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    * pledge your allegiance to me

    * vent to me, because on Saturday nights I'm here to listen to you

    * recount all the beautiful and terrifying ways in which you love me

    * tell me what you're doing tonight

    * and, if I don't know your face, if possible show me a picture so I can put a face to the name.

    I read everything posted here. Tell me what's happening out in the world tonight.
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    Oh, master of all that is entertaining, how I adore thee.

    This Saturday has been Quite Nice. Sat in with my partner and her partner, celebrating their birthdays with vodka jelly (which for someone who usually does not drink was quite a bit more than I'm used to). On the other hand today stands as an oasis of calm in between "real work" and finishing (or indeed starting) my thesis proper. And moving house. To my dads. Ugh. Anyways, tonight I will be mostly cruising around Whitechapel and attempting to participate in more discussions.

    Read Captain Swing #3 the other day - veeeeeery nice. Not read the first two yet but I intend to see to this ASAP. Furthermore looking forward to Our Arse-Eely one's new Supergod issue. Very much looking forward to it, actually.

    Still have no idea how to put images on here that are not online, because I currently have no online images of myself... or of any other sort. Goddamn I am netarded.
    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2010
    Hail Ellis, full of Red Bull, hallowed be thy cane.

    I'm spending this evening doing the thrilling task of laundry and cleaning, as well as trying to catch up on a project I started a month ago that requires a ton of Photoshop tinkering. I hate my job and I'm also looking for a new one. I'm doing credit card collections for a bank, so I don't think I need to explain why that sucks. I've been keeping myself sane by using graph paper for it's true purpose, which is drawing old 8-bit Nintendo character sprites.

    My love for you is strong enough that I posted a picture of myself on Facebook holding my "WHERE'S MY FUCKING COFFEE" mug, and half my family took me off their lists. And I laughed at them for it.

    Where's my fucking coffee?

    And yesterday at Red Robin I drew this on a coaster (because I was disappointed that the contest on the coaster was over, but they left the coasters out anyway to give me false hope).

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    * pledge your allegiance to me
    -Oh master of entertainment, I bow to three.

    * vent to me, because on Saturday nights I'm here to listen to you
    I can't really find too much to complain about. Life . . . is good. I am getting near the end of my Byzantine Empire class and I have already written my term paper, so I just have the final and my weekly assignments. I am starting a second class next week which will overlap for three weeks, but the class is on the wars of Ancient Greece which is one of my favourite things, so, once again, I can't complain. After the Wars of Ancient Greece I only have one more class and my exam and I will be finished with my Master's Degree in Ancient History . . . I won't know what to do with myself when I'm done.

    We recently took a trip with my parents. They took us on a cruise of the Western Caribbean and we stopped in Cozumel and visited the Mayan ruins of Tulum. Being a history teacher it was really awesome to visit an actual Mayan site. Plus, our tour guide was amazing. Aside from being so damned hot, it was a wonderful trip. The only drawback was that I had 8 days straight with my dad, who can be overbearing, but he was paying, so I wasn't complaining.

    I recently took stock of my general corpulent appearance and started counting my calories and trying to exercise more and have since lost 10 pounds.

    Nothing to complain about.

    * recount all the beautiful and terrifying ways in which you love me
    Too many to state here :)

    * tell me what you're doing tonight
    We are going to my husband's 20th high school reunion. It's in a bar and Bradley and I are not really bar people, plus I don't know these people, so it should be interesting.

    * and, if I don't know your face, if possible show me a picture so I can put a face to the name.
    Day 212-Studyin'

    I read everything posted here. Tell me what's happening out in the world tonight.
    • CommentAuthorSolario
    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2010
    I pledge my undying allegiance to you, General Fantastika.

    Saturday has been nice and uneventful. Every TV channel has an 80's or 90's film on it; watched Predator again. That film is some kind of weird governormaker. Ventura and Schwarzenegger. I'm clearing out the corner room and plan on painting it and moving my room into it. My handicapped father's care have a knack for waking me at the devil hour of dawn and I'm tired of it. Plus, the room is bigger.
    I haven't really had any contact, besides Facebook, with any of my friends for over a week. Be nice to see them somewhat soon. There's a B-movie thing in Copenhagen next week that I'm planning on attending: Flash Gordon, Queen of Outerspace, Wild Angels among others.
    I met a cute girl a couple of weeks back that's finally returning home in another week or so. I have no idea, if it'll lead anywhere. It'd be nice if it did, but who knows?

