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    Witch Doctor is a forthcoming medical horror comic from writer Brandon Seifert and artist Lukas Ketner. Witch Doctor combines horror archetypes and really sick shit from the real world. This is the book's workblog. For more information, read the first entry.

    So yesterday I said Workblog #5 would talk about the effects of the Red Queen's Race when a host species' traditional parasites are suddenly removed... but then Lukas sent me the finished version of the first Witch Doctor pin-up, the one I posted a preview of last week. And it's so totally stunning I had to share it instead.

    That sound you just heard was me leveling up as a comics creator. Damn. Lukas does good work.

    Don't mind me. I'm just going to take a moment to bask. Again, here's more of Lukas' work.

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    Pretty :) Very well done.
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    Thanks Rootfireember! I'll pass that on to Lukas.
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    Brandon- Does Morrow have two different colored eyes, or is it just light/shadowplay?
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    One of his eyes has a blown-out pupil, like David Bowie. It's easier to see/render in close-ups.
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    Brandon- AH. Well. I eagerly await more to look at; very interesting look.
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    Thanks Roo! Lukas is busy fleshing out the rest of the cast, so there should be more sneak peaks soon.