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    Pulling this post by ofttandiscord out of the Musicians thread because it deserves its own thread:

    I'm quite proud of my latest musical invetion, it's an Aeolian Violin, or a violin played by the wind.

    Aeoliolin on Soundcloud and more info and pics on the blog Vulpestruments
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    That's beautiful. Genius. Every windy day would be pleasure with that thing.

    Make a few, get a symphony going. different tunings, all based on conflicted harmonic ranges, get serious clashes going.
    • CommentAuthorJim Moore
    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2010
    That is hauntingly beautiful
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    it's a thing of beauty indeed.
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    that is a very eerie sound! I love it and i want one to play to scare the local children from coming near my flat....

    ofttandiscord - Well done my good man
      CommentAuthorJohn Skylar
    • CommentTimeAug 1st 2010 edited
    For me, this was mainly about its interplay with the background noise. The aircraft, the children playing, they're all such active things by comparison to this ethereal passive instrument. There is a certain beauty in how these active and passive vibrations interact with each other, to me.

    Exciting and beautiful work.
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    That sounds awesome. I'd like to hang 'em up in the middle of nowhere. Hundreds of them or something crazy like that, so you're walking along and hear it and wonder what's up....
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    Warren you devil.

    thanks for the kind words everyone!

    I had no idea it would sound as cool as it did, I think it's the Banjo string on it that are resonating the most and making the loudest/eeriest noises. So I shall play more with those...

    @Rootfireember - If I could find the funding to get a whole field of these then I would! Am definitely veering more towards the sound sculptures side of instrument building. My next piece is going to be played by the wind too but with strings being plucked by windmilly arms.
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    what would you call that? A windmilin?
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    ha! I've not even thought of the name for it yet... Windmilin is good, although it's going to sound more like a muted banjoey thing than a violin, so a Windjo?
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    This is why I love Whitechapel.