    And this is the most recent picture; from a very late Fastelavn party.
    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2010
    * pledge your allegiance to me
    If I had a record of the Star Spangled Banner, I'd play it backwards and sing along.

    * vent to me, because on Saturday nights I'm here to listen to you
    This is why I hold you above all other "internet personalities". I don't expect this out of people I know, much less a very busy writer on the other side of the planet. I feel like my problems are so minuscule, and even though I have great trouble handling them, I have no right to complain. I do spend much less time on WC than I used to. I think it's in part because I don't feel worthy. I can't handle keeping my apartment clean. I went into a very deep depression yesterday because I had to figure out how to pay for about $200 of medical bills (which ended up not being a problem so much; my mom took care of half of it, after my breaking down and lots of "no no no I'm not taking your money you have your own bills"). I go into almost every day w/ the intent of cooking dinner, and giving up on the idea by evening. It's just this horrible spiral of failing at simple things, getting upset about it, and feeling less capable because I'm upset. How can I expect to achieve anything?
    I'm hoping the depression will get better, at least. I was on the pill for the first time this month, and was sad every single day of it. And I'll have to find another fucking doctor now, so I'm just going to bin the idea of that contraceptive method for now.

    * recount all the beautiful and terrifying ways in which you love me
    If me wanting to give you a big hug isn't terrifying, I don't know what is.

    * tell me what you're doing tonight
    Currently, I'm listening to my Walkman ("Pills and Soap" by Elvis Costello playing right now), waiting for the fella to get home from playing Heroclix. Maybe actually cooking dinner later. May be listening to the fella and his friend create music, which is always great. They work well together, and it doesn't happen enough.

    * and, if I don't know your face, if possible show me a picture so I can put a face to the name
    I gave myself a haircut, finally got a chance to show it off...
    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2010
    * pledge your allegiance to me
    I prostrate myself before you, Internet Jesus, Hollywood Bigwig, and all-round Curmudgeon.

    * vent to me, because on Saturday nights I'm here to listen to you
    Astonishingly little to vent about. I've attempted to take a much more middling approach to life, working toward uppity aloofness. Seems to be working so far. An amusing anecdote that's sort of vent-ish, though:

    Late last year, my wife and I discovered that, holy shit, our rent was killing us. So we decided to move. Buy a low-price house (as there are a glut of them in the US these days), cut $300 a month off our shelter costs, and live somewhere we could paint the fucking walls. We find a pretty decent house. Large, but not sprawling. Brick exterior. Good-sized lot. The neighborhood was, as we understood it, iffy. But we decide to go for it. We got a contract for it, and start it through the financing machine. Literally everyone involved assumed it was a slam-dunk deal, from the mortgage people to the realtors to us, so we put in our notice to vacate our apartment.

    The appraisal came in $9000 lower than the contract. The seller could have been a hero, gone with the appraised value, and everyone would have been (temporarily) happy. Instead, he stuck with it, citing the need to turn a profit, even though he was on track to pocket about $20k anyway at the appraised value. So we were stuck without a place to live in about four weeks' time.

    So we rented the house while working out the kinks. Last month we had the house re-appraised for a new mortgage, which came in $15k lower than the contracted price. We're now using the financing clause to break the contract, and have indicated our desire to no longer rent the house. We're looking for something new. Which is good, because in the seven-month interim, we've discovered that the neighborhood is rife with gangs, drugs, and gun violence--by which I mean a vast majority of the city's murders have taken place within about half a mile of our house, and I distinctly remember a particularly fun incident in which someone fired multiple shots on the corner across the street from us... one of the busiest intersections in the city, at 4pm in the afternoon, with a school bus full of kids sitting at the stoplight. So fuck yes, I'm glad that appraisal came in fucking low, and this seller's greed stopped the deal cold seven months ago. Get me out of here.

    The house we're looking at now is in a district recognized by both the city and country as an Historic Place, is a 110-year old house with mechanical systems in significantly better condition than those in our current, 70-year old house, and is in a generally more convenient spot. And it's listed about $12k lower than this house. By all accounts it's a vastly superior deal. We're working on getting it through the system before the winter. Ideally it would be before the September architectural and historical tour(!) of that neighborhood. But, y'know, bankers and shit.

