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    Tell me of the new comics you've bought this week. Not interested in your shopping list. Interested in what you thought of what you bought.

    Use the "hide" function for spoilers, so the weekend shoppers can use your thoughts to guide their purchases.


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    • CommentAuthorrurray
    • CommentTimeJul 29th 2010
    Millar and McNiven's Nemesis no.1 and 2. Reminded me of Image comics of the nineties, only much better. Lots of action, minimum number of panels. Less scantily clad women. McNiven's art has no more lines than are needed. Masterful. Will be interesting to see how Millar will make the good guy more interesting than the bad guy. Screams "make a film out of me!"

    Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's The Boys, Volume 3: Good for the Soul. Fucking outrageous. Good guys wear black and keep indentured superheroes in line. So well paced and characters thoroughly rounded. Another comic riffing on comic history and the comic industry itself - really clever.
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    Hotwire: Deep Cut #1 -- I really liked this issue. Really good start even if you haven't read the previous series. Explains a lot more about Alice than the first series and (so far) looks like it will be even better. Basis of this issue: It takes place 6 months after Requiem for the Dead, it shows what the police have been like dealing with Blue-Lights since Alice took a bunch of time off, has some flashbacks of Alice from before she was on the force, shows a little of what she was going through during the past 6 months, has a bit of police v blue-light action, a bit of Alice pissing people off... Like I said, really good first issue, you should check it out, especially if you like sci-fi/ghost stories or enjoy really nice art. The colours are amazing.
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    bought DETECTIVE, it was nice to see Scott McDaniel back on a bat-book. i loved his work in the early 2000s.

    ROBW seemed like the most straightforward issue so far...and Cameron Stewart was sorely missed on art duties. not that Jeanty was horrible, but looking at it, it was one of those times where knowledge of the industry-type stuff actually hurt my read through. Almost every page had one part at least where i though "aww, that wouldve looked better if it was Cameron"

    thats all i had time for yesterday. well, that and some issues of PvP i got for supercheap
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    new FANTASTIC FOUR has some implications for hickmans SHIELD...just a heads up. FF is crazy enough on its own, but that was a neat little 'crossover'
      CommentAuthormister hex
    • CommentTimeJul 30th 2010
    RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE #4 was a mess. The art was nice enough, not Cameron Stewart but okay Georges Jeanty's just fine, some very nice shots. But the story was definitely lacking. Why is Jonah Hex there? No idea. And as we all know, I loves me some Jonah Hex. I'll never complain but the ugliest bounty hunter in the West is completely wasted here. Wouldn't he have told Vandal Savage that he wasn't an assassin and wouldn't kill for any price, especially a man who didn't deserve it? Way out of character. Vandal Savage is similarly mis-used. The subplot with the mysterious box (what's in it? Again, no idea.) is getting a little tiresome. Why and how is Bruce flashing forward in time? He does something good/heroic and the Omega Effect wears off a little, pushing him forward in time? Is that what we're supposed to be taking away from this? And when he gets back to the present, the universe dies? Is he back in the present yet? There's XXX porno theatres in the last few panels, is he back in Gotham right before his parents were killed? I'll keep going with this, just for the completist in me (and so I can sell the whole series altogether) but this has been lacklustre for a couple of issues now.

    ATOMIC ROBO #4 was awesome. Nice art, great dialogue, funny situation. Buy it.

    Picked up NEW AVENGERS 1 & 2 and won't be continuing this either. Nice art but the snarky superheroes thing bugs me. Ms. Marvel threatens to destroy the Macguffin (the Eye of Agamotto, if you must know and apparently no Marvel superhero can pronounce that word) - "And I'll SO do it." Um, no you won't. I don't even think you could.
    • CommentTimeJul 30th 2010
    I wasn't particularly enamoured with TURF 1, as it felt too didactic to be much fun, even as an introductory issue. The second installment feels a lot tighter, and despite the art not being my cup of tea and some of the dilaogue bordering the cheesy, I think I'll see this run out at the least.

    NEONOMICON 1 feels more like a horror comedy than the straight up horror I was expecting, but it looks good and has hit a couple of nicely twisted beats already, so I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes. I think I'd probably get a lot more out of it if I was familiar with the Cthulu mythos and The Courtyard, but fun nonetheless.
    • CommentAuthorales kot
    • CommentTimeJul 30th 2010

    "that was a neat little "crossover""

    Man, you're in for a treat.
    • CommentAuthorDatDude
    • CommentTimeJul 30th 2010
    Noting captured my attention this time. Thats sad . . .
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    @ales kot ? i dont know what you mean. i pre -ordered SHIELD and have been reading since the start-i have everything jonathans done (except SW) there something else you are referencing?
    • CommentAuthorMark Datik
    • CommentTimeJul 30th 2010
    Haven't been by in awhile and have a lot of catching up to do:

    Scarlet 01 (Bendis - Maleev) Never read Bendis before and since this was a crime story I decided to try it out. It's a pretty good start and I honestly don't understand the 4th wall complaints. Did everyone forget the narrator is completely unreliable? What she's telling you doesn't necessarily mean it's true and I'm sure as the story progresses we'll see quite a few plot twists. I'm in the minority but the art's too stiff for me, I wish Maleev wouldn't rely so much on photo referencing.

