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    Want My Humble Opinion? They got teleport power, they just got teleported in another universe where there's been a plague, and the only survivors are in flooded London. Does this make sense?
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    Not at all. Reread through the flashback to FreakTeen era. I think they explain things fairly well.
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    @govspy Strictly speaking, Jack the Rapper's opinion is still possible. Maybe they hit the universe so hard that they fell out of it. Who knows, really?
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    @John Skylar True.

    @Jack the Rapper Didnt meant to sound harsh, you DID say your opinion was humble, I should have respected that.

    To me, it just sounded like the FA just fucked with their orbit and threw it out of whack. I know that's a very specific and scientific hypothesis, but I just couldn't put it into simpler words than that.
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    Hey, govspy, was not offended in the least. Well, maybe ypou're right. But I can't believe their psychic powers could have been SO devastating. Locally, OK. Globally? I doubt. But remember when Arkady teleported them all to the mortar attacker's tribe. Impressive, wasn't it? Think pf all of them doing the teleport! Moreover, maybe the "package" choose an Universe where they could be left in relative peace and security.
    Im anu case, only an opinion.
    • CommentAuthorJareth
    • CommentTimeJul 8th 2010
    Hey, I've been reading through for a fair while, and lurking a little on the forums here but only just decided to make a user, because I find this chat interesting enough to post my hypothesis...

    I would humbly submit that:
    I believe the FA's were originally intended to be somewhere from around London (correct me if I'm wrong) and when they caused the catastrophe they were in the vicinity of London (again, correct me if I'm wrong.) So furthermore, wouldn't them hitting it with so much power cause a lot of local damage? Enough to possibly lower the continent so that it could flood, and as a result take out all the basic resources that people were dependent on, such as power and the like. So I would submit that maybe it's not on a global scale, but simply the one continent, and they've been cut off from the rest of the world via a lack of tools to communicate with them.
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    They also mention time no longer reliably running at the same speed in different places. Unless a) Luke was full of shit at the start and b) Their experiences during the "event" were just how they felt due to having over-used their powers, there's been more significant damage than just a plague and a bit of flooding.
    But I agree that there's nothing to say that the rest of the world isn't fine, though in that case since no one's turned up with aid in several years, either the British Isles are unreachable from the outside or time is very seriously bent and no one's had time to try yet (or the rest of the world was rather pleased when we all shut up and isn't particularly bothered why it happened).
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    @Jack - they couldn't have all done the teleport, because it wasn't until much later that Arkady figured out how to do it. Besides, Mark was the one in the driving seat (I think....?) - and he *definitely* didn't know how to teleport at the time; also, being linked up, if that had been the result then they'd all know how to do it. At the very least, they'd all know how to jump between universes. I'm not convinced there's any real evidence to suggest that they did anything but effectively hit the planet with a very large blunt object and sent it spinning.
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    Affecting the tilt of the Earth would drastically affect it's seasonal cycle ; unless their "punch" was directly aimed straight through the centre line (and it wasn't, if you believe that the stellar spinning effect was due to actual physical spin rather than time dilation) then it would affect the tilt.

    I still like the idea that they accidentally stepped into a time bubble and warped forward to a point where the human race is the source of it's own misery ; hence the time-lapse stellar photography. Flooding is a natural follow on from global warming. Breakdown of society caused by population displacement is a plausible cause for everything else ; no sanitation, epidemic, population crash, no agriculture, etc. But I think someone debunked this idea. Their apparent guilt at having caused the current state of affairs speaks against it, unless they are just i) misled or ii) guilty that they weren't there to prevent it.
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    I just assumed that the Earth's rotation was interfered with since the stars had become blurs. That just seemed the most simplest explanation. Mark intended on "punching a hole" and they over-blew their own intentions. The entire planet was affected.
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    @dr_barnowl - if they jumped forward in time how/where did Alice find a Man Utd shirt circa 2007?
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    Gravity bends time. I'm pretty sure the Angels can do that, given enough electromagnetic energy. So the stars spinning may very well have been time dilation, or spinning the Earth and pushing it a little closer or further from the sun, or just distorting the hell out of the Earth's magnetic field. There's a lot of possibilities and we don't get to know anything. Although Arkady might have a clue.

    Whatever Earth they may be on, it sure looks like they're the ones who broke it.
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    @dr_barnowl - if they jumped forward in time how/where did Alice find a Man Utd shirt circa 2007?

    In an abandoned warehouse full of unsold football shirts.
      CommentAuthorcity creed
    • CommentTimeJul 9th 2010
    @dr_barnowl - if they jumped forward in time how/where did Alice find a Man Utd shirt circa 2007?

    In an abandoned warehouse full of unsold football shirts.

    which, by a strange coincidence, is how most Man Utd fans get them.
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    Following our fearless leader's advice from another thread, I went back to read up on Luke, in Volume One and caught him "holding a seminar on the nature of time inside the dreams of twelve randomly chosen local people" (or twelve girls he wanted to fuck).

    During his lecture (or what may have been him stroking his own ego/talking to himself/any combination), Luke said:

    Imagine time as something that can be held in your hand and turned... Time moves differently these days. There's a three-minute delay between here and the Suffolk Coast, since the crash.

    I had always assumed that the "crash" as it were was simply a physical change. They fucked up the rotation of the planet, spinned the Earth off it's axis or something, the weather system had been dramatically altered. But I really had taken any temporal theory and tossed it out the window because there didn't seem to be much basis in that, or so I had thought. Maybe...

    Maybe I just noticed than Ben Klumaster already said this. I dunno. Sometimes I'm full of crap.
    • CommentAuthorAisforAmy
    • CommentTimeJul 21st 2010
    I just assumed that the Earth was tipped on its axis. The altered position of the moon and relation to the sun could explain why the weather is so different and there doesn't seem to be any huge tidal differences.
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    In any case, it was largely Mark's fault. He drove the others past the point of no return, even when Arkady (or Sirkka) said it was "not right"
    • CommentAuthorKradlum
    • CommentTimeAug 5th 2010 edited
    If they jumped forward in time then they must have taken all the other inhabitants of Whitechapel with them (and anyone else they meet) or they would notice the disparity.

    Also, Miki says in Ep57 - "Everything around Rutland water got punched down... Apparently there's a lake 15 miles across up there now". So it seems something physical happened.
    • CommentTimeAug 6th 2010
    Perhaps there are dimensions we don't know about (using the quantum physics getout clause) and the FAs turned Britain 'sideways' so now there is nothing but Britain here.
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    Jack needs to sail down to Dover and see if France is still visible across the Channel.