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    Hail, Dark Lord of the internet!

    My job is shite, but I may have a second freelance proofreader job coming up. I'm probably insane to even consider a second job, but it'll be more money to spend on wondrous things like fleshlights, Realdolls and samurai swords.

    Terrifying love? I'm outside your house licking a picture of you that I've had laminated. For that reason. You know the reason.

    Yesterday I went to see Inception with my girlfriend and was thoroughly impressed. I then had a chippy, got slanted on cider and watched some Curb Your Enthusiasm.

    I'd like to share a video of my band instead of a picture of myself. I'm the guitarist in the green Mellotron T-shirt. You can sort of see my face at around 2:59. Please excuse the overall poor sound quality.

    • CommentTimeAug 1st 2010
    ^Rock On sir, Rock On. Are you guys doing gigs yet? If you ever find yourselves in Brighton, I will come and frug around enthusiastically. My housemate is making positive noises from the next room, too.
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    @curb, thanks very much mate. As of right now we're not gigging - that was actually our second practice as a four-piece (the other three were a band, went on hiatus for a year, then reformed after I nagged the shit out of them). I have parts to write for their other songs, some of which can be found here. You will be the first to know if we're ever down Brighton. =)
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    Good afternoon My Dark Lord, Destroyer of world, Devourer of Red bull and cancer sticks.... (oh by the way, your fresh meat suits are ready. I'll have them in the post...)

    I actually have nothing much to vent about. life s gooood! it seriously is!

    I've just moved this week. For 3 years Sigga and I have been living on the outskirts of Reykjavik and it was serious curtailing our social and spiritual lives. going out and meeting people, friends and animals was a serious pain in the arse... until this week where we moved into a lovely cool little flat RIGHT in the heart of downtown. and it's lovely as well. We are 101 douchbag hipster whores now...

    right now typing is a bit difficult. Very Hungover and my head hurts. I´m probably wanted by the police right now after helping several metal/hardcore bands take apart a bars fittings and using them to make fire and rudimentary tools. I was wondering where these bar stools came from....

    the writing is coming along fine. I even received my first piece of hate mail at the newspaper office this week so at last i´ve arrived!

    Can´t type anymore, it hurts too much. Everyone here is lovely and gorgeous (even Chris and Andre!!). As for a pic, apparently this is my alter ego when i go to metal festivals...

    PS - my local library is awesome. They've just purchased Freakangels Vols 1-3 this week. I do of course Own them, but it's nice to know that they are still getting quality in there...
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    Trini -- It's been stupidly warm up on the west coast of Canada for the past few weeks. Generally up around 30-35 Celsius (86-95 for you Americans on here). It's honetly pretty ridiculous. Cloudy today though, so it's a trip to Seattle with some of the family.
    • CommentTimeAug 1st 2010
    I only pledge to Spider Jerusalem.

    A Sunday morning open mike ... but it may as well be Saturday night. Despite exhaustion, stayed up way too late entertaining friends from out of town. And since I work 7 days a week... gotta go into work for a few hours now. My job is fine, stressful and I'd appreciate a weekend once in a while, but I'm constantly reminded how lucky I am to be a recent college grad with employment. And I am grateful - but it's hard for that to be the prime justification for a job that has demeaned me to essentially a science robot. Got to go to grad school.

    The Good: My birthday was on Thursday and I hardly ever celebrate since usually in summers I haven't had too many friends around. But my friends threw me 2 parties - they care! Aww. I'm also signing a new lease tomorrow so Philadelphia will have me in its grips for another year. That is a little nerve-wracking, but I'm very happy to have found a cute cheap place where I will hopefully be able to focus hard on writing without the distraction of living with my best friend. (I'll miss her a ton.)

    The Less Good: I got interviewed to join an up-and-coming science blogging network and really got my hopes up, then wasn't invited. (Too young, inexperienced, don't update frequently enough...) I try to never get my hopes up about anything because I don't want to be let down, but it was hard to not get excited about this. Maybe one day I'll be legitimized in my attempts to science-educate the masses in my lil webspace

    Here's a picture I took yesterday to show my lil sister that I bought her favorite kind of shirt: denim sleeveless grandma shirt. She's a doll.

    I'm very glad I found Whitechapel. That's all.
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    Damn, I missed open mic Saturday night and I'd been saving up all my bellyaching for just such an occasion.
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    @Warped Savant: I'm more worried about winter.