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    I can't believe Connor and Jack are so ignorant as to discuss whether eggs are vegetables.
    • CommentTimeJul 11th 2010 edited
    I think they're more play-acting more ignorance than they actually possess. For example, what is "soignorant?" How is this strange new word pronounced? I'm thinking SOYG-norant, but that's just me. What is its definition? I mean, I'd understand what you said if you'd described them as "so ignorant" but I have to confess ignorance myself at the word, "soignorant." That's just how it's so.

    The point is that they want to pass the chickens off to Karl, who is the person who will know best how to deal with them. The secondary point is that when you accuse someone else of being ignorant, you should probably take pains to use proper grammar and punctuation.
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    Well, if there'd been an "edit" button I'd have used it. And it's clear Connor and Jack were teasing KK, but to fake ignorance to the point of being called idiots...hey, do theiy love to bicker! Better than call her Korfinia Kokokoho, she would have feed THEM to the chickens all right!
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    Upper right-hand corner of the post, next to the number, is the edit button.
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    Didn't notice that. Sorry!