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    I know this thread will be closed very shortly, if it even makes it to the forum at all, but I wanted to thank everyone for their advice on how to enlighten my room mate. Wanted to let you all know that he has seen it for what it truley is. Understand, my roommate had never heard of this tripe, so it wasn't as easy as showing him that South Park episode to show him the truth(as this particular 27 year old thinks cartoons are ignorant, and stupid). I wish I had much of the conversations recorded to put on YOutube or something, because the discussions were intriguing and entertaining. I told him the Scientolgy creation myth, and he replied with a "How do they come up with this shit?!" I asked him "How do they come up with Star TreK? Only difference, Yusef, is one was sold as a religion the other was not. Oddly, many star trek fans treat it as though it were a religion." Told him of people I've met who knew how to speak Klingon. Laughs were had. Though I could hardly throw stones at such people, as I am fluent in the "A Clockwork Orange Dialect." I then asked him, if what I've told and had him read about OT3 and above, if that was anymore ridiculous than virgin births and talking snakes, his mind was blown. My roommate is actually a very inspiring person. He grew up an orphan, being sent from one foster home to another, and being raised through Judaism, Christianity AND Islam. Even that "5 percenter" stuff. I think I may ask his permission to write some sort of thesis on this sort of thing, it's really very fascinating for me. Well thanks everyone, and thank you, Warren, for tolerating my using your Message board as part of my little studies of the human condition, or whatever it might be. Probably just OCD's really.
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    Or maybe it's my own Thetan condition? :)
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    • CommentTimeJul 29th 2010
    I'm having a time out until I can learn some manners.
    All religion is bullshit, Scientology is just extra-special mental bullshit, but I don't see how it's too different from what they do in Churches with all that speaking in tongues crap. Meh. Well, good luck to your housemate.
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    Noir: Wow, I haven't been on the message board in a while. Surprised this thread is still opened. I must say that I agree with you 100 percent. I truely think that we see Scientology as crazier as Judeo/Christian/Muslim religions simply because it hasn't been around for as long as the big three. It is, sadly, as if the mere passage of time lends credence to "Reglion."
    That being said I am, in fact, reluctant to call myself an Athiest despite my disbelief in God(s) or Religions in general. I think calling myself an Athiest would betray the same certainties that the Bible thumpers I oppose hold. It is more the instutionalization of Religion, that I despise more than Religion itself. A great example of this is a great piece of work, written by Thomas Paine, entitled "THE AGE OF REASON."
    As for the housemate...well, after I had shown him what Scientology was all about, he sort of woke up. However, months later (A week before I left for Europe, actually) the idiot did something worse than join up with the Scientologists....He got hooked on PCP, somehow discovered my ATM pin number and robbed me for about 500 dollars. It was madness. I told him to get that shit out of the apartment,as I obviously wanted nothing to do with it. Instead, he hid in the bathroom, smoked it all to his head(I was listening to Pink Floyd: The Wall while this was going on), I had fallen asleep for the night, and woke up unable to find my wallet. After tearing the apartment apart, looking for my missing wallet, going to the bank, then the police, he emerged from his bedroom. Which he had himself barricaded within. He admitted to what he had done. I got my money back, along with all of the stupid electrionic toys he had purchaced with them (than the gods that don't exist). He had also shaved every hair on his body during his PCP binge, which I found kind of funny, that he turned into the character from "THE WALL" which had been playing while he was losing his mind. During the following days, I slowly moved my property out of the apartment, and into my parents house, then ran off to Europe for a month, and cleared my head. THe moron was arrested while I was abroad.
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    You might have been better off just letting him go to the scientologists after all.