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    Christ, what is going on over at DC today?

    JACK CROSS was a disappointment, a project that went wrong fast and seemed to be outside my reach to fix. Gary did a yeoman job on these four issues, but there’ll never be any more.

    And then this turned up on the DC blog:

    DC COMICS PRESENTS: JACK CROSS #1 Written by WARREN ELLIS Art and cover by GARY ERSKINE Now, terror has something to fear - and his name is Jack Cross! This massive special features JACK CROSS #1-4, a never-collected volume introducing Warren Ellis’s one-man anti-terrorist unit Jack Cross and his special brand of violence and civil protest, gorgeously illustrated by Gary Erskine (THE FILTH). On sale OCTOBER 6 • 96 pg, FC, $7.99 US

    I didn’t write any of that text, by the way.
    • CommentAuthorDonburiBoy
    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2010
    One the one hand, I'm glad that it's finally being collected. On the other hand, it LOOKS as though it's going to be an oversized comic book as opposed to a paperback collection.

    Are the two announcements today an attempt to woo you back into the DC/WildStorm/Vertigo fold? Writing old wrongs? Or just an attempt to capitalize on Red in some way?
      CommentAuthorJay Kay
    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2010
    Christ, what is going on over at DC today?

    Does that mean they didn't tell you about this before hand? That's kinda odd--I take it they kept the rights for this mini?
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    How about all of the above? Can't hurt to put more properties in the public eye that might lead to further film adaptations. And even marginal adaptations still lead to more people buying the books.

    This is good karma coming back to the Chief for all the support he's given to other artists (and to businesses) over the years. Christ, look at what handing AUTHORITY over to Mark Millar alone did for that man's career, and the success he's had in films, which comes back to help the Chief now ten years later.

    These are GOOD THINGS, my friends. Trust me.
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    Does that mean they didn't tell you about this before hand? That's kinda odd--I take it they kept the rights for this mini?

    They have the right to reprint it in a certain window of time -- which was, I think, about to run out.
    • CommentAuthorflecky
    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2010 edited
    @DonburiBoy-this may sound naive but i'm unaware about how D.C had wronged Warren... which was pretty stupid when you look at the great stuff he did for them..
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    Between this and the "Shoot" announcement, it seems less DC benevolence and more attempts to cash in on the "Red" film adaptation.
    • CommentAuthorDonburiBoy
    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2010
    @Flecky: Neither am I, which is why I was asking. Maybe "righting wrongs" was a little too strong on my part. I wasn't talking about a Alan Moore-style blowout, but from my outsider/fanboy perspective (which right away means I'm just talking out of my ass) it seemed like DC kind of fumbled a bit where Warren's work was concerned.

    I remember the old email newsletters when Warren signed his exclusive with DC, he seemed really excited and enthusiastic about working there and trying all kinds of new things... and then they didn't want to publish the Hellblazer, Jack Cross "went wrong fast", and it took several YEARS for Warren's JLA story to see print.

    I was just wondering if Nelson/Lee/Didio/Johns/That Other Guy were trying to use these one-shots to reinforce their goal to make DC a friendlier place for creators.

    Still would've preferred these specials to be proper paperback collections, but I'm just happy to see the material back in print.
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    I liked Jack Cross and wish there could be more issues. Cross was an interesting character, and I feel there was more Daddy Warbeard wanted to say about him.
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    I knew this fucking comic existed! I saw ONE AD for Jack Cross a few years back, then never was able to track down any of the issues and just generally forgot about it, and I think I assumed it either never came out or that I was just mistaking it for a Desolation Jones ad... So I'll totally get that collection.
    • CommentTimeJul 17th 2010
    i'd totally forgotten about this, the name didn't ring a bell, but looking at the cover it comes back to me. i have that somewhere. from memory i enjoyed, though there is very little else in my memory to be honest.
      CommentAuthorJeff Owens
    • CommentTimeJul 18th 2010
    Excellent! This came out when I was buying WAY too many comics every week (10-15), and was waiting for trades on new titles quite frequently. I'm glad it's coming out when I'm buying 0-4 titles a week.
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    I just asked about more J. Cross on another thread here. Sorry for that. I see you answered my question. Oh well, I enjoyed the four issues we got. But Desolation Jones is a much better book. I would love to see more of that with JH Williams on art. His style has evolved wildly since those earlier D. Jones days.