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    The Guardian | Murder accused admits sex with dead woman, court told

    "Mark Dixie admitted he had sex with Sally Anne Bowman as she lay in a pool of blood on her driveway, but said she was already dead, Brian Altman, prosecuting, told the court."

    First let's set the scene here... A dead body is found, the girl had been victim of a violent rape and had been stabbed to death. Stabbed to death in the neck and chest. Stabbed so hard the knife came out the other side.

    They proved this guy had sex with her. They had various examples of DNA, his teeth marks all over the body and his fingerprint in blood on her shoe. He couldn't have left more evidence even if he had a friend video it and uploaded it to YouTube.

    Fair cop, you'd think. Just accept your fate. You've fucked up and it's time to face the music?

    No. The best thing, of course, is to claim that you chanced across the mutilated dead body lying in a pool of most of it's blood and then thought to yourself, 'Well, another opportunity like this won't come along...." and had sex with the corpse.

    It might work... I mean, it's worth a try. The judge may just say 'Well, why didn't you say so earlier? Case dismissed.' and let him go. If anyone is going to understand how tempting the cold, blood-smeared corpse of an eighteen year old girl is then it is going to be a judge after all.

    Also, he was a chef.... He could have at least cleaned up after himself and made her into a Spaghetti Bolognese or Chilli Con Carne. She was a model, it's not that much meat to get rid of...
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