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    It's Saturday night: and so all Whitechapel peoples should do the following:

    * say hello
    * show me your face
    * tell me what you did this week
    * tell me your next great plan
    * send nurses
    • CommentTimeAug 7th 2010


    I was being probably a bit too honest over at my silly little web-comic (Thought Crimes) this week.

    Going to be self-publishing (like the dumb cunte I am) a zombie anthology with some of my favorite people.

    And I'm not sending you nurses until I get some, damn it!
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    Comedy before creepiness is always best, yes. Also, that's not how you spell that word, which adds a new and interesting layer to the creepiness.
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    say hello/show me your face

    I say 'Hello' to you and wave at you at the same time!

    tell me what you did this week

    I spent the week either at work making the place run smoothly and at home finishing The Stars, Like Dust and have just started on 'Gunner Cade' by Kornbluth and Merril. Old sci-fi is always interesting...

    tell me your next great plan

    Either buying a home or building one, I'm not sure which yet. It's a huge investment in time and money either way. If I build it's either strawbale or berm construction.

    send nurses


    Edit; I wonder if you could resurrect the title? I'm trying to imagine how you would write it...
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    Hello Whitechapel!

    No face to show (honestly I'll get onto it one day soon). I have been helping my partner move out with her other partner (for the forseeable future) and preparing myself to move out of this flat, which is sad for two reasons. 1) It had just started to feel like "home" (why does it seem I only get settled in when I know I'm going?) and 2) I'm going to miss Lancaster, and I may never return, seeing as my PhD will probably take place in Oxford next academic year. As usual, spent doing thesis. Thesis sucks but it will be over soon, and then, the wurld is mine oyster, therefore...

    The Next Great Plan is to start writing stuff (after jotting billions of ideas as they occur, they need to strung together in a manner that seems attractive), learning to draw, writing music and generally seeing what I can turn my hand to in order to get a hobby going (as opposed to having had none previously due to WORK). Mostly these plans are due to the inevitable boredom that always happens after a large project, not living with my partner, and most of all, having seen the great work and general attitude on this most noble of internets gatherings. Also I blame Warren. For everything.

    Sent psychiatric nurses of the old ilk to your aid. They should have you in bubble baths and electrolysis in no time.
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    Hello! I am at a coffeeshop, hoping a guy stops by and returns some comics of mine. And then an art reception happened! And there is candy out (which I am avoiding).

    I look like this:
    self portrait while waiting
    Well, I've got the hat, but I'm in a different place and different outfit. But the hat is the same.

    I've been trying to lose weight for a while rather unsuccessfully, and lately I've been doing flavored yogurt instead of something with more calories/sugar and it seems to be working. Yay. Otherwise it's mostly been the same as usual. Feeling a little better, bought some comics, and trying not to openly get frustrated with my dad who is more than excited that there is a buyer for the boathouse lot and won't shut up about how great it is. The rest of us are wishing it would stay in the family (like my second cousin has been trying to do) but are trying to see the best in it (the boathouse is going to be kept up and we won't have more massive expenses related to it). And trying to not be too unhappy about the buyer doing the entire "we're going to restore it historically but... and then list a whole bunch of changes". But what can we do? Scramble to get trailers for the boat, try to clear things out, and try to keep my dad from offering more of our things to the buyer.

    Seriously, what part of "not his land" and "not his stuff to give away" does he not get?

    Great plans? Not go stabbity stabbity stabbity. Wait things out till the land drama is done and over and see if I can finally get the basement cleared out so I can have some fucking studio space. Be social. Actually, forget the be social part, there's too many people here for the reception and makes me feel uncomfortable. Sure, I'm quite comfortable in packed cities and whatnot, but it feels like I should be trying to interact and I hate doing that with large groups of people.

    I will imagine that I am sending you nurses for a moment. That's the best I can manage.
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    You make that hat work well there...
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    nothing big. i havent done one of these in a while (and seem to fuck up/choose files that dont work when trying to show my face lately) so heres whats up

    im running a neurology practice right now and that takes most of my time. its hard, i deal with dementia/alzheimers folks which is both infuriating and saddening. but whatever, i feel like im acheiving stuff!

    been working out lately, for the first time since high school. im not losing any weight but im getting more muscle ish. its quite nice.

    have gotten sick of tryin to write lately. so, i decided to take a break and just read a shitload of books to feed my head.

    i have deprived myself of pizza and sandwiches lately (not entirely, what do i look like a fuckin nutjob?!?!?) so theres that.

    guess im not very funny or exciting right now. i got a copy of AREA 10 for free yesterday, then i was chasing my spoiled ass orange cat off the counter and spilled my only glass of whiskey all over it. it smells like booze and the pages are stuck together. goddamit. going to either see BIRDEMIC or THE ROOM tonight, then taking the lady to see ANDREW JACKSON JIHAD and BOMB THE MUSIC INDUSTRY tomorrow. woooooooo
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    "and just read a shitload of books to feed my head."

    Sometimes you just have to do that.
    • CommentTimeAug 7th 2010
    "Also, that's not how you spell that word"

    It's how I spell it. Maybe it's not how you spell it...

    Please don't smite me...
    • CommentTimeAug 7th 2010


    -Overcame work related stress-despair, startid scripting Sekrit Projekt

    -Resume body-grinding at YMCA (cheaper than a gym, and all I have to do is pretend to worship Jesus!)