    So that's my venting. The rest of it is general "my daughter is trying to kill me" sorts of shit, and that's not particularly interesting because she's not old enough to wield a butterfly knife.


    * recount all the beautiful and terrifying ways in which you love me
    I refuse to use "beautiful" and "love" in a sentence directed at one Warren Ellis. "Terrifying" though. That one seems to fit.

    * tell me what you're doing tonight
    Honestly, probably eating dinner, playing some WoW, and going to bed. I might actually talk to the wife about Important Things (see housing discussion, above). We'll see. Weekends are even more lazy than weekdays around here.

    * and, if I don't know your face, if possible show me a picture so I can put a face to the name.
    Here's me from one of May's SNOM:

    I've taken so few pictures of myself lately.
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    If me wanting to give you a big hug isn't terrifying, I don't know what is.

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    Help someone clumsily carry a heavy mattress down a long and crowded street, and suddenly everyone you've ever met shows up on said street and witnesses you making an idiot of yourself.

    I got a call from a guy who was formerly a friend and presently an unbearable cunt, whining to me about his need for a proper mattress, as he had been sleeping on a mat that made a napkin look thick. I had a mattress lying around, old and with stains which I preferred not wondering about. I told him I'd lend him the thing, by which of course I meant get permanently rid of it. So he swung by my building.

    I took the mattress down and, on the street, we started to discuss transport. Since he lived nearby, he suggested carrying the mattress. I had suspected it would come to this, but I wasn't worried. I believed myself capable of carrying a mattress down a crowded street while causing a minimum of inconvenience to my fellow pedestrians. What didn't occur to me, of course, was that physical contact with a mattress made my friend turn into a drunken imbecile for whom people were like foliage in a dense forest, to be pushed aside and cut down when they became obstacles.

    So off we went, him in front, me on the back, quickly regretting this position, which I like to call "damage control" position. That meaning, my friend ran people over, and I apologised.

    As I put my asshole-steering skills to the test, trying to keep him from causing a fatal accident, I hoped no-one I knew would see me or recognize me. This was when my friend hit an old lady on the stomach with the edge of the mattress.

    "Oh, SHIT!" I said, while she was probably trying to say something similarly vulgar but couldn't due to being bent over in pain. "I'm so sorry, so --" I couldn't finish because my friend kept going and dragging me with him. He, of course, never apologised. This was one of the first significant clues I should cut off contact with him, something I did a few months later.

    Realizing that "nearby" turns into "really fucking far" when you're carrying a heavy mattress down the street and trying not to kill any further old ladies, we finally arrived, I dumped the mattress and got the fuck out of there as quickly as possible, promising myself to stop being so helpful or someone would end up dead.

    This was a year ago.

    A few weeks later, I meet an old schoolmate of mine I hadn't seen in quite some time. "Hey, man," he said. "I saw you carrying a mattress down the street the other day."

    "Oh, Jesus", I said. "Yeah, I was helping a friend. I can't believe you saw it."

    "I was backing out with my car from a garage and..." the conversation happily went to his recent driving lessons.

    A few months later, I meet another old schoolmate I hadn't seen in quite some time. "Hey, man! How are you!"

    "Hey, how've you been, man?"

    "I thought I saw you carrying a mattress the other day!"

    "... yeah?"

    "Was it you?"


    "What the hell, man?"

    And today, fucking today, a year later, I'm on Outback Steakhouse with my moleskine writing down ideas for my webcomic when my food is brought to me by... an old schoomate turned waitress I hadn't seen in a long time.

    "Navarro!" she said, with the typical habit my former schoolmates have of addressing me by my last name, which goes to show how intimate my relationships were in school. "How are you?"

    "Eating," I said, because she'd screwed me over once and I felt like a little petty revenge was in order. "Okay, okay, I'm well. And you?" I said when she made a face.

    "Say... some time ago I saw you carrying a mattress..."

    "For fuck's sake! How many people saw me carrying that fucking mattress?! What the f --" I ranted some more but at this point she wasn't listening due to convulsive laughter.

    She did answer a few seconds later, "Everyone saw it."