    Casanova 01 (Fraction - Ba) I LOVE black and white comics but understand the commercial realities of re-releasing this series in color. I'm man enough to eat crow though and freely admit that at least in this instance, the coloring increased the emotional heft of the story. The "backup" was a blast as well and I'm really looking forward to the new series. Great overall package.

    Meta 4 01 + 02 (McKeever) It's great seeing pure McKeever again! The art really surprised me as he seems to have amped his Jose Munoz-inspired style with scratchy, extremely detailed line work. The burning ferris wheel spread was creepy and beautiful at the same time. The plot is wonderfully vague as usual and I'm looking forward to seeing more of the astronaut and his identity struggles.

    Orc Stain 04 (Stokoe) Orc Stain and King City are the two most exciting comics on the market right now. Stokoe unfolds his absolutely bonkers fictional world at an extremely mad pace with some of the most visually inspired double-page spreads I've seen in some time. Every issue has two or three truly WTF moments and the red/green color scheme caps what has to be one of the truly inspired creations in recent memory. This and King City are pure comics and the only series I can't wait for the next issue to come out.

    Age of Bronze 30 (Shanower) The series has recently shifted it's focus to the women of Troy which is a pretty interesting and original way to continue the story. Ironically, men tend to be the center of the Trojan War though Helen's the source of every problem. It's a fun read as you experience the war's turmoil through new eyes. This comic never disappoints.

    It's almost impossible for me to believe that Icon and Image publish some of the most diverse and interesting comics on the market today. Never thought I'd say that let alone purchase a ton of their product.

    Daytripper 09 (Ba - Moon) This series has really hooked me in the last few issues. I'm digging the cumulative effect that each story brings to the reader and think I'm finally understanding the genius behind the decision to have the character die at the end of each story.

    Prince Valiant Vol. 02 (Foster) The art is even more beautiful in this volume, the castle storming scene and the Mongol battle being two particular standouts. What's even more amazing is how SMOOTHLY the story flows. There's just enough exposition in each illustration to convey the plot but the overall effect makes the reader feel they're reading a dense novel. Fantagraphics hits it out of the park again with the design and production values. Once again I implore everyone to give it a look at the store, it's a true landmark of comics art and storytelling.

    Northlanders 30 (Wood - Staples) Great first installment of "Metal". I gotta say, Mr. Wood has been on a serious roll lately. The story sets up a great natural tension between the Vikings and Christians, I especially liked the interplay between the leaders in regards to diverting the town's river. This book has really found it's legs in the last year or so and has matured into a textured historical character drama.

    The Man with the Getaway Face (Stark - Cooke) Nice done in one story. The oversized format really fit Cooke's lively, energetic brushwork and he seems to have let loose a little more here. I especially liked the beginning sequence where the bandages were cut away from his eyes. It's a mere two bucks and a great way to jump onto the next book.

    Firstwave 01 - 03 (Azzarello - Morales) Yeah, yeah. I admit a…(choke)…fanboy love for pulp heroes. The Doc Savage book is a complete disaster and the Spirit book features a complete oaf, who's also grim. Still, I decided to give this a try and I gotta admit, it's sweet. They were smart enough to enlist an A-list artist this time and Morales delivers. Great layouts, characters that actually look different from each other, and a style that fits the story perfectly. The plot is actually compelling as well. Still, I have to nitpick a bit. I bow my head to the commercial realities of needing Batman to financially carry the pulp world concept but he sticks out like a sore thumb. I'm also at a loss as to why EVERY character besides Doc is a GRIM AVENGER (no pun intended). Haven't heard much about this title, so if you like pulps you may want to check it out.

    Hotwire 01 (Pugh) I was VERY surprised to see this as there was NO promotion for the title whatsoever. I read the last series and this issue continues the high quality world building of the creators. It's a mature, fully realized sci-fi world with an interesting concept on the afterlife. The art is first class all the way through from character design to tech-ware. I wish there were more sci-fi comics like this.
    • CommentAuthorales kot
    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2010

    More to come!
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2010 edited
    Just finished Scott Pilgrim 6 in one sitting - It starts out really intense and makes me scream because I have felt all those feelings. Kind of like when I first hear Pretty Hate Machine. The middle kind of goes up it's own ass but then comes back stronger and crazier. The final moments totally locks in the sense of closure. Makes me real excited about the future :)
    Really loved the use of splatter effects and speed lines and the overall intensity in a lot of this book. O'Malley is a goddamn master.