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    Then the computers start reproducing and hello apocalypse!
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    Didn't think of that! Mr. Ellis, do you realize you're holding the fate of the Earth in your hands?

    And of course it hinges on the Freakangels' ability to get along with each other. We should have guessed.

    If only two of them are capable of loving each other, it will be the end of the world as we know it. I wonder what they could do all together. . .
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2010
    Can he leave?
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    [holding out for the "I could murder a fookin spliff!" T-shirt]
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    And to think I liked Connor in the beginning. Ugh. He needs to grow a pair. How irritating is the person who's all IF I said something it wouldn't matter. Jerkface, no one has had the opportunity to listen to you since all you do is hole up somewhere and mope. Plus, who says his perspective is that much better or insightful than anyone else's!

    On a positive note, the art in this one is amazing!! Loved seeing everything after the rain, like this big sweeping shot of the results of the storm. Beautiful!
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    I'm a little curious why nobody chose to notify Connor that the murdering didn't so much happen.

    Like, really, in a way it justifies his disaffection with the group if they're totally forgetting to tell him of major events like this.
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    Connor: ANGST ANGST ANGST ANGST nobody listens to me ANGST ANGST ANGST I'm gonna run away from home and then you'll be sorry! ANGST ANGST ANGST
    Did he even try to say anything? I don't remember him trying to interrupt...
    I think some time away would do him good.

    On another note, methinks Alice is going to be piiiiissed when she finds out that Luke can't die.
    "What do you fookin mean these fookin fookangels can't fookin die?! FOOK!"

    Who do you think should be the metaphorical Kait's foot to crotch for Sirkka?
    I'm voting for KK.

    Is there a linear or exponential relationship between "levels" Arkady reaches and the size of her eyes?
    • CommentAuthorTAL
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2010
    This was the first time I read more than one episode at a time since I found this place at around episode 8. And it was really good, but I don't think I will buffer up like that just for fun.

    I got back from 3 weeks in Vegas on Tuesday, and the funniest thing about being home is that people keep talking about how warm it is here. So I smile to myself.
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2010
    Connor can't leave! :(
    He was my favourite before Luke went crazy.
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    I like that everyone's claiming how ignorant and self-righteously angsty Connor was being.
    Did he even try to say anything? I don't remember him trying to interrupt...

    It's perfect. No, he didn't try to say a thing, and that's so in character for people that act like Connor, and equally as frustrating/irritating. But so human and realistic at the same time.

    Later, at some point, there will be a conversation, and Connor would say something along the lines of "You were all busy arguing, and nobody noticed that I even left." And the rest of the FA would respond that "LUKE GOT SHOT IN THE HEAD AND WAS YELLING AT EVERYONE. SORRY, WE WERE A BIT BUSY, CONNOR, HIS OPEN HEADWOUND WAS SPEWING BLOOD EVERYWHERE, SORRY WE DIDN'T HAVE TIME TO WIPE YOUR NOSE FOR YOU, CONNOR! Can we talk a bit more about you, Connor, what are your feelings, Connor?"

    You're a mutant alien baby, with brain powers that can change the world. You can send your consciousness across miles to communicate with your brethren. Quit bitching that no one has read your mind, they didn't sense your pain because they were being polite, not because they don't care. They're a bit busy rebuilding the world while you make notes and talk to yourself.

    Okay, rant over. I was just mad because he was mean to Arkady.
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    she dared because she cares, Connor don't be blind.
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    "I could murder a fookin' spliff right now" my thoughts exactly...
    I'm all good finally working in an environment that suits me and fuck the money,there is nothing like taking a group of people with learning disabilites out and about Yorkshire to give you a different perspective on life
    Generally a bit concerned about the effects the government of the ConDemned will have on these peoples lives but im prepared to fight for them if I have to.
    Connor is a bit of an emo twat imho,perhaps he should start a mind-fi blog or some shit.
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    Also, why is Sirkka's panel on page two all spotty? I know it's not my computer screen, though that really could use a cleaning, too.
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2010
    Wow. Don't hold back, Whitechapel. Tell us how your really feel. Apparently if guy doesn't constantly scream profanities, become vicious at the drop of a hat, harbor a sadistic streak or drop wacky catch phrases then he's a useless ponce.

    I read the episode with a slow smile creeping over me, recalling Alice's "All is well, honest." I've always identified best with Connor and now particularly do. It doesn't matter if the murdered party didn't actually die, the intent was there. There is still chaining people up. There is still the constant bickering. Not one solitary attempt to get along just... I'll scream louder than you and be better armed and be more willing to take it to the limit, wherever that may be.

    I was originally just going to write "ow" and leave it at that. But... I figured someone should say something on Connor's side. i fucking hate it when being unwilling to be brash and reckless is taken as evidence that one is a wuss. And when patience and compassion are mistaken for doormat status. If the Angels ever want that unified voice in the sky thing they will have to figure out how to get along. The person best suited to making that happen is Connor.
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    I don't think people are saying that he's a wuss (at least I'm not), they're just frustrated that he's walking out without expressing his opinion to the rest of the clan. Maybe if he'd step forward and just put in a reasonable "hey, guys, listen to me. this whole yelling, shooting, killing/unkilling thing isn't working. we need to try *fill in the blank*." he would find others on his side. Caz? Miki? Karl? Arkady? I could see them backing him up.
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2010
    But he knows talking won't work. A big show *might* but not right away. Shit _we_ know that even shooting one of them in the head won't change much. In end, Connor will likely find he's stuck with them. But first this is the limit he's been pushed to.
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    I don't blame him for fucking off, seems a perfectly sane reaction to all the dysfunctional relationships and bickering/shooting/dropping houses on people. Don't see why people would see a refusal to deal with the idiocy to be a problem, surely it's a positive choice to walk away rather than get engulfed in it?

    I always love the wrecked London views, gorgeous as ever.

    Am tired and grumpy. Some mindless prick has badly scratched my car, work is slow and painful and I seem to be worrying unduly about the health of my vegetables. Must have wine. My daughter met the crew of the Space Shuttle on Monday. She asked if they'd ever met aliens. Then she threw a big strop when a BOY was on the news and not her. Oh well.
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    @razrangel & JonCarpenter

    We don’t think Connor is “wrong.” What Kirk and Jack did to Luke was outrageous. The problem is Connor’s not just leaving the FREAKANGELS, he’s leaving all of the people in WHITECHAPEL he’s supposed to be protecting. He’s hurt and behaving emotionally, at the worst possible time. He’s giving back all the goodwill he earned for being so mature and reasonable until this point. But no worries, I have a feeling Arkady will give him a chance to earn it back.
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    @JonCarpenter I'm with you on the veg worries im currently involved in an allotment activity with people from the daycentre at which i work.
    Due to staffing issues which are directly related to cuts in social care funding (which is only going to get worse) we have been unable to water them.
    I'm dreading taking everyone up there and seeing all our back breaking work withered in the ground...time for a rain dance methinks.
    Bit off topic sorry.
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    It's not the leaving, it's the attitude. The whole "I've got no friends and nobody listens to me" thing. Self-fulfilling. Whiny. Now if he'd said something like "I'm sick of all the bullshit and the bickering, so I'm fucking off 'til I can deal with the lot without wanting to strangle somebody", that would have been entirely reasonable.