    Hit an old lady in the stomach, and suddenly everyone you ever met shows up to witness it. Although, fortunately, none of them saw me at that crucial moment.

    I've started to take my moleskine with me whenever I go out to dinner. In theory, I do this to jot down whatever idea crosses my mind while I'm eating. In practice, eating became a secondary concern, as I'm now going out specifically to write, and I always end up writing new strips for my webcomic, because it's a daily webcomic and that absolutely terrifies me. I am unable to relax unless I have two pages of ideas and three strips ready for posting at any given time. No other project ever forced so much discipline upon me, and no other project made me neglect all my other projects so badly. I am a notoriously bad multitasker, but my fear to devote any creative thinking to anything but my webcomic has become ridiculous. It's like I'm afraid thinking about something else will trap my mind into a permanently different mood which prevents me from going back to the mood I need to think up jokes for the comic.

    But I did get seriously interested into another project, a Machinima film, one which I'm successfully writing simultaneously with the webcomic. I wasn't interested in Machinima film-making due to its shitload of limitations (especially if you're doing it solo), but I've recently found a promising way to get around that.

    And this Monday, after a month's vacation, I'm back to school to finally finish the last year. About time.

    So things have been workaholic, but good.

    (I had taken a picture of myself in my Space Bastard shirt but cellphone decided to stop working and I can't find the proper cord so here's an old one of me when I shaved and rarely slept well)

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    I pledge allegiance to no one, sorry. I'll buy more Freakangels when I have the money though.

    So I was fired recently.
    Working through temp work agency on the basis of weekly/bi-weekly contracts? Not very good when it comes to job security, heh. The moment the production got cut in half, they also dropped almost 400 temp workers, including me. Well, September they'll be hiring again and meanwhile a friend informed me of another place that's hiring on the same basis. So I'll see.

    *deletes a rong ramble on his new comics project and replaces it with a following two lines*
    To keep things short: hopefully starting this year. Black and white, 20-page chapter every two weeks, own domain or a subdomain on my site, "manga reader" styled interface, collecting it as 240 page POD books (12 chapters a book), enough ideas for several volumes and two friends willing to proofread for free.
    Still lacking: a pile of reference photos for the city, confidence that I can pull off an ongoing like this (longest thing I drew so far was 129 pages, in fact, it is meant to be a remake/continuation of that thing).

    On one side I'm hoping to get the day job back. After another month or three of fixing/buying things that need to be fixed/replaced (new frying pan, spare pair of pants, more memory for the pc, shit like that) I should be back to the point where I can afford comics. On the other hand that means I won't have as much time to create as I'd like to. It'll mean heavy time juggling. Oh well, I'm a shut-in at this point anyway, heh.

    No photo. I bought a used camera from the rest of my paycheck, but I couldn't afford better battiers and the cheapo alkaline ones got exhausted too fast so now I can't upload the files to the pc.

    (I'll probably have some good story to share when there's no SNOM thread that week, as usual, haha)

    Edit: instead of a photo, this! a mosaic thingie of my drawings (which looks better than I do anyway).
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    Realized the other day I've been following you around the internet for quite awhile. Will do so as long as you are posting. That's my allegiance.

    Tonight I'm going out to photograph a burlesque show, since I'm working on a book about the burlesque scene in my town. I have a writer who is excited to work with me. We are both former dancers so that helps. Gets me out of the house and socializing too. I've been staying home way too much lately, making excuses about crafting to people. I'm going to a convention in a few weeks and selling various adornments, while recruiting steampunk types for a pinup calendar. (anyone in Texas who wants in on this project, contact me!) I made myself a hat today:

    'ello 'ello!


    And that's my face. My hair is incredibly pink right now. The other day I was hungover and it hurt to look at my hair.

    I have nothing really to vent about at the moment. I wish I wasn't always broke, but I like my job and want to stay there until I can support myself doing photography/crafty things. I wish I could sleep but my best ideas show up at night when my brain won't turn off.
    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2010

    Got some shit going on.

    WORK: Killing me. KILLING ME. It's a small company in a growing field, and we're getting bigger pretty fast. Good problems to have, but change wigs me out.

    WRITING: Good shit happening. Weaponizer POD book in the works, comic strip ready for scripting.

    PERSONAL: Did the marital this morning.