    -The only nurse I can spare is Nurse Georg; he'll be over shortly
    • CommentTimeAug 7th 2010
    Howdy! How's the horse?
    Photo on 2010-08-07 at 16.19
    The week:
    Worked a little overtime at my day job of technical support.
    Spent maybe(or not?) too much time comtemplating what I though cyberpunk meant to me in the 90s and how I can apply that and live like that today now that I actually have money to buy crazy technology.
    I finished the audiobook for "Mona Lisa Overdrive". I rather enjoy Jonathan Davis's reading style. The way he read Snow Crash was similar. I've found instead of re-reading some books going to the audio version for a second or third time through is a fun way to keep it different.
    I also re-read Pattern Recognition. Can you tell I'm getting ready for Zero History?
    I made some of my friends link I'm going borderline crazy by trying to convince them that universal time with no daylight savings time is really needed and we should all convert. I'm partial to Swatch's .beat time but just going to UTC would be fine too.

    The plan: Minimize the amount of crap I have. The newest way I'm going about it is by getting rid of all the shit in my house that exists out there in digital form. So I've started rounding up all my books that I know are out on kindle, epub or whatever.

    My wife's a nurse. Here, she's saying hi from the party last night:
    • CommentAuthorVickyHall
    • CommentTimeAug 7th 2010 edited


    This week I recovered from Sonisphere Festival, mourned the loss of being at a festival and completely failed at going to work due to actual PHYSICAL health issues on top of my normal mental shit. I also failed at going to the consultant psychologist. Oh well. And now I'm failing at moving house because I'm talking on message boards instead of packing. If you're going to fuck your life up, you may as well fuck it properly, I reckon.

    Grand plans: I have to move back in with my parents due to financial fuckery. HOWEVER if I can get a residential volunteering social care job, I can move away from my parents, get out of this shitty dead end cliche of a Northern mill town, simplify all the crap in my life and get relevant experience that will allow me to do a social work job. However, before this: I need to fix my brain.

    Nurses don't get paid enough to deal with your kind of problems, Warren.
    • CommentAuthorVickyHall
    • CommentTimeAug 7th 2010
    Incidentally, the face grease is festival grease. I felt the need to explain that.
    • CommentAuthorVickyHall
    • CommentTimeAug 7th 2010
    Right if it doesn't work this time, it doesn't work this time.

    It was working until people started looking at it.
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    Evening Warren you bearded bastard of the marshes....

    right now we are in in our flat having several drinks with friends, before heading out to a dirty club with a poor health and safety record. The day has been spent celebrating Reykjaviks Gay Pride. Lots of leather, Red PVC, glitter, make up, poppers and bad disco music. For a Gay pride event it's one of those thing where the whole family comes along and gets made up. It's pretty cool. For example look at this man

    This is our Mayor. Yup our Mayor was in full drag in the parade. I would love to see if Boris Johnson or Michael Bloomberg would do such a thing.

    I did a little too much ironic vogueing to dance music and now i´m suffering for it.

    This week has been spent doing all sorts of shitty DIY jobs to make our new home look much more like something from grand designs. I now know just about everything there is to know about shelves and washing machines. Apart from that life has been, well, very good to me this month. I don´t expect it to last for too long, they never do. But when you have good times like this, i just learn to roll with it....

    My next great plan will be.... hmmm.... probably a decent bacon sandwich.....

    As for Nurses, we can't afford a pretty nurse from iceland for you (we are all skint up here). so instead i´ll give a promotional video on how to milk your prostate for good health. Believe me, it will take years off you....
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    Right... Am wearing a stupid pair of shades, indoors. This is because I have lost my glasses. I have lost my glasses because I tried to take a picture for this and my chair collapsed. The glasses have been flung to some far part of the study. I cannot find them. It took 10 minutes to find the shades. My eyes are so bad that I had to use the LCD screen on my camera as a surrogate pair of glasses to locate the shades. I could not go back to the house, as I would have to explain why I had lost my glasses. This may be difficult. The prescription for the shades is 10 years old. I cannot see very well. Which is bad. And I look stupid. But there is nobody here to see me. Apart from the internet.

    This makes me realise that I'd be no fucking use at all in the apocalypse.

    And it kind of sums things up at the moment. I'm off for two weeks, lost most of today after sitting down after lunch and falling asleep on my desk - my daughter came down to find me at quarter past eight.

    Evolution should have given us a proper reboot button.

    Hello Whitechapel.

    And no, I can't send nurses, I need them here. You can have them when I have dispensed with their services.

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    • CommentTimeAug 7th 2010 edited
    hello ;-)

    this week i created another of these beauties

    my next great plan is to become a teacher or lecturer

    nurses would be great right now , i ache, in and out
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    I would love to see if Boris Johnson or Michael Bloomberg would do such a thing

    Don't give Boris any fucking ideas in that direction, please.
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    This week I worked, as usual. Today me and my girlfriend visited my family (as an entire unit) for the first time in several months. My parents seem to have gotten back together, and things look optimistic. My brother, who is autistic, has recently moved into shared accommodation which I visited. Pretty awesome place - almost makes me want to fake autism so I can do away with mortgage and work-related bullshit and live a life free of responsibility. My dad introduced me to an ale called Golden Glory, which is fucking excellent. I also saw my dog for the first time in quite a few months, which really made my day.

    My next great plan? Buy a bottle of Glenkinchie or Dalwhinnie Distillers Edition with the money I make from guitar lessons, get plastered on aforementioned booze, then call the people I'm waiting on for my second job and scream at them until they submit to my all-powerful ways and give me all of their money.