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    • CommentAuthorroadscum
    • CommentTimeSep 18th 2010
    Sorta like firing John Wyndamn out of a howitzer
    Yes, very much so.

    Never mix prescription drugs with alcohol, kiddies.
      CommentAuthorZip Durango
    • CommentTimeOct 18th 2010 edited
    Never mix prescription drugs with alcohol, kiddies.

    awww c'mon, how else is Warren supposed to pump out the goodness?

    I really like the presumed audience Warren writes for in Supergod, none of this hand holding walk you through the paces fucking about,
    It's here's the concept, here's the world, lets get fucking to it!

    Imagine the absolute meal some one else could easily make of this premise,
    dragging it out inexorably over more and more convoluted issues, bloating what momentum there was at the beginning
    *cough* mark, *cough* *cough*, waid, *cough*

    Ahem, excuse me.

    No Sir-ee, Supergod is a shot of Turkish Ristretto and a stick of cinnamon gum,
    whereas it could instead be a gallon sized Starbucks caramel float with a two-fisted muffin.

    Can't wait to see it through.
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    Can't wait to see it through

    Me either. So Warren, Your Excellency, is there any chance of seeing this saga close before the end of 2010?
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    I would hope so. Should be imminent, in fact.
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    (Super)God bless us, every one.