    • CommentAuthormunin218
    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2010

    Something I found amusing at that Red panel at SDCC; even there, you had a Red Bull. Yes, I spotted it on camera. It made me smile.

    To that end, I need more caffeine.

    I am not really awake today.

    Next week is going to be very uncomfortable. I'm getting a tonsillectomy tuesday.

      CommentAuthorCameron C.
    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2010
    Hello warren and whitechapel :)

    Well, it's officially official that I am moving back in with my father. May of 09 I moved down to the desert after my mother called me up and told me that my grandfather was sick and she needed someone to stay with him during the day and help him out. I was told he had six months to a year left. I debated with myself on what to do, even though when you are asked that you have no real choice, and my grandfather passed away five days after I moved. The last 15 months have had far more downs than ups but, now at the end of it, I am more than happy I did what I did. I went back to school, which was great (And helped me realize that I shouldnt have let my job prevent me from going before, especially since now I know exactly what I want to accomplish in college and where I want it to help me get). I met someone that I am very glad I get (And hopefully we'll remain pals as much we can - I feel like we need to have more of a discussion about my leaving, but I dont think she wants to have one). I finally stood up to my mother's evil husband, as much as I could bring myself to while I relied on them financially so much recently. Not to mention I finished both of my two minicomics while down here. But all of my money is gone now and even if I got a job fast enough Id have to take a room mate in to actually save any money.

    Last weekend of august is when I move, so I have some time to just relax as much I can until I have to start packing. Right now, I'm just trying to keep busy until then when I have to start the job hunt all over again. But my friends have expressed so much excitement at my return, and I miss them soooo much, I cant wait to live near them all again. They have made this a lot less difficult. At the top of that page are links to download CBZ or PDFz for freesies of my two Scrambled Circuits minicomics. I just got the digital stuff for the second issue done and up. There are also links if you want to buy a physical copy there or on etsy. But just taking the time to read the pdf/cbz is much appreciated :)
    The first one I did in 2009 and the second I finished just a few months ago. I hope to write out and thumbnail the third completely before the end of the year and then draw it early 2011, in hopes I can get a fourth Scrambled Circuits out in 2011 also. There is also a 10-12 page magazine sized comic story I hope to have finished before the end of the year AND I want to finish a short, quarter page zine.
    I also want to, at some point in time, put together a themed anthology comic with others. Ive met enough other comic creator people due to just going through with my own, but I feel like Im too shy when it comes to working with others to be able to pull it off, and that what I think Id like it to be is maybe too narrow a vision, or something. I dont know. I just dont want to stop making shit. I'm also trying to finish up a comic for @Allen's 3rd issue of Make Something and maybe something else for Candy or Medicine (I have a story in volume 9).

    If you have any spare cash and are looking to help out a good cause, you should give a few bucks to that kickstarter (I have no formal affiliation with it, though I know the organizers of the event from a podcast they do and the comics they have made, but I really believe in the stuff they do. I gave what I could earlier, too n.n ). It's for the UP! Fair, in Lexington Kentucky. It's an independent comic convention with workshops for adults and kids to promote and inspire people to make comics.

    The shirt Im wearing was done by Dan McEwen and is available on his etsy here, along with his minicomic :)
    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2010 edited
    But I already pledged my allegiance to something awful in the Dark Dimension. I can't go back on my word, Warren. But as for how I love thee, well, I love you enough to kill you and keep your slowly decomposing body in my house. Be thankful, that's a HUGE sign of trust for me.

    This week was a pretty fucking hellish week aside from a couple of good things. Getting in to arguments with self-appointed supervisors who don't know my job, having to deal with the police after reporting some idiots hurling rocks the size of fists at innocent people (including children), having an old woman come up to me only to make fun of my height, build and weight for no damn good reason and meeting up with a friend who reminded me just how "dreadful" it is that I haven't gotten laid in nine months. There were some other things too, but I won't get in to them. Needless to say I've kind of been on the verge of snapping for most of this week.

    The plus side, however, is that I got two big photo print requests and will be doing a musician's photoshoot on Tuesday. Really looking forward to it.

    Tonight I don't have much planned and that's how I like it. I have the house to myself tonight and will be ordering a pizza and drinking a couple of these little darlings:

    A new drink from a local brewery that I absolutely adore and always makes me think of Cherie Priest's fantastic book.

