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    The best way to start these things is to get everyone saying hello. So please introduce yourselves in this thread, adding a photo if you've got one (trust me -- the web works much better when people see that there are real people on the other end of a post).

    Obviously, if you've said hello in previous Introduction threads, there's no need to do it again.

    We don't insist on real names here. I find it helps, but, frankly, if you want to be a completely fictional invention of yourself, go right ahead. Hell, I've even known people who have started out fictional and then become their own invention.

    Hello. I'm Warren.

    -- W
    • CommentAuthorAlida
    • CommentTimeJul 1st 2010 edited
    Good morning!
    My name is Alida.
    I went to RISD and MIT, now I'm in NYC.

    Current projects include a painted fairy tale about my violent exorcism from childhood to adolescence (so what it took a while), an online comic with novelist Jaida Jones whose third book about metal dragons and gay wizards was released by Bantam Spectra last month, and employing the phrase "funny as a burning orphanage" on a regular basis.

    My orphanage actually did burn down.
    I didn't do it.

    Here's my website!

    Less a blog than a litany of embarrassing lapses in organization for all the art and design I've lost track of around the globe.
    ...That and cool stuff my cohorts have done.

    If you can help me find THIS chair especially, I'll pay you in lighter fluid and apocalypse cakes.

    Looking forward to getting to know you all!
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    I'm Peter. I've been working as a video game "artist" since 1993 and I intend to get around to actually writing and or drawing something before my demise.

    There's nothing on my website yet.

    I look sort of like this:


    I'm sorry.
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    Hello Y'all, I'm Brian Cee Williams, a freelance writer (mainly for a decent enough online place called Demand Studios) trying to make it into the world of comics mainly due to the fact I have reason to believe the industry currently has a shortage of bald white guys (!)

    Had a lot of other jobs in my life, from babysitting juvenile felons to selling cars, none of which suit me as well as my current one. I'm a dad, a hubby, a bass player, a cynic and an overall okay chap, if I say so myself. I live down in the southern U.S., holed up in the Blue Ridge Mountains. No pics, but I look like the leftovers from a cannabalistic feast of Grant Morrison, singer Chris Daughtry and Spider after a binge.
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    Hi, I'm James


    I let my girlfriend give me a mohawk as a birthday present.

    I currently live in beautiful Vancouver, but I'm moving to Toronto in September to look for work in film/tv production. I've also done some video game writing in the past. Will write just about anything for money, really. It's kind of terrifying but also kind of awesome. I'm looking forward to the challenges and opportunities.

    I've lurked on Whitechapel since the beginning, but I figured it's long past time to say hello.
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    Hello, I'm Dan. I started out as a journalist, became an anthropologist, and now I'm primarily a musician these days.

    picture of me

    I live in Oakland, CA. I play guitar and sing in two bands; Thee Hobo Gobbelins and Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits, two very strange projects that have taken over my life. The latter is becoming my job, which is both ridiculous and exciting, and we'll be touring much of the U.S. this fall, for the first time in a decade.

    I also make board games, act in other people's movies, and occasionally put on post-apocalyptic rock operas about zombies and cyborgs.
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2010

    This is me. I have been here for quite a while, but have been mostly silent in recent times. The threads I used to frequent, (self portrait, the net, music, whatever flavour is striking the collective tongue) have all but dried up and gone, which is too bad. I don't expect to be around much unless all the amazingly motivated and eloquent people I've met here suddenly decide to care about what's blooming in this particular flower patch. However, this patch has spawned more intelligent conversation and human interaction than I've ever been able to manage on my own and will always have a place in my heart as that twisted part of the net that only surfaces when something game-shifting is going down.

    I'm Ben. I'm in Vancouver studying Engineering and the effects of coffee and nicotine consumption on the till float of my local bakery.
    • CommentAuthornikoniko
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2010
    hello, i'm niko. i'm from brooklyn, ny, i am fourteen years old (though not for long), i am writing and attempting to draw a steampunk/superpowers comic, and there are really only three things i talk about on a regular basis: music, comics, and doctor who. i have been known, however, to pontificate on matters philosophical, political, and literary. i am probably fairly pretentious, i don't really know.

    i'm new to whitechapel/freakangels. i read every episode in about two days. i love it, obviously, or i wouldn't be here. i don't really participate in messageboards much, but i thought i'd give this one a shot.

    one question though: @warrenellis, did you and paul purposefully make connor look and act very similar to conor oberst, of bright eyes? because everything, from the name (though not the spelling) to the hair to, in the flashback, the little black band around his neck, is really similar.
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    one question though: @warrenellis, did you and paul purposefully make connor look and act very similar to conor oberst, of bright eyes? because everything, from the name (though not the spelling) to the hair to, in the flashback, the little black band around his neck, is really similar.

