Metal Men are fighting for their lives against a villainous robotic corporation that wants to recruit them while Will Magnus and his brother battle an ancient man on the outskirts of time. Rouleau's artwork is always fluid and stunning to me, especially in color. This series will probably read better as a trade, but man, his work deserves a wider audience. Quick plug, buy his graphic novel The Nightmarist.

    Wasteland #14: A very nice done-in-one flashback issue. The art for this one was not that great...I really liked what they were trying to do with the layout, but the style was very hard to follow - very grainy and murky, things ran into each other unnecessarily, confusing my eye. But the story of how Michael, the Ruin Runner, got ahold of a bible and a pair of boots with only one shoelace was pretty cool.