    And as for a photo of me...well, here's one.

    Or something taken just yesterday..
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    * pledge your allegiance to me

    I ran out of Pledge, so I cleaned it with Brasso.

    * vent to me, because on Saturday nights I'm here to listen to you

    I am tired and weary and could sleep for a thousand years. This is incompatible with getting much done and is doing my head in. Feel like I'm grinding down again, feel like I'm thirty years older than I am, and am concerned about the trajectory I'm on. I have a feeling that my moroseness is a burden on the poor bastards who have to deal with it daily.

    * recount all the beautiful and terrifying ways in which you love me

    I would, but it might break the terms of my parole.

    * tell me what you're doing tonight

    I learned to play Nothin' by Townes Van Zandt and made my fingers raw doing so. That feels good. And when I've finished my rum, I'll be going back to the house to show some contrition for behaving like a petulant teenager earlier. And then I shall sleep. And tomorrow, I try and marshall all my strength for the last week at work before a two week holiday, which is NECESSARY.

    * and, if I don't know your face, if possible show me a picture so I can put a face to the name.


    I read everything posted here. Tell me what's happening out in the world tonight.

    Here in Waterlooville, it's fresh, cool and still, with a cloud cover. There is distant traffic noise, but no sirens tonight. Muted voices over the back. No parties to be heard. Goodnight, Whitechapel.

    @Andre HAHAAHAHAHAHAH... I had a similar thing when I was about 16 - drank a bottle of vodka and tried to ride my bike home from the centre of town. Fell off it multiple times, also rode it into the bar of a pub. Evidently, it gave a huge amount of amusement to a large number of people. For years, people would say when I was introduced to them 'hey, you're that guy with the bike'. This was rather wearing, so I feel your pain...
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    I pledge allegiance to no one, sorry.


    So I was fired recently.

    Do you perhaps see a connection?
  10.  (8658.18)
    @ brittanica - my advice, which you totally didn't ask for, but if it's at all helpful.....

    is to make sure you take a long thorough shower every day, if you can. This sounds stupid, but just... freshening yourself, exfoliating, shaving, feeling cleeeaaaaan.... it really helps. It's my minimum mandatory thing. Even if I don't manage to get to it until 1 in the morning, even if I just put back on my same shlumpy house-outfit, even if I'll not leave the house for another three days, I try to just shower every day. (god, am I making myself sound filthy?) I started making my bed every day, too, something I'd never done before. Even if there's clothes all over my floor, even if I have to tumble half my wardrobe on the carpet, even if my garbage can is overflowing, I pull the comforter flat and situate my pillows and my bear at the head. Two minutes of effort makes the whole room feel so much cleaner, and gives you a sort of toe-hold to getting things in a manageble state,. Also, as far as the pill goes, TRY A DIFFERENT BRAND. They have different formulas and effects. Ortho-tri-cyclin drove me crazy, made me severely depressed, essentially caused me to drop out of college, and everyone who knew me at that time told me never to go on the pill, which I then avoided for the next decade. Seems the chemical makeup of having PCOS is aggravated by some formulas, and helped by others. So an estrogen-based pill like Yasmin (or the generic Sprintec with you can get at Walmart for $10 a month) might have a different effect. When I took it, it had a profound and positive effect on my mood.
  11.  (8658.19)
    Holy fuck, it's August...

    How in the name of god did that happen?
  12.  (8658.20)
    * pledge your allegiance to me

    Pledged. Just point and shoot me!

    * vent to me, because on Saturday nights I'm here to listen to you

    Bloody Hell. Things are actually going quite well for me at the moment, except for this horrible block in creativity I'm suffering from. I haven't picked up pen and paper all week. And that's a crime...

    * recount all the beautiful and terrifying ways in which you love me

    Your writing, your honesty, your brute force, your blaque humor, for this wonderful forum full of intelligent, funny and talented entities.

    * tell me what you're doing tonight

    Strangely, I was invited to a Superhero party by a friend looking for a date to take. She knows a few people there, I know none of them. I am at a loss as who to go as...

    * and, if I don't know your face, if possible show me a picture so I can put a face to the name.

    Me with my beard. If you don't have a chin, you can grow one.