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    Hey dudes, my name is Rachel and I make comics in Austin, Texas. Mostly with this guy:

    You can see the stuff we've done here. I just graduated with an art degree, so mostly I'm just working in an office and making comics.

    I'm not sure what else to say? I'll be doing my best to participate here and not just lurk. So hello Whitechapel, lets be friends.
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    Hello, I'm Angelo AKA Jack the Rapper. I love science fiction, and I'm very fond of graphic novels, too! I'm Italian and I love reading, traveling and making 3d images . see my site on deviantart:
    I just discovered Freakangels and I'm fascinated!
    • CommentAuthorErisah
    • CommentTimeJul 9th 2010
    I've been around for a while, but I don't think I ever got around to really introducing myself, so here goes:

    Hi, I'm Shari, Erisah being my anagrammatically-derived (yeah, yeah) default interwebs name. I'm Aussie and I'm a 21yo Arts student at Sydney Uni, finishing a double-major in Psychology and Linguistics this year, which means that half of my relatives are terrified to talk to me, (in case I read their minds) and the other half have learned not to ask me what I'm studying in Linguistics because apparently terms like "ergative" and "hyponymic" cause spontaneous brain explosions.

    I'm a geek. So geeky in fact, that I edit my geek club newsletter/magazine. Last year I was also in a choir, the latest in a string of varying musical ensembles (concert band, big band, jazz quartet, classical quintet- I'm versatile :P) of all sorts that I've been involved in since I was able to lift a music stand. The photo below is of me during a rehearsal camp for said choir, dressed as Velma Kelly (thus the cake face) and after a bottle of red with a few vodka chasers about to sing "And all that Jazz" solo, a cappella. I'm told I was even in tune. Guess all that musical training came in handy for something.

    In my spare time I like taking photos of whatever strikes my fancy and writing stories that I post online at fictionpress under the name Erisah Mae Feel free to have a look, keeping in mind that most of the things I post are the product of my brain rebelling at some of the reasons why I no longer take suggestions about reading material from a few of my friends, including my unfinished unpolished 17 chapter backlash against what I hate about the vampire romance genre. "She should have known better", my most "favourited" oneshot was supposed to be satirical. Either my sarcasm was having an off-day or I've found the secret to writing romance.

    My dream is to be a professional writer, so I have about a gigabyte in half-started/finished drabbles. One day they might spontaneously assemble into a best-seller and take over the world. Stranger things have happened, but I have a long way to go before this becomes more likely than someone setting up a dairy on the moon.
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    Hi, I'm Kevin


    I live in south east London.
    I don't have a web site, I don't write, I don't draw comics, I'm not a musician!
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    Hello folks. I'd planned on checking out the forums for a while now (been reading FreakAngels for about 6 months now, been reading Ellis' comics themselves off and on for years now).

    This is as good a time as any. While discussing comics with a friend at the bar last week, we came to the conclusion that Warren Ellis is secretly a time traveling vagrant sharing his life's story through comics. At least until he gets tired of this era and gives us the old 'fuck off alla yous!" and activates his belt and disappears in a flash of blue light. So why shouldn't I spend some of my time fucking about in here while I've got time to kill?

    My name's Glenn, but the Signor Vampa bit comes from the Count of Monte Cristo. Currently located in Chesapeake, Virginia, and I have a grill. A fantastic grill, such delicacies I can make on it. I work in a warehouse doing shipping/receiving/inventory/distribution/burying the dead bodies.

    When not reading comic books, preparing for the zombie apocalypse, or concocting abominations unto the lord in the kitchen, I study whatever pops into my mind. At the moment it's an introduction to sociolinguistics. Next up will probably be "Electronics for Dummies".

    Look forward to killing time and plotting world domination with the rest of you.
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    I'm Brandee. I go places and do stuff.

    Photo 103

    I just finished tearing through the Freakangels business throughout the last two days, and happy to be on board with the madness; it's all terribly inspiring.


    I practice a thing people call parkour/freerunning/l'art du deplacement/obstacle coursing/whatever-they-want-to-call-it, that has to do with being a better human, physically and mentally. It's not about backflipping off of buildings--in case you were wondering--but about practicing adept movement via play and hard work. We have a stellar community of amazing people, built a sick clubhouse/gym space to gather in, and improve ourselves daily, even if we're tired.


    For social orientation, I'm a Preapocalyptic Aliveist/Tactical Punk and I do the arts and whatnot--which is utterly surprising, I'm sure. I like long climbs across the rock walls of beaches and traintracks, candlelit confessions, and lucid dreaming.

    Gertrude Hossenfeffer

    • CommentAuthorangotango
    • CommentTimeJul 30th 2010
    My name is Tony, just came upon this site and love the Freakangels comic. I like to travel, watch movies, read and do lots of artwork.