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    I'm good. Looking for a job. o_o; So, I hope I can get another one soon. Things kinda suck right now, but I know it'll be okay eventually. =)

    As for the latest episode, I really liked it. The first few panels had the feeling of a panning camera, and I really enjoyed those looks of life outside of the FA group, to see how the rest of their city is coping with the aftermath. And for some reason I really liked the fact they have bulls and pigs living there. XD Nice to know livestock is still around.

    I had the feeling Arkady teleported to Connor and then gave him an info dump of everything that happened? Those seem like new powers. o_o; Strange, but cool. It makes me wonder if some of the others won't want to die and 'level up' and the ones who are more powerful might try to use that to shape the world again to their own liking. I hope they can eventually band together and create something great instead of tearing themselves down, again.

    And this has nothing to do with the episode but I kind of ship Arkady and Connor. XD
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    i wonder what that feels like...