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    • CommentTimeJul 28th 2010 edited
    Print or web. I honestly can't remember who here does this aside from the COILHOUSE ladies and Ian Holloway's monthly webmagazine. Help meeee
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    i havent in a bit (like 14 months) but yeah
    • CommentAuthoraaron.cael
    • CommentTimeJul 28th 2010
    Print coming at the end of August, hell or high water. Will mail you one if you get a P.O. Box.

    Would also appreciate any advice from anyone who has formatted one of these damn things to all them tablet/e-reader/flat computer versions.
    • CommentAuthorAllen
    • CommentTimeJul 28th 2010 edited
    I make the magazine Make Something that features words and art from many creative people, a large number of them from Whitechapel (which makes sense as it was conceived thanks to this forum as well). Two issues are out right now through MagCloud and can be found here for purchase. I also put issue one up for free download here. The third issue is in the working stages as I get content and find time to work on piecing it together.
    • CommentAuthortysonh
    • CommentTimeJul 28th 2010
    My wife and I used to do SPOKE(a)N(e) Magazine in Spokane, WASPOKE(a)N(e) Magazine

    We now do Electric City Creative in Great Falls, MT. Both of these are online, pdf form, but Electric City Creative will be coming out in a print form through Magcloud soon. Issue 2-ish.
    Electric City Creative

    Tyson Habein
    Habein Studio
    • CommentAuthorrurray
    • CommentTimeJul 29th 2010
    I'm involved in the production of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine as a member of the co-op. Australien sci-fi/fantasy/horror magazine
    • CommentTimeJul 29th 2010
    I work for Titan Comics in London, Deputy Ed on Transformers, Ed on Best Of Simpsons and Futurama.

    I'm pretty sure this isn't what you meant...

    (All view expressed here are my own and not those of my employer or the licenses/ Intellectual Properties I work on yadda yadda)
    • CommentTimeJul 29th 2010
    Working on the first issue of Weaponizer Quarterly as we speak. Due out in late September on Magcloud (thanks to Allen for inspiring me to just go for it)
    • CommentTimeJul 29th 2010
    Officially back on paper as of last week: Imagonem

    Would you say magcloud is a good place to put a pdf?
    • CommentAuthorPuck
    • CommentTimeJul 29th 2010
    About to go to print myself first issue of Dirty Bristow

    inspired, partly, by the 'just go out and fucking make cool shit' attitude of this board
    • CommentAuthorJes
    • CommentTimeJul 29th 2010
    Hey Warren
    Editor of Comic Heroes, new quarterly SFX spin-off, details here:
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    I used to make magazines, before magazines decided they didn't want me any more.

    Does that count?
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    Hey there Warren,
    running point on The Dose magazine, covering alternative popculture, cyberpunk and fusion electronica with a touch of Lonely-Planet-for-lost-kids. Paris issue is just out now. Previous issues on Budapest, London and Tokyo are free on site and scribd. Still in PDF form.
    • CommentAuthorKay
    • CommentTimeJul 30th 2010

    Used to work in contract publishing but now I'm production editor for two youth run magazines in London, Live South and Live East Magazines. Here's a couple of links: Live East Magazine and Live Futures
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    I'm the distribution manager for Exclaim! magazine. It's Canada's only national music mag. We cover film and video games and used to have a comics section, but it's entirely dependant on ad dollars. I write for it in a film and music critic capacity.

    With the decline of the music business, our page count is down, but our circulation is still comfortably in the 100,000+ range. There's a big push going to grow our online presence now though, including government funded initiatives to use social media. Which means part of my job can involve pimping FreakAngels on fridays along with whatever bands I'm taking in that night.
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    Which means part of my job can involve pimping FreakAngels on fridays along with whatever bands I'm taking in that night.

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    I've done two for school. One as an editor. It's something I want to try next year on my own after I do a few of my own projects.
    • CommentAuthorjhewes
    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2010
    Hi Warren

    I run the international side of BBC Magazines - Top Gear, Lonely Planet, stuff like that.
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    i mean ahem welcome to Whitechapel
    • CommentAuthorjhewes
    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2010
    Cheers Warren - I've been trying to think of a way we could give you money for years....