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      CommentAuthorSalgood Sam
    • CommentTimeJul 27th 2010 edited
    i've got an old project i've been meaning to dust off and get back to, posted on this new, protozoic even, online comics site called the fabler. I made the call to do that because they announced an incentive contest to drum up traffic for the start up.

    I posted it because i know the guy running the site, like what he is trying to get started there, trust his intentions and I get a shot at a very cool toy. Also for me the main thing is i wanted some kind of added incentive for myself to get the rise and fall of it all going again, and this seemed to work well for that. I was going to get to it sooner or later, but the timing of this helps con myself into justifying it NOW. I don't normally go in for contests much, took me years to even try for a grant. But this time i said what the frack. Might as well see if i can't make this work for me.

    I felt like they lacked info on the site though, and there are lots of beta glitches, so I've regularly written them feedback as a user now and encourage you to do the same if you drop by - and good questions came up when i posted about the contest a few weeks ago the first time in other places.

    So i also took some time to clarify things with Bruno with an interviewer I've posted to sequential, who'm i trust from personal conversations and dealings in the past but many others have no reason to. hopefully i was able to shed some light on things. Like i said i like what they want to do, so doing what i can to give them a good kick at it or if the case may be, learn through failure eh?

    so, yeah, I've got my comic up, going to try to do 10 more pages over the next moths and a bit so i qualify. hope you go check it out, and if you would, please do join the site and vote for it.

    But also, i'd like some good competition. sooo, hey, consider entering yourself and kick my but huh? You can try anyway. ;)