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    As a end of the summer hurrah I'm living in a car and brining the east coast super happy J-pop at 180BPM double smile rainbow dance parties with superstar DIY digital hardcore punks Realicide. It'll be fun and if you're going to make it out to show let me know so I can give you a hug before I play and acquire the dampness and smell of Swamp Thing. I'd truly like to see some WC faces so I can nerd out!

    Listen to some Tacopunch on my Soundcloud
    Practice your ois and fist pumps to Realicide's Soundcloud

    Wed Aug 11 Pittsburgh PA @ Overground Studios 3581 Denny St. – Realicide, DJ Tacopunch, Syphilis Sauna, RJ Myato, Juicy Girls 8pm Facebook Event Page

    Fri Aug 13 Philadelphia PA @ Z Radio – Realicide, DJ Tacopunch ( This is earlier in the day with the possibility of a DIY generator gig later. Keep an eye on my twitter and I'll post details. Tacopunch on Twitter!!OMG!

    Sat Aug 14 New Brunswick NJ @ Camp Crystal Lake 13 Woodbridge St. – Realicide, DJ Tacopunch, Dr.Katastrof/LEXOE, Burnt Snake Trio 7pm

    Sun Aug 15 Brooklyn NY @ Party Expo 929 Broadway – Realicide, DJ Tacopunch, Speak Onion, Digit216, Insect Deli 8:30pm $5 Facebook Event Page

    Sat Aug 21 Detroit MI @ The Foundation – Jstat’s GABBER birthday bbq w/ Realicide, DJ Tacopunch, DJ Deadlines, DJ Anus Joplin, Selector Catalogue, more… noon-8pm daytime Facebook Event Page

    August 17-19th we'll be Philadelphia while Realicide visit some buds. If you're having a house party, pot luck, screen printing party or some other type of social gathering and would like me to DJ it DM me on my Twitter or drop me an email at . Same process if you're interested in getting a slice of pizza.

    Along with other fun things like mix CDs I'll have an assortment of super rad collectable pins designed by Detroit's Coex System that you can see at the Tacopunch web store.
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    east coast only :(
    • CommentTimeAug 5th 2010
    C'mon, it isn't an East Coast tour without Boston!
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    @Joe, One day I'll get out to PHX! After Realicide get back from Europe the west coast is the next place in their sights.

    @Finagle, The usual Boston contact passed. If you know a DIY space hit me up with some contact info and I'll try to make it happen.
    • CommentTimeAug 6th 2010
    There's a couple of underground party spaces that are supposed to be happening, according to my 16-year old - I heard the names "the Turk House" and "the White House" mentioned, but no hard info was forthcoming. I'll post if I turn something up.