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    • CommentAuthorpeter yates
    • CommentTimeAug 2nd 2010 edited

    Warren very kindly put up a track of mine on his homepage. 200 people listened to it in one day, a substantial increase on the usual 10 a day. 3 people bought it.
    Thank you.
    I made 90 pence and have put it towards new windows in the witch house.
    When I have uploaded 10 tracks it will be an album and will cost three pounds.
    If anyone would like to make small films for the music, well that would be swell, because, despite my name, I have never directed a film.
    You can hear things at
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    Well, I'm glad I pushed SOME people your way, at least....!
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    The witch house killing party? I can't claim to be that prescient, but I finished an album partly inspired by the witches and their houses. It's £2 for seven tracks and